Stone Hashira (Gyomei Himejima): The Strongest Demon Slayer

Stone hashira

The stone hashira is one of the strongest hashira in generations. He uses the stone breathing techniques which are displayed in his fight against upper moon 1…

Kimetsu no Yaiba features Gyomei Himejima in a significant way. He is a Demon Slayer and serves as the Corps’ present Stone Hashira. Genya Shinazugawa also has Gyomei working for her. Look out for all the juicy chunks of information on this hashira in this article.


Stone hashira

Of the Demon Slayers, Gyomei stands out as a prominent figure. He significantly outranks his fellow Hashira in height, making him one of the series’ tallest characters. He has an enormous amount of muscle and a strong frame. His forehead is marked by a noticeable scar that runs horizontally. He has black hair that is ruffled and spiky. He has white eyes that lack any iris or pupils since he has been blind since infancy. When he’s upset, his eyes usually start to tear up.

Gyomei is dressed in the usual black and white armor of a Demon Slayer, with kyahan-like bandages covering his knee caps, a white zori, and an emerald green happy slung across his shoulders. Along with the distinct kanji all over the fabric at the rear, the collared framework of the Himejima has the kanji for the Japanese Nianfo/Shin Buddha chant written on it from top to bottom. When not in combat, he also wears an enormous beaded necklace and carries an ojuzu.

He then fought Muzan, who later cut his left leg from the knee down.


Stone hashira Disposition

Gyomei is a perfect example of the big guy stereotype because, in contrast to his commanding exterior, he is unexpectedly empathetic and soft-spoken. His tendency to be softly spoken is highlighted by his easy tendency to cry at the little things. This might be a result of his religious upbringing and his compassion for all living things, which were implied when he felt repulsed by beating up a demon. He would never ignore that sensation for his entire life.

Due to his tremendous power, he is also a representation of hope. He serves as their leader and is the one Kagaya Ubuyashiki chose to give them directives.

Due to his history before turning into a Demon Slayer, Gyomei has a fairly unbiased and slightly wary view of those around him. Plenty of the time, he enjoys maintaining his reserve. He is always aware of what other people, especially kids or those lesser than him, are capable of when given a chance. Gyomei might take some time to embrace and trust individuals because of his skeptical temperaments fully. But once he does let people in, he is steadfast in his devotion to them.

He places a high significance on the ideals that have helped him become a Hashira.

Stone Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku disagrees with Kokushibo’s assertion that he must transform into a demon to maintain his physical form and skill set. He also believes that both living and dying retain their humanity. Gyomei interprets the Upper Rank’s remark as an attack, which only serves to highlight how strongly he holds onto his principles.

Personnel resume

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From infancy, Himejima Gyomei was legally blind. He dwelt in a temple and took care of nine orphaned kids before he became a demon slayer. Nobody was permitted to leave the temple at night because demons lurked there. All the kids knew the rules, but one broke them and fled because he was so afraid.

He eventually runs into a demon, which scares the young youngster. The devil misled the youngster into thinking that putting off the incense at the temple was a condition for its mercy toward him.

Gyomei always burns incense at the temple to keep off demonic creatures. Since the runaway boy was too scared for his life, he sacrificed all the other kids. As expected, the demon lied and also went after the remaining children. Only four survivors stayed close to Gyomei but were very skeptical if he would protect them. They had doubts since he looked weak and blind.

Soon all the kids died except for one small girl who couldn’t move. He battled the devil all night till dawn, punching it in the face. Because he wanted to keep his family safe, he used just his physical might to stop the demon using his bare fists.

He had never before in his life struck or beaten someone with his fists. It was the first instance in his lifetime that he had ever hurt or battered someone with his hands. Can you imagine how strong Gyomei must have been to defeat a demon all by himself throughout the night? His power is unmatched after mastering the usage of swords and specific breathing methods.

Gyomei was detained for the murder of the kids following the events at the temple. He risked his life to defend the young girl, telling everyone that Gyomei was a monster who had murdered all the abandoned children at the temple. But we all know what transpired.

Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the head of the Demon Slayer Corps, intervened to prevent Gyomei from being executed. After his incarceration, this happened. In just two months, he achieved the highest ranking possible. One must have amazing talents and strength to climb to such a position quickly.



Gyomei is the most skilled Stone Breathing user of his generation and the Stone Hashira. He exhibits a heavenly experience of hearing genuine unity by employing a spiked hatchet and smash. He had the choice to unleash blows that equaled the devil’s Moon Breathing in his conflict with Kokushibo. He either picked up the cultivator’s breathing pattern or developed it on his own.

Check out forms of his breathing techniques below

  • First Form: The user throws the whip and hatchet in the direction of the intended target while controlling the chains by rotating them, causing the hatchet and thrash also to spin to pierce and smash through the target.
  • Second Form: The client throws their blade and spiky thrash for a pincer drop before gently pressing on the chain, causing the thrash to bounce back and destroy his target from a distance.
  • Third Form: The user makes a series of slashes with a hatchet, deflecting nearby attacks.
  • Fourth form: The client directs the whip and chopping weapons at the two closures of the loop by swaying the chain. He refers to this as the Volcanic Rock, Rapid Conquest.
  • Fifth Form: The client makes a powerful blow with their weapons (hatchet and thrash), inflicting significant damage. The trajectory of the thrash will follow from the other side and slam into the adversary once the hatchet strikes first. He calls this form the “Arc of justice.”

Combat record

1. Upper moon demon 1(Kokushibo)  vs Gyomei:

Gyomei demonstrated that he had also aroused his demon mark during the struggle with Upper-Rank One by leaving broken earth margin marks on both of his forearms. When put into action, it unquestionably increases his natural prowess—such as his durability, speed, and solidarity—allowing him to engage the Upper Rank for a sustained period of time.

2. Muzan vs. Gyomei

Muzan vs Gyomei

After his massive fight with Kokushibo, Gyomei broke into a fight with muzan, too, in accompaniment of the other hashira. During this encounter, Gyomei lost his leg to Muzan.


Himejima Gyomei, also known as the Stone Hashira, is a deserving candidate for the title of greatest Hashira of all time.

If you have followed his history closely, you’ll notice how he was a natural leader. Despite how everyone perceived him (weak), he surprised many with his massive abilities and super strength.

He was a darling to those orphaned children, but he ended up being prosecuted for their deaths.

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