20 Stunning Curly Haired Anime Girl Characters (2023)

Curly haired Anime Girl

For anime lovers, you can attest to the fact that some anime characters are just very cute. This is especially true for Anime girls with curly hairs. In this post, we will discuss some 20 cutest curly haired Anime girl characters of all time. If you’re new to Manga series, we have also provided leads regarding the particular anime series where these characters have featured in. Keep reading for the details……

1. Saaya Yamabuki

Anime: BanG Dream

Saaya Yamabuki

Saaya is renowned for her long, curly, brown hair that she makes into a high ponytail. With her royal blue eyes and shoulder-length curled locks, Saaya is a character that you will fall in love with not only because of her curly hair but a great personality. She is kind, empathetic, and hardworking. Even though she felt responsible for her loved ones, she never gave up on her love for music. On the question of the cutest curly-haired Anime girl character, Saaya Yamabuki stands out.

2. Moeka Kiryuu

Anime: Steins Gate

Moeka Kiryuu

Moeka Kiryuu is an attractive, elegant character that captures the viewers’ hearts with a great first impression. She has light brown curly hair that she sometimes tiestriesmake it easier to move. In addition to her stylish sense of fashion, her pink eyes, slender figure and rectangular glasses complete her outstanding beauty. Moeka rarely talks and in most cases showcases flat emotions. Even though at the beginning you would not imagine something great coming out of her, as the anime progresses, Moeka becomes more than just a mere character.

3. Biscuit Kreuger

Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Biscuit Kreuger

Biscuit Kreuger is a powerful anime girl character who disguises herself as a small girl. She is known for having long, blonde curly hair that helps her maintain a young appearance That helps her hide her true powers and capability. Biscuit always has her hair neatly tied to match the kind of dresses she wears.

Even though Biscuit mainly uses her young and innocent appearance to make her enemies underestimate her, the fact is that she hates her real looks. In real sense, she is a massive and extremely muscular woman. That’s why she chooses a childish and small girl personality to avoid ruining her reputation. Still, you’ll love Biscuit for her great looks and significance in the Hunter x Hunter series.

4. Emporio Ivankov

Anime: One Piece

Emporio Ivankov

Having the power to switch between genders, you would probably question whether Emporio is a girl. However, you cannot fail to realize that her hair curls are on point. Emporio Ivankov in her female form is a striking beauty. She can become a large-sized, relatively curvy woman with an afro of indigo curly hair.

Friendship means a lot to Emporio to the extent that she was willing to risk her life for her friends and subordinates. Even though she might not be the cutest on the list, Emporio is still a great character with curly hair.

5. Sadi

Anime: One Piece


Sadi is evidence that curly hairstyles are not always for innocent characters. She has long curly unkempt orange hair that perfectly matches her personality. You will remember her for fighting Ivanvoc and seductive dressing. She mostly wears a skimpy red dress that only covers the top half of her breasts making her hard to forget. As a guard from Impel Down, Sadi made minor appearances in One Piece but her stunning looks show that curled hair equally looks good on villains.

6. Brigitte Rosie Stark

Anime: Valkyria Chronicles

Brigitte Rosie Stark

Brigitte Rosie boasts of having brown curly hair that she keeps in bunches. As a major character in Valkyria Chronicles will amaze you. She starts as a bar singer whose life completely changes after the war in Europa. Brigitte quickly becomes a ruthless soldier who has a rough personality. What makes her worse is her racist remarks towards Darcsens. Her rough past makes her start questioning Welkin’s rising to leadership. She felt like he did not deserve to lead Squad 7.

Despite that, Brigitte Rosie later becomes more considerate and her loyalty towards her friends is worth noting.

7. Sarah Dupont

Anime: Kaleido Star

Sarah Dupont

Sarah is a martial arts expert who never goes anywhere without her nunchucks. Even when she is singing on the Kaleido Stage, her nunchucks are always in the sleeves of her costume. Despite always being in her martial arts outfit, Sarah is a beautiful character. Her most outstanding feature is her long waist-length curly blond hair.

Having lived in the UK, learning how to fight was mandatory. Therefore, don’t let her calm looks deceive you. Sarah showcases a composed demeanor but that still does not hide the fact that she is not one to mess around with.

8. Mai Valentine

Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Mai Valentine

Mai Valentine is the most popular curly-haired anime girl character. Not only was she amazingly beautiful, but she was also a skillful character. Her purple eyes and long, thick curly blonde hair made her irresistible. She pretended to have psychic powers to trick horny men into betting on her cards. Her skills with cards made her become a great duelist who was often victorious. She is mostly seen wearing a short-sleeved purple coat over her white top.

Mai is seen as a lonely character who barely made any friends until she came across Yugi and the gang. At first, she was more obsessed with prize money, personal satisfaction, and power. However, Mai later became a loyal and trustworthy friend to Yugi.

9. Launch

Anime: Dragonball


Launch is a multi-personality character that you’ll definitely have a crush on because of her amazing looks. Normally, Launch has curly blue hair but when she sneezes, her hair becomes curlier and blond. In this form, Launch is rude and temperamental. However, she is still a kind and nice girl who is willing to help anyone whatsoever. Even though her outfits change regularly, you can never miss the red ribbon that complements her great curly hair.

She has to deal with her two personalities that are separated and completely the opposite. Luckily, she eventually manages to control them.

10. Suzuka Darienji

Anime: Tokyo Ravens

Suzuka Darienji

Suzuka Darienji is a curly-haired cute character with curly twin tails and blue eyes to complete her striking appearance. She mostly wears a black and purple dress. Even though she is young, Suzuka is intelligent and talented.

Despite her great looks, Suzuka is rough and sadistic. She uses her innocent looks and young age to her advantage. Suzuka is the kind of person who tries her best to impress others, especially those she is interested in. When she meets Harutora and Kyouko, her scary personality changes, and she rather adopts a better personality.

11. Mami Tomoe

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Mami Tomoe

Mami is an experienced Magical girl with two refined and exquisitely styled yellow curls. With her yellow eyes, uniform-like outfit, and perfect magic skills, you will definitely fall in love with Mami. She also wears a beige skirt and white shirt when she is in her magical form.

Despite being the center of attention, Mami still manages to maintain her good and pure personality. She is always willing to help others because she hates seeing them suffer. Mami is one of those characters whose curly hair gives her the perfect look of a young and pretty character.

12. Elizabeth Midford

Anime: Black Butler

Elizabeth Midford

Elizabeth Midford is an undeniably cute teenage character who not only maintains her beauty but also wants to make everything and everyone as cute as her. Her golden blonde curly hair, green eyes, and splendid dressing make her the epitome of beauty. She is an empathetic and cheerful girl with a huge obsession with cute things.

Despite her innocent and weak demeanor, Elizabeth is brave, strong, and skilled in swordsmanship. She however prefers to hide her true nature, especially from Ciel. With all that said, Elizabeth’s classy curls make her stand out in a charming way and give her the look of a classy and impressive lady.

13. Harime Nui

Anime: Kill La Kill

Harime Nui

Harime Nui is another villain who uses her great looks to hide her darker and unhinged demeanor. She has long blond hair that she styles in drill-like pigtails. She mostly wears a pink dress with matching boots and fingerless gloves to add to her outstanding beauty.

With blue eyes and an ever-smiling face, you might think Harime is one of those characters who lifts the mood when things get gloomy. However, she enjoys causing chaos to the others despite being the strongest character in the anime.

14. Aria

Anime: Omega Quintet


Aria is a pale-skinned, strong and lovely anime girl who probably has the best curly hair. She has very long stylish white curly hair that ends near her ankles. The fact that she leaves it in gentle and natural waves makes her look cuter. She wears a white dress to compliment her hair.

Aria was more of a cheerful character but after developing a psychological illness, she started behaving in strange ways that others could not understand. This also hindered her from showcasing her talent and she would spend most of her day sleeping.

15. Airu Suzaki

Anime: Digimon

Airu Suzaki

Airu’s astounding beauty is a result of her blonde curly hair that she styles with pink bear hair clips. She has pink eyes and mostly wears a pink skirt, earrings, and bear neck collar that make her even more beautiful. You also won’t fail to notice her yellow and white bracelets that give her a unique look.

Her personality depends on who she is around. She can be friendly and flirtatious to others while rude and violent to some. She is mostly nice and kind towards Ewan because she has a crush on him. However, she can also be manipulative when the need arises.

16. Chariot

Anime: Black Rock Shooter


Chariot is a pale-skinned anime girl that will not only blow your mind with her hair but also her dressing. She has long curly blonde hair that she lets lose to make her appear fiercer and intimidating. Generally, her looks are intriguing.

Apart from notably wearing a black and white dress, she also has a great sense of fashion in her footwear choice. Let’s not forget the large spiky black crown that she wears on her head making her a beauty worth admiring.

17. Ichigo Hoshimiya

Anime: Aikatsu

Ichigo Hoshimiya

Ichigo Hoshimiya has long wavy blonde hair that makes her one of the cutest curly-haired girl characters. To make herself even more beautiful, she ties it up with a red ribbon to match her red eyes. Since she is a student, she mainly wears the standardized uniform but in her casual looks, she wears pink clothes.

She is portrayed as a cheerful girl with a dream of becoming a top idol. Her friendly nature and will to help others no matter what also make her a great character.

18. Marie

Anime: Girls und Panzer


Ever thought of a short girl with relatively long blond hair? That’s what Marie is all about. As a BC Freedom student, she mostly wears her uniform and is often seen with a fluffy fan that carries the school emblem on it.

When it comes to her personality, you’ll consider Marie as more graceful and posed. However, you’ll not fail to notice her love for cakes because she is always eating them. She also has a spoiled attitude that makes her rude and ignorant.

19. Ravel Phenex

Anime: High School DxD

Ravel Phenex

You can never mention the cutest curly haired anime girls without putting Ravel on the list. She boasts of long blonde hair that she ties into twin tails.

Ravel sometimes ties her hair in ribbons to keep it in place. She has dark blue eyes and mostly wears pink dresses that make her worth reckoning.

Apart from her beauty, Ravel is caring and friendly towards others. Her level of loyalty o wards those she cares about is on another level. Ravel has everything that you would admire in a character.

20. Selnia Lori Flameheart

Anime: Ladies Versus Butlers

Selnia Lori Flameheart

Selnia stands out as the cutest curly haired anime girl character with an iconic hairstyle. She had sharp, curly blonde hair with pigtails that looked like drills. Since Selnia was from a rich family, she did not take crap from anyone.

However, Selnia was a sweet and kind girl even though all that changed when she attended Kakureiryo Academy. That is because her hair became the source of many jokes, forcing her to change her personality to cope with all the teasing. Despite that, she still managed to maintain her humble and kind personality.


With that, we wrap up this post on the 20 cutest curly-haired anime girl characters. We hope you found the post very useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to drop them in the comments section down below.

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