(2023) TOP 15 Hottest Attack on Titan Female Characters

Hottest Attack on Titan Female Characters

If you are an ardent fan of attack on Titan manga series, you must be familiar with its male as well as female characters such as Freida Reiss, Mikasa, Abel Reiss, and Ymir. In this post, we have rounded up the most beautiful Attack on Titan Female characters.

It’s hard to imagine Attack on Titans without handsome hunks and beautiful female characters. They add life and intrigue to the Japanese manga series. The game is set in a fantasy world enclosed inside great walls that shields people from enormous humanoids called the Titans.

The Titans feeding on humans are an existential threat to the existence of humanity. The only saving grace humanity has these strong-willed, intelligent, brave, and gifted young male and female combatants committed to the course of saving humanity.

Here are some fearsome yet beautiful Attack on Titan Female characters.

1. Abel Reiss

Abel Reiss

Japanese Nameエーベル・レイス
Birth DateAugust 7th
Voice Actor(s)NA

Abel Reis’ is a daughter to Rod Reiss a sister to Florina, Frieda, Urklyn, and Dirk. She is a little girl in her early teens, 12 years to be precise, average height, short hair, and bright eyes. Throughout the series, she wore a simple white dress under a robe tied at the waist with a dark band, and on her legs, she wore white footwear.

This mode of dressing is regular attire for females her age during the Reiss family get-together. In 1842, Abel experienced a gory sight no child of her age should ever see, and that was to watch as Freidas’ Titan consumed her uncle.

2. Frieda Reiss

Frieda Reiss

Japanese Nameフリーダ・レイス
Birth DateFebruary 2nd
Height171 cm (Human form)

13 m (Titan form)

Weight57 Kg
Voice Actor(s)NA

She was the queen of the walls who started her reign from 842 to 845. Before the Titan attack started, Freida was the last true leader and was known to materialize in Historia and Eren’s acquired memories. She is a tall beauty with lengthy dark smooth hair that fell past her shoulder. But she later cut it short before she ate Uri.

Freida had a round face and wore simple outfits, even though royalty. Being a Titan, she possesses normal abilities, like regenerating power and controlling Ymir subjects’ memories like Historia Reiss.

3. Historia Reiss

Historia Reiss

Japanese Nameヒストリア・レイス
Birth DateJanuary 15th
Age15 (850)

19 (854)

22 (857)

Height145 cm
Weight42 kg
Voice Actor(s)NA

Historia is beautiful, but the present queen of the walls, the illicit daughter of Rod Reiss, and the last existing member of the Reiss noble family. Before the Wall of Maria fell, she was raised in the family estate. Her reign as queen was cut shut after she was forced to relinquish her name and right to her heritage.

So, after receiving a new name, Krista Lenz, hoping she would die, they forced her to register into the military force. Thankfully, through Ymir’s assistance, she did not die but survived as a top soldier and joined the prestigious Surveys Corps.

She is a small woman in military service, with blond hair, big blue eyes, and an oval-shaped face. She is a soldier with great strength and has mastered the vertical manipulation equipment she used in destroying Titans.

4. Mikasa Ackermann

Mikasa Ackermann

Japanese Nameミカサ・アッカーマン
Birth DateFebruary 10th
Age15 (850)

19 (854)

22 (857)

Height170 cm (850)

176 cm (854)

Weight68 kg (850)

70 kg (854)

Voice Actor(s)Yui Ishikawa

There are two deuterogamists in the attack titan series; Mikasa Ackermann is one of them. She is from Paradise Island, the last successor of the Shogun clan who occupies a vital and influential political position in Hizuru.

Mikasa later became a top and powerful soldier among the 104th cadet corps and joined the Scout Regiment because of Eren. Being a soldier, she is athletic, tall, and slightly muscular in her legs. She is a pure definition of beauty, power, and brains.

5. Ymir


Japanese Nameユミル
Birth DateFebruary 17th
Height172 cm (Human form)

5 m (Jaw Titan form)

Weight63 Kg
Voice Actor(s)NA

Here is another super graduate from the esteemed 104th Training Corps graduate. The beautiful Ymir has many abilities including, changing to Jaw Titan. Aside from her transforming power, she knows much about the world outside the wall and has true knowledge of the titan.

Like Mikasa, she is tall, slim, with black parted and short hair. When she was serving in the military, she put on her grumpy uniform, let her hair down, and halter wear with the belt.

6. Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus

Japanese Nameサシャ・ブラウス
Birth DateNA
Age16 (850)

20 (854)

Voice Actor(s)Yū Kobayashi (Japanese)

Ashly Burch (English)

Megan Shipman (English, The Final Season)

She previously belonged to the 104th cadet corps, where she held the 9th position and scout regiments. This Titan fighter beauty from Dauper loves to hoard food and display impeccable speech etiquette. When she appeared in 854, she was a brown-eyed young lady with brownish red hair tied in ponytails.

While on duty, she loves to put on the regular scout regiment’s costume with a bright gray shirt below it. Being an animal-trained hunter, she focuses on horse riding, archery, and tracking. Sasha has a superb hearing ability and can perceive an approaching titan long before her mates.

7. Hanna Diament

Hanna Diament

Japanese Nameハンナ・ディアマント
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Megumi Satō (Japanese)

Tia Ballard (English)

This lovely freckled Titan with ginger long red belongs to the 104th cadet corps. In the series, she wore the regular costume of the cadet corps, jackets, and a light shirt underneath it. She is cheerful bright, and it shows in the way she eagerly agrees that the titan will not return. But when the Trost district fell, she was distraught, and Franz comforted her.

8. Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart

Japanese Nameアニ・レオンハート
Birth DateMarch 22nd
Age16 (850)

20 (854)

23 (857)

Height153 cm

14 m (Titan form)

Weight54 kg
Voice Actor(s)NA

Anne Leonhart also graduated from the 104th coaching corpse, and she was previously a member of the brigade. As an expert in wielding the sword and an unhurt p fighter, she moved up to the 4th position; unfortunately, she is not as good at socializing as a soldier. People know Annie for her ineptitude in friend-making – she prefers to be a lone wolf.

She has the power of changing into a female titan, and thanks to her ability, she is among Marley’s fighters. Before she was defeated, she crystallized herself into a comatose position and was held underground for about 4-years by the Survey Corpse until she escaped.

9. Ilse Langner

Ilse Langner

Japanese Nameイルゼ・ラングナー
Birth DateJune 6th
Height160 cm
Weight58 kg
Voice Actor(s)NA

Formerly a Survey Corps member, Ilse Langner joined in the thirty-fourth to journey outside the walls as the left-wing leader of the second brigade. During her exploits, she wrote down many vital details concerning her experience with a talking titan. The information helped to further the research Hange Zoe kick-started.

She is a sensitive and brave titan female character with beauty to the booth. She perceived herself as a Survey Corpse pompous member and decided to put in her best. Her combat skill, initiative, wits, and teamwork skills are top-class.

10. Petra Rall

Petra Rall

Japanese Nameペトラ・ラル
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Natsuki Aikawa (Japanese)

Caitlin Glass (English)

Petra is a former scout regiment soldier that Levi personally selected to execute a unique operation. She is somewhat a short woman with ginger hair w packed to her left. Petra is kind-natured and a lovely titan fighter who watch over Eren Jaeger during his early training days. She was able to make Eren Jaeger trust the squad when others failed.

Petra has a deep affection for Levi and her teammate but is oddly out of character with Ruzo Bozad because he tends to copy her. She is an expert warrior and highly skilled in the account of the titans.

11. Isabel Magnolia

Isabel Magnolia

Japanese Nameイザベル・マグノリア
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Mariya Ise (Japanese, Anime)

Mana Hirata (Japanese, Visual Novel)

Kristen McGuire (English)

Isabel Magnolia is among the companion of Levi before and after she enlisted in Survey Corpse. She had disheveled ginger hair, green eyes, and messy bangs. In the early part of the series, she was spotted wearing pigtails, which she stopped after the underground city gang severed one of the pigtails.

Isabel is energetic and an honest woman who had no trouble spilling her guts, yet she is cheerful and outgoing. She is headstrong and doesn’t care about displaying the extent of it. Isabel, Furlan, and Levi stole and erected a maneuvering instrument during their Underground City.

12. Mina Carolina

Mina Carolina

Japanese Nameミーナ・カロライナ
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Chika Anzai (Japanese)

Alexis Tipton (English)

She participated in the Trost district battle and graduated from the 104th coaching corps. Mina Carolina is a slim girl, shorter than her other teammates including, Historia. Her hair is thick, black, and falls beyond her shoulders.

When on a mission, she wears the regular coaching costume, and when not working, she puts on black pants and a blouse with an extended sleeve. This Titan lady has a cheerful character, a personality rarely seen in military personnel.

13. Dina Fritz

Dina Fritz

Japanese Nameダイナ・フリッツ
Birth DateJuly 26th
Height168 cm
Weight45 kg
Voice Actor(s)NA

Dina Fritz was the first wife to Grisha Yeager and a part of the Eldian Restorationist before she birthed Zeke, her son. She devoured ate her spouse’s second wife after she (Dina) was turned into an unnatural titan by the Marley squad for committing treason. Very little is known about Dina, but with the limited info about her, one can infer that she was a dedicated Eldian Restorationist.

She suffered a few ill fates, but the worst fate that probably broke her was when she discovered that her beloved son was the one that betrayed her to the authority.

14. Lynne Rine

Lynne Rine

Japanese Nameリーネ
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Risa Shimizu (Japanese)

Felecia Angelle (English)

She has long, lovely, black disheveled hair, packed and tied in a ponytail. Lynne wears the customary survey corpse uniform on top of an ashen shirt. She is the typical serious woman dedicated to her job and cares about others.

15. Rico Brzenska

Rico Brzenska

Japanese Nameリコ・ブレツェンスカ
Birth DateDecember 7th
Height156 cm
Weight52 kg
Voice Actor(s)NA

Rico Brzenska is the last batch of the Alpha squadron on a mission to defend Eren Yeager all through the freedom of Trost District. Her hair is cheek-long, blonde, and she wears tiny framed eyeglasses. She has mixed characteristics; at first look, she appears merciless, and other times, she looks composed and brave.

Rico is listed among the prominent Garrison members; this feat earned her a position in the Elite group throughout the Trost District mission.


That marks the end of our review of the most beautiful Attack on Titan Female characters. Which of these warrior cuties is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

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