17 Hottest Fire Force Female Characters Ranked

Fire Force Female characters

Fire Force is a fantasy anime about firefighters with magical powers who are waging a war against monsters in a parallel universe called Helheim. In this post, we have highlighted the most beautiful Fire Force Female characters.

Often anime characters are labeled as males or females. They don’t necessarily abide by existing gender roles, as is common in real-world societies. Fire Force has a whole host of attractive female characters who does not fall within society’s typical rules when it comes to gender roles.

Here are some of the most beautiful Fire Force Female Characters who are also skilled fighters.

1. Maki Oze

Maki Oze Fire Force

Japanese Name茉希 尾瀬(マキ・オゼ)
Birth DateSeptember 16th (Virgo)
Height167 cm (5′ 6″)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Voice Actor(s)Saeko Kamijou (Japanese)

Sarah Roach (English)

Maki Oze is the female lead in the manga Fire Force, a hot-blooded, passionate, and dedicated firefighter. She has a kind heart and is always willing to help anyone in need. However, she hates injustice and dislikes seeing people in pain.

Maki was born in an upper-class family, but her parents died when she was young, and she lived alone with her elder sister. Maki never got along with her sister, so she left home early and lived on the streets for five years.

2. Iris

Iris Fire Force

Japanese Nameアイリス
Birth DateApril 10th (Aries)
Height154 cm (5′ 0½”)
Weight42 kg (93 lbs)
Voice Actor(s)Mao Ichimichi (Japanese)

Alexis Tipton (English)

Iris is a member of the Dragon Clan and was formerly the attendant of the late Dragon King. She turned out to be the true heir of the Dragon Clan, which she inherited from her mother, who had passed away. She wields a chain whip with a flame-like appearance, transforming into her Fire Force, Phoenix Mode.

Iris, the Fire Force female character, also seems to have a strong relationship with Kamui, as she is constantly searching for him when he disappears. Iris is a young girl with short, scruffy blonde hair and blue eyes.

Her outfit consists of a short-sleeved white shirt under a sleeveless blue vest, blue shorts, and tan boots. Despite her pretty face and body curves, she is also a skilled fighter.

3. Lisa Isaribi

Lisa Isaribi

Japanese Nameリサ漁辺 (リサ・イサリビ)
Birth DateNA
Height167 cm (5’6″)
Weight55 kg (121 lb)
Voice Actor(s)Ayaka Asai (Japanese)

Elizabeth Maxwell (English)

Lisa Isaribi is the main female character in the anime/manga series “Fire Force.” She is the 13-year old daughter of the Fire Force’s captain and a pyrokinetic. She has been a target of the Claw Demons ever since she was born.

As a result, she has large scars on her arms and legs, which she received as an infant. Her pyrokinetic ability awakened when she was only three years old, causing her to burn her parents’ house down in the process.

Found by Captain Enohar, who took her in and raised her from then on. Lisa is a kind and gentle girl who values life very highly. She came to see Kobeni as an older sister and eventually became fond of Mafuyu.

4. Asako Hague

Asako Hague

Japanese Nameアサコ・アーグ
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Hisako Kanemoto (Japanese)

Sarah Wiedenheft (English)

Asako Hague is a beautiful woman and one of the main characters in the anime Fire Force. She is a member of Squad 17, alongside her brother Tatsumi, who she raised after losing their parents when they were young.

The most exciting thing about her character is that she loves Tatsumi but tries to suppress it because she feels he owes her to his elder sister. They share a complex relationship, which dates back to their childhood days when Asako took care of Tatsumi after their parents’ death.

5. Hibana

Hibana Fire Force

Japanese Name火華 (ヒバナ)
Birth DateMarch 3rd (Pisces)
Height169 cm (5′ 6½”)
Weight54 kg (119 lbs)
Voice Actor(s)Lynn (Japanese)

Colleen Clinkenbeard (English

Hibana is the second character introduced in the series. She is a former member of the Special Fire Force Company 2 and currently a Special Fire Force Company 3. Hibana is a young woman with red eyes and long, flowing black hair that extends past her shoulders.

She wears a light blue jacket with a high collar, yellow buttons, and red linings. She also wears soft blue tights underneath her skirt, black boots, and red heels. Hibana’s personality is playful and childish, as she likes to play with her teammates or tease them (especially Shikabane).

6. Amaterasu Amaterasu Fire Force

Japanese Name  アマテラス
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Cherami Leigh (English)

Amaterasu is the goddess of the sun, but she is also a wolf spirit. She controls the sun, along with other deities and spirits. Wolf spirits are messengers to the gods. They are also guardians of the Celestial Plain Amaterasu’s default form is depicted as a white wolf with a red gem on her forehead, wearing golden armor.

Her face has an expression of nobility and pride, befitting her rank as ruler of Heaven. Her eyes are gold with four black dots in each eye to represent her dominion over the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). She carries two objects: a sword representing power and authority and a mirror that symbolizes wisdom reflecting the truth.

7. Mari Kusakabe

Mari Kusakabe Fire Force

Japanese Name日下部麻里
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)NA

Mari Kusakabe, the commander of the 1st Combat Platoon, was once a member of the Imperial Army and was under Lt. Minami Kuroiwa. She was a prisoner at one point in her life but later escaped and joined the Fire Force. She also has feelings for Yuya Mirokuji.

Mari is very serious regarding her role as a soldier, and nothing else matters. She is particularly close to Yuzuru “Yamato” Kanehira and Chika Amatori; they are like sisters. Mari seems to have more feminine mannerisms than the other female soldiers.

8. Kayoko Huang

Kayoko Huang

Japanese Name火代子黄 (カヨコ・ホァン)
Birth DateSeptember 7 (Virgo)
Height170 cm (5 ‘7″)
Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
Voice Actor(s)Sayaka Ohara (Japanese)

Brianna Roberts (English)

Kayoko Huang is the daughter of Ryuho, the leader of the Oni-Goroshi, a group of Oni Hunters. She’s pretty much the only female in the Oni-Goroshi and is teasing her peers. She loves to read and practices fighting with a bokken.

She was first introduced in chapter 11, fighting off some Yokai on her way home from school. She’s later seen in chapter 12 talking to Ryuho, offering to help him find his missing sword.

9. Arrow

Arrow Fire Force

Japanese Nameアロー
Birth DateDecember 20th (Sagittarius)
Height169 cm (5′ 6½”)
Weight54 kg (119 lbs)
Voice Actor(s)Yumi Uchiyama (Japanese)

Tabitha Ray (English)

The Arrow is one of the most beautiful characters in the Fire Force. She uses the power of fire to her advantage. Her fire powers are used to strengthen things and are also used to fight demons.

She also has a great sense of humor, and her personality is just unique. The Arrow is not just beautiful but also very strong and agile.

10. Tamaki Kotatsu

Tamaki Kotatsu

Japanese Name環古達 (タマキ・コタツ)
Birth DateNA
Height156 cm
Voice Actor(s)Yuuki Aoi (Japanese)

Jad Saxton (English)

Tamaki Kotatsu is the main female protagonist of the series. She is a Fire Force Captain and her father’s successor, Kotatsu Tsurugi. Despite her small size, she can handle any task given to her by the Bureau Chief or her comrades.

She is initially cold towards Ao, her antagonistic. This is partly because she has a feeling Ao may get in the way of her duties. Her feelings towards Ao soon change when they are attacked by an Incense Expert, causing her to protect Ao from harm and realize that he can handle himself independently. She is a beautiful queen, too, which later strengthens the bond between her and Ao.

11. Inca Kasugatani

Inca Kasugatani

Japanese Name因果 春日谷
Birth DateNovember 9th (Scorpio)
Height160 cm (5′ 3″)
Weight46 kg (101 lbs)
Voice Actor(s)Miyuri Shimabukuro (Japanese)

Madeleine Morris (English)

Inca is the most beautiful girl in Fire Force. She is a recruit of the Fire Force and is undergoing training to be a professional firefighter. Inca is always happy and has a positive attitude.

Her favorite food is crepes, and her hobby is playing the piano. There’s no denying her beauty and taste for fashion. She has a massive crush on Shuji, who she adores and supports in whatever way she can.

12. Haumea


Japanese Nameハウメア
Birth DateFebruary 18th (Aquarius)
Height163 cm (5′ 4″)
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Voice Actor(s)Rie Kugimiya (Japanese)

Caitlin Glass (English)

Haumea is a young woman who became a Fire Force after her sister’s death. She is a mighty and dangerous being and a pure and innocent one altogether. Haumea’s power to her by Alaindelon also gave her the name “Haumea” and explained the importance of her powers.

In episode 12, she is captured by Valtor, who uses his power over Darkness to control her and make her attack Eclipsa and Stella. After Stella manages to free Haumea from Valtor’s control, they help Stella defeat him with their combined powers.

13. Puppeteer


Japanese Name人形遣い
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Saori Hayami (Japanese)

Monica Rial (English)

Puppeteer is a character from the anime series Fire Force. She is a close friend of Brave and shares his passion for justice. She can be timid around other people, but she acts very boldly in front of Brave, even though she doesn’t realize it.

She has white hair and wears a dark tan jacket with a yellow undershirt, a red skirt, black shorts, and black thigh-high stockings with knee-high black boots. Her outfit includes a white scarf tied around her forehead to keep her bangs out of her face and red goggles on top of her head.

14. Ritsu

Ritsu Fire Force

Japanese Nameリツ
Birth DateFebruary 22 (Pisces)
Height165 cm
Weight48 kg
Voice Actor(s)Rumi Okubo (Japanese)

Brittany Lauda (English)

Ritsu is a member of the Fire Force. She is part of a team with other girls and boys. She fights with firearms. Her appearance is very attractive. Some of the defining elements of her beauty include her blond hair and brown eyes, together with her black military uniform and army boots.

Her character design appeared on the cover of volume 8 of the manga. Ritsu wears the same type of clothing as her teammates, but her jacket is red instead of green.

15. Orochi

Orochi Fire Force

Japanese Nameオロチ
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Shizuka Itō (Japanese)

Orochi is the most beautiful Fire Force female character. She has a little sister named Suzuka, her team player during battles. They have learned to fight since childhood. She is wise and kind but also furious when it comes to fighting. Whenever she fights, she wears a fighting suit under her school uniform.

16. Hikage

Fire Force Hikage

Japanese Nameヒカゲ
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Hikaru Akao (Japanese)

Meg McClain (English)

Hikage is a young girl of small stature and average build. She spots long green hair tied into two twin tails. Her hair, when let loose, reaches her thighs. On top of her head are two small horns. Her eyes are dark pink, matching the color of her school uniform.

Hikage can control and manipulate fire in any way she wishes. She can create massive blasts of fire and produce powerful streams of flame from her hands that cut through almost anything.

17. Hinata

Hikage Fire Force

Japanese Nameヒナタ
Birth DateNA
Voice Actor(s)Hikaru Akao (Japanese)

Jennifer Alyx (English)

Fire Force Hinata is the main character of Fire Force. She joins Natsu’s team because she wants to protect her friends, mainly Kajun and Tachibana. She has a timid personality but can be very ferocious when fighting.

Her eyes are always shielded by her glasses which she only takes off during fights. Her friend Tachibana isn’t very happy with this habit of removing her glasses during fights. He finds it hard to believe that she can fight without glasses.

Bottom Line

We have come to the end of this comprehensive guide on the most beautiful Fire Force Female Characters. If you’re new to Fire Force, it suffices to know that it’s full of jaw-dropping visuals, hysterical sequences, and an excellent story that will leave you breathless.

Every character has a unique personality, and it is amazing seeing how they react to the scary creatures known as dragons and phoenixes. The art, music, comedy, and plot are also awesome. Which of these beauties is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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