Top Upcoming Anime Titles Keeping Buffs on the Edge of Their Seats

Top upcoming anime titles keeping buffs on the edge

2023 was an absolute delight for anime buffs, witnessing the apparition of hit titles such as Rurouni Kenshin, The Fire Hunter, Mobile Suit Gundam, Skip and Loafer, and Pluto, to name a few. Some say that last year was the best year the anime industry has seen to date, holding few to zero hopes that such an apocalyptical masterpiece boom could smash this year, too. For the naysayers, rush to conclusions, not!

2024 is looking to step into last year’s footsteps with anime series drops that will be at least as exciting, mind-blowing, and meaningful as the ones you’ve likely already binged on.

Without further ado, let’s buckle up and feast on the red-hot anime premiers approaching this season!

Rick and Morty: The Anime

Rick and Morty

Why would anyone say that sitcoms and anime couldn’t coexist to make what will likely revolutionize both industries? Or who would think that the realm of SF and horrors can’t make a heavenly combination with something as riveting as some Funko Pops! of the hit series that boomed in the last years? Yes, you heard it right! Rick and Morty: The Anime is just around the corner, being the most-awaited American-Japanese animated SF sitcom series imparted in 10 episodes, based on the original story of the production.

The spin-off’s release date is still under question, as the producers have yet to set such a date in stone. However, we already have some hot insights into what the new sitcom-anime jewel will bring about, such as Adult Swim as an airing destination. The anime will air on Max once the season reaches its final. Furthermore, the show will have designer Maikio Kojima and art director Arisa Matsuzwana as leading contributors to the fresh stance on the iconic series. The music won’t fall short of impressive, with various features and songs adding a unique Japanese twist.

As you’ll see, after a massive smash in 2013, Rick and Morty are set to seize the stage again with a sprinkle of uniquity in character design and visual style, contrasting what are initially two different types of animation. Japanese and American animations aren’t that common, but they might be after this hit gets on the big screen, so keep tabs open!

The witch and the beast

Having already aired, The Witch and the Beast follows Guidea, a young, beautiful woman dealing with a witchcraft curse, and Ashaf, a gentleman wearing a coffin on his back. Ione, Mary, Kiera Haines, and Matt Cougar are other main characters partaking in this anime series adaptation that premiered earlier in January.

Built on the plot from the supernatural action manga of Kōsuke Satake, this series exposes a different historical realm where humans and supernatural entities coexist. The intrigue has Guideau and Ashaf hunting down witches in the pursuit of a solution to cure the woman’s condition caused by the witch’s spell.

Directed by Takayuki Hamana and created by Yokohama Animation Lab, this season is expected to grow a colossal following and fan base.

Demon Slayer (Season 4)

Following a breathtaking season 3 released on Crunchyroll on April 9 last year, Demon Slayer is making another comeback with a fresh season slated for the same month of Spring this year. Aligning with the series’ Japanese release schedule, this isn’t just one of Japan’s most anticipated show airings but also abroad, especially for fans who kept up with Tanjiro’s previous struggles.

Tanjiro is thought to look for guidance in Stone Hashira, Himejima, thanks to her strenuous work to prepare him for the upcoming fights. At the same time, Muzan, the demon lord, mercilessly chases Nezuko and Ubuyashiki.

This fresh, impending season has devotees buckled up for a fresh spin-off of the Hashira Training arc, covering the chapters between 128 and 136 of the main show.

Kaiju No.8

Kaiju No 8

Kaiju No.8, a new series awaited in April of this year, is deployed and designed after Naoya Matsumoto’s popular manga. As depicted in the already-disclosed trailer, the story takes place in a realm where terrific supernatural entities resembling monsters and recognized as ‘Kaiju’ continuously cultivate destruction and chaos. Here, Japan represents the country suffering the most from the attacks, causing the development of a fortress for defense named ‘Anti-Kaiju Defense Force’.

Kafka, the series’ main character, enrolls in the Defense Force in the pursuit of a solution for the threats posed by the monstrous entities to the defenseless humanity. Moving on, fans are expected to be hit with an unpredictable plot twist as Kaiju starts targeting the principal character out of the blue, leading to a change of direction that transforms him into the fiercest enemy he seeks to destroy. This random situation switch makes the storyline breathtaking and keeps fans glued to their devices.


Dandadan, a fresh anime show, is expected to air in the fall of this year and draw on the manga bearing the same title, crafted and designed by Yukinobu Tatsu. The plot follows a high school attendant named Momo Ayase, who believes in ghosts’ existence yet cannot tell the same about the presence of aliens. On the other hand, Okarun, her classmate, believes precisely the opposite. As tension to demonstrate each other’s beliefs builds up, the two protagonists shake hands to navigate places associated with occultism and extraterrestrial life.

Shockingly enough, the two engage in two different journeys; ultimately, they realize that each bears their part of the truth. Ghosts and aliens alike actually exist, and it was only a matter of perception and knowledge that they were partly knowing the absolute truth.

The show is expected to air in October, so you have plenty of time to accommodate the other titles mentioned above until the spooky season begins.

Ninja Kamui

Ninja Kamui, a long-awaited series that can be watched on Adult Swim, Max, starting with its release date on February 10, will seize the limelight this year. The red-hot show’s story unravels in our modern days. It exhibits Ninja Kamui, the protagonist, following an ex-ninja named Joe Higan, whose clan has murdered the main characters’ family.

Joe engages in a thrilling journey in search of revenge for his dear ones, which will have viewers holding their breath as they binge on the addictive series to be arriving.

So, what’s this year’s title that has you gidy with excitement?

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