16 Naruto Couples That Are Perfect Together

Naruto Couples

Boruto has been start broadcast for a long time. When we watch the new generation of ninjas, we always think of their parents, the lovers in naruto, Today we review Naruto couples.

1. Naruto & Hinata

Naruto & Hinata

Their true encounter began when Naruto risked himself for Hinata to protect her from a group of bullies when they were children. Ever since then, Hinata had taken an interest in Naruto. Throughout the show, she had always acted shy around him, and we all had been teased about her obvious crush on Naruto.

As cute as it is, we can see Naruto’s impact on the timid Hinata and how much confidence she grew. Not only Hinata has the powers of Byakugan, but she also stepped in to defend Naruto from Pain after his invasion.

To face such an intimidating force and almost dying in the process shows how brave Hinata is and how strong her love for Naruto is. This makes both of them the best couple in the entire show!

2. Sasuke & Sakura Sasuke & Sakura

Sasuke was always the popular kid in the village. The last surviving Uchiha with the power of Sharingan. Sasuke was the cool and quiet type, he always had a serious face, and apparently, this had attracted all the girls around him, including Sakura. Luckily for her, she ended up on the same team as Sasuke with his rival Naruto.

However, things didn’t remain bright for Sakura after Sasuke left the village. Knowing that the boy she loves has decided to take the path of vengeance made her gloomy.  This made an interesting romance between the two; even though no one wanted to accept Sasuke after his return from the war, Sakura was the only one who remained affectionate towards him.

And Sasuke finally acknowledged that.

3. Asuma & Kurenai Asuma & Kurenai

It is always intriguing to see the leaders of all teams interact, but Asuma, who led team 7, and Kurenai, who led team 8, seemed to have more than just simple interaction. Almost with every screen time, those two were seen together, thus teasing their romance towards each other even though it was never confessed.

However, that romance was confirmed when Kurenai was revealed to be pregnant. Although she was never married, everyone speculated the father to be Asuma. This was confirmed by her reaction when she learned about Asuma’s fate after his fight with Hidan. However, Kurenai was able to keep Asuma’s legacy by giving birth to a beautiful daughter.

4. Shikamaru & Temari Shikamaru & Temari

Shikamaru is the laziest character in the show, but he is also a complete genius. He was smart at making decisions during battles, and he was one of Naruto’s most trusted friends. Shikamaru and Temari’s ship began with their first battle against each other in the tournament; Temari was astonished by Shikamaru’s clever thinking, only for her to be surprised when he gave up even though he had the upper hand.

Later on, Temari came to the rescue when Shikamaru had trouble defeating one of the enemies. They were also teased about having some relationship in the future, and Naruto even asked if both of them were dating; though they denied it, it is funny how they ended up getting married.

5. Tsunade & Dan Kato Tsunade & Dan Kato

Another tragic love story on the list is Tsunade and Dan Kato. Both of them shared the same dreams and goals, and they both sought to become the Hokage; however, after the Second Shinobi World War, Dan Kato was unfortunately killed. This has left Tsunade in tears but didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Later in the series, Tsunade encountered Dan Kato once again by the Reincarnation Jutsu, only his spirit, however. He saved her from one of Madara’s attacks then proceeded to speak to her, thanking her for achieving his dream and showing her his affection with a kiss on her forehead before his soul faded into the afterlife.

The impact of Tsunade being the Hokage was seen early in the show, and this only happened because of her relationship with Dan Kato.

6. Ino Yamanaka & Sai Ino Yamanaka & Sai

Like Sakura and all the other girls, Ino had a crush on Sasuke since they were children. She also rivaled her and fought to prove she was better, but as the series moved on, Ino changed and improved. She gave up on the idea of chasing after Sasuke, and instead, she was met with his replacement, Sai.

One day, Sai was told to give nicknames to everyone in the village. Everyone started to ship him with Ino after he called Sakura “ugly” and Ino “gorgeous” as he was genuine about it. This has made Ino blush, and Sakura infuriated. Later in the series, they got married to each other.

7. Minato Namikaze & Uzumaki Kushina Minato Namikaze & Uzumaki Kushina

Kushina was originally an outsider; she arrived at the village to settle there and start a new life. She wanted to become the first female Hokage. However, her classmates were not so fond of her. They even tried to bully her for the red hair, calling it a “tomato.” However, Kushina was very strong, and she defended herself, able to shut anyone who dared to insult her.

One day, she got kidnapped by people from outside the village, and Minato came to the rescue, telling her that he likes her hair, the very same hair she kept getting bullied for, and ever since that day, Kushina knew he was the man of her dreams. They ended up getting married, giving birth to Naruto, and staying as memorable characters.

8. Karui & Choji Akimichi Karui & Choji Akimichi

Probably one of the most unexpected couples in the series. In Boruto, the next generation, we found out that Choji and Karui got married. It took all fans by surprise, considering that we haven’t seen any special interactions between the two. But there are few speculations about how it happened.

Nevertheless, Choji and Karui make an amazing couple. Choji is quiet, sweet, and kind, but Karui is loud and aggressive. Perhaps these opposite traits had attracted them to each other. Choji always seems to push Karui to her shy side that she wouldn’t reveal, making them cute partners.

9. Ootutuki Kaguya & Emperor tenji Ootutuki Kaguya & Emperor tenji

Tenji was an emperor of the Land of Ancestors. He was a pacifist who tried his best to avoid war and bloodshed, and when he met Kaguya, she also confessed her desire for peace. Kaguya was surprised to know that she came from the stars, and she shared the same vision as him. As more time was spent together by those two, they started to fall in love with each other.

However, their love wasn’t desired by many in both lands, this has caused the kidnapping of Kaguya, and to defend herself, she had to kill those who attempted to hurt her. However, Tenji didn’t approve of her powers nor of her action, which led him to betray his lover only later to find out she was pregnant with his sons after eating the fruit of the God Tree.

10. Kizashi & Mebuki Kizashi & Mebuki

Sakura’s parents were not seen much through the series, but some information about them. Mebuki was a kind and caring woman, but she also was the serious type, unlike her husband, who seemed to be a bit careless and took things lightly. She would often be seen scolding him for that.

Kizashi and Mebuki are both the parents of Sakura, and they are seen more in the movie “Road to Ninja” in an alternative universe. Those two didn’t have much screen time, but it is always nice to know that Sakura had such loving parents with funny chemistry between them.

11. Fugaku & Mikoto Fugaku & Mikoto

Fugaku and Mikoto are both from the Uchiha clan, and they are the parents of Itachi and Sasuke. Towards their little son, they had always shown kindness and care, being a perfect two and spoiling Sasuke as much as possible. However, with Itachi, things were a little bit different because of what he got himself involved in.

They didn’t treat him badly; they just had a conflict because of different ideals. Fugaku and Mikoto seemed to agree on everything, even after the confrontation with Itachi and his mission to sacrifice his whole clan for peace; they remained a loving parent, and both of them were proud of Itachi’s motives.

12. Hashirama Senju & Uzumaki Mito Hashirama Senju & Uzumaki Mito

Mito was the nine-tailed beast jinchūriki after her husband Hasirama, the First Hokage, defeated Madara and captured Kurama. She and Hashirama founded the Hidden Leaf Village and later passed on the nine-tailed beast to Kushina. Knowing Hashirama’s personality and Mito’s kindness and assurance hints towards their loving marriage.

Both of them were good individuals, thus good partners as well. They had the same sense of responsibility towards their people, and they fulfilled their duty to the very end.

13. Hayate & Yugao Hayate & Yugao

At the beginning of Yugao’s introduction, she can be seen visiting Hayate’s memorial grave and promising to avenge him. Another couple on the list with a tragic event. After her lover’s death, she saw swords and steel as a symbol of death. This was more emphasized after his encounter with Hayate by the Reincarnation Jutsu.

Her love towards him could be seen due to her hesitation to fight and retreat. It was only later that Yugao started fighting back when Sakura confronted her about it. She clashed her sword with her lover until he was sealed away, sharing kind and affectionate words before his disappearance.

14. Kiba & Tamaki Kiba & Tamaki

Tamaki was one of the regular girls who had a crush on Sasuke Uchiha, just like Sakura and Ino. However, as time passed by and after Sasuke left the village, Tamaki fell in love with Kiba instead. While Kiba and Tamaki never got to marry, they live together happily with the irony of owning cats and dogs.

Kiba was always a dog lover with his companion dog, so it is funny to see him getting in a relationship with a cat lover. It is inevitable for both of them to argue about cats and dogs.

15. Itachi & Izumi Itachi & Izumi

Izumi is an Uchiha who had a crush on Itachi and was very fond of him. Together they were friendly and spent most of their time amusing themselves. They were even called on for flirting and dating by others. However, Itachi’s choice for peace by assassinating his whole clone put his romance to an end.

Izumi was killed during the assassination, but before she had, Itachi put her under his Genjutsu, where she dreamed about marrying Itachi, having children, and dying together. This has proved Itachi to love her the same way she did truly.

16. Rase & Karura Rase & Karura

Rase and Karura were Garaa’s parents. During a flashback after the Reincarnation of Rase, it was revealed that Garaa’s mother, Karura, had loved him and died after she gave birth to him. Garaa also learned that his father has lied to him and tried to take away his life.

Perhaps he wasn’t the best father, but he had done it for the sake of his people. If Garaa couldn’t control the one-tailed beast, this could put people in trouble. Understanding their sacrifice, Garaa cried as he slowly sealed his father.

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