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Gyokko’s blood demon art is the craziest. He makes bubbles out of water and fish creatures. In his final shape, he develops a powerful upper torso (which I…

Gyokko was at the very least helpful enough to Muzan to award him the Upper 5 position in the 12 Demon Moons, but thanks to his odd fascination with arts and crafts and his summoning talents.

He made gorgeous pots that he moved between using dazzling talents. He could call fish-like demons and even manipulate water to enchant his opponents, nearly defeating Mist Pillar Muichiro Tokito. Gyokko was dispatched quickly and decisively by the Pillar, but only after he regained his memories and activated his Demon Slayer Mark.



Upper moon 5

When it comes to his looks, he is the strangest monster we’ve ever seen. He scarcely resembles a humanoid, with his disjointed body parts, malformed face, and many pairs of newborn arms lining his back.

He has a djinn-like upper body that is devoid of limbs and mimics an armless sculpture emerging from a porcelain vase. To make matters worse, his skin is light white and covered with scales.

Gyokko’s eyes are positioned vertically on his face. One eye is visible in his lower jaw, which is always open, and the other is sitting amid his forehead. A huge green mouth and exposed teeth have dislocated the eyes from their appropriate locations. His facial expression is quite disturbing if you ask around.

When he turns into his real form in a difficult circumstance, though, he resembles a merman.

The Early life of Gyokko

The Early life of Gyokko

Gyokko used to be a young fisherman called Managi before he became a demon. His life was anything but ordinary, and he was despised by everyone in the community for stealing fishing jars. To make matters worse, he lost his parents (both fishermen) in a storm, and their corpses were recovered injured in the wreckage. That was the final straw that shattered his mental equilibrium.

He killed a youngster who was tormenting him and placed the body in his fish jar a few days later. When the child’s parents realized what had happened, they pierced him with fishing forks. When Muzan discovered him, he chose to make him one of his most powerful demons.

How Gyokko became a demon

Gyokko became a demon

After the whole incident with the young boy tormenting him, and later killing him, hell broke loose. Overwhelmed with rage, the poor boy’s parents poked Gyokko with fish forks till he succumbed. It is at this point that Muzan finds him and decides to bring him back as one of his most powerful demons.

Blood demon art

  • Gyokko’s porcelain vases are integral to his Blood Demon Art. He appears to be able to produce them wherever in his immediate surroundings and generate many pots of varied sizes at the same time. Gyokko also appears to have free reign over whatever is within the pots, which he utilizes to unite the sword smiths.

Gyokko's porcelain vases are integral

  • Gyokko originally demonstrated his ability to teleport from one pot to another in an instant, compensating for his lack of legs by allowing him to move long distances with little effort and readily avoid strikes.

Gyokko originally demonstrated his ability to teleport

  • Ability to manipulate flesh: Gyokko, like other demons, can alter his own body to some degree. He most likely utilizes this power to change his facial characteristics and assume djinn-like physiology. Even though he was beheaded, Gyokko could develop multiple short limbs on his head and chest.
  • At the start of the Swordsmith Village Arc, Gyokko creates enormous fish-like amalgamations to scare and murder the village’s people. They can’t be killed in the traditional sense and only die when the pots on their backs are smashed. Mitsuri and Muichiro were able to quickly suppress these spawning.
  • Fish killer: Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art is focused on summoning non-sentient monsters that imitate fish from his pots; therefore it’s themed on the sea and aquatic lifeforms. Some of them may fire a torrent of toxic needles at their enemies or leave lethal acid behind once they’ve been killed. To thwart Hotaru Haganezuka, he summoned goldfish-like creatures with scythe-like appendages. Gyokko can also utilize his porcelain vases to control and generate water, which he uses to choke his opponents.

Hotaru Haganezuka he summoned goldfish

  • Gyokko’s Octopus Pot from Hell: Gyokko makes huge octopus-like tentacles from his pots, which he uses to destroy his surroundings.

Gyokko's Octopus Pot from Hell

  • The awful water Basin: Gyokko constructs a vase-shaped water structure that traps its opponent. After being caught, the opponent will choke to death since cutting and escaping is difficult, and they won’t be able to utilize their Breath Attacks if they can’t breathe.
  • Gyokko summons thousands of gliding clay fish from his pots, which feed on his foe’s flesh. The deadly fluids secreted by these fish may be absorbed via the skin.

Gyokko summons thousands of gliding clay fish

  • Gyokko’s ultimate technique is the Deadly Scales of War. He argues that the scales that cover him give him a free existence, allowing his strikes to become more formidable.


In case you missed it, Gyokko is one of the most terrifying monsters ever seen. Gyokko’s journey begins 200 years ago when he was born into this world as a human. How did it come to light that his parents had drowned and were discovered days later with severely injured bodies? Gyokko becomes interested in the deterioration of his parents’ bodies and begins to draw inspiration for his work as a result.

Gyokko is a demon who takes the appearance of a fish and has various unique abilities and tactics. Gyokko, like other moon demons, possesses an incredible bodily regeneration ability that allows him to rebuild sections of his body even after they have been chopped down. Can utilize water to capture and constrict his victims, or use it as a channel for the demonic fish to swim about in a crisis.

On a scale of 5, Gyokko gets a 5/5 because of his appearance and powers.

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