20 Most Powerful Dragon Ball Female Characters

Dragon Bal Strongest Female Characters

Even though Dragon Ball is well-known for its great male fighters, plenty of women have positively impacted the series. While many of them might not be as powerful as the men, there are a few who can step up to the challenge with their incredible powers and killer looks. Therefore, we are obliged to look at some of Dragon Ball’s strongest women.

Dragon Ball’s female characters have rarely been the point of focus. This is because most people focus on the main characters there first. However, Dragon Ball has some of the best and strongest female fighters.

These female characters will blow your mind with their strength, agility, and prowess. From Bulma’s inventions to Android 18’s combat capability, Dragon Ball’s female characters have gradually become worth focusing on.

Therefore, let’s look at some of the strongest female characters in Dragon Ball that can tear the roof off when they want to. Here are the strongest Dragon Ball Female Characters:

1. Bulma


Since its onset, Bulma has been in Dragon Balls, and even though she is not among the strongest female characters, her intelligence is worth reckoning. She is more of a critical thinker and an inventor than a fighter. In fact, she lacks any combat skills but helped save the universe with her brains. She leaves the fighting to others, but the Z fighters could not use items like time machines without her help.

From hunting Dragon Balls with her custom radar to sending Trunks to the past with the time machine, Bulma is indeed a strong female character in Dragon Balls, not because of her strength but her great invention and thinking capability.

2. Chi-Chi


Chi-Chi is not only the oldest recurring character but also the loudest. Even though Chi-Chi did not focus on martial arts, she is among the strongest characters in Dragon Ball in her unique way. She had received some fighting training and regularly showed that she could handle herself in a fight.

Her most feared trait was her fierce temper, which scared others. She was also fearless and wasn’t afraid of confronting anyone who crossed her path. Can you imagine even Goku and Gohan, the most potent fighters, were fearful of her? Even though she would pick fights beyond her abilities, she never backed down from them.

3. Mai


Mai is a compelling character in Dragon Balls. Even though she did not possess any powers, she was one of the few females ever to attack Goku. She managed to hold off Goku Black with tear gas which made their rescue mission successful.

Her love story with the Trunk is definitely the best in the series. Despite their age difference, she became his lover even though she would later use the Dragon Balls to make herself look younger.

However, Mai’s capability has diminished significantly now that she has been reverted to a child in Super. However, she still has the potential of becoming a threat, as shown by Future Mai.

4. Gine


Gine was Goku’s mother, and as per their family lineage, you could tell that there was a lot of power in the family. After revealing Gine as Goku’s mother, we also learn more about Bardock, her husband. Gine was part of Bardock’s warriors but lacked the same fighting capabilities as Bardock.

He was forced to regularly save her during battle. However, as a Saiyan warrior, she could defend herself and maybe be more powerful. Even though Saiyans were considered a vicious conquerors, Gine was an exception. She was more kind-hearted, compassionate, and loving.

5. Fortuneteller Baba

Fortuneteller Baba

Fortuneteller Baba is one of those characters you would see on the sidelines during battles but possesses much more power than others. She was not a fighter. In fact, she would do so poorly in combat. However, her mystical abilities will blow your mind. Baba possessed the power to revive the dead, making her an essential part of the series.

She temporarily revived Granda so that he could battle Goku. Her powers are also seen when Goku returns to his physical body to fight Buu. As if that was not enough, she revived Vegeta after his death.

6. Fasha


You will remember Fasha as the first female Saiyan who was not only part of Bardock’s warriors but also a great fighter. She is among the few female characters who were ruthless and cold during battles. Even though not much is known about her because she died in Planet Vegeta, she had outstanding combat abilities.

We get to see what a great warrior Fasha was before her demise in the franchise. Even though she mostly fought against weaker opponents, she excelled in battles. Unfortunately, she was killed by Dodoria’s army after Frieza betrayed her.

7. Videl


Videl was a human who managed to defy all odds to become more powerful pretty rapidly. Her curiosity in learning how the Z fighters do their supernatural moves made her learn a lot. She became the strongest human who could not only fly but also fight and defend herself.

When you think of Videl’s fighting skills, you’ll probably think of when Spopovich brutally beat her up. In her defense, Spopovich was being controlled by Babidi, making him more powerful. But still, Videl never gave up on fighting as she would occasionally join the ‘Great Saiyaman’ to fight crimes. Of all the Saiyan companions, Videl was the only one who could defend herself.

8. Android 18

Android 18

Android 18 is the most popular and considered the strongest female character in Dragon Ball. 18 was developed alongside 17 to kill Goku but later turned good. She is still the best female fighter who can match the Saiyans irrespective of their transformations.

Let’s face it, in Dragon Ball Z, Android 18 was the only fierce female fighter. Her capabilities were exemplary that Future Trunks was very much afraid of her. She managed to break Vegeta’s arm with just a single kick. When talking about the most dominant women in Dragon Ball, Android 18 always tops the list.

9. Pan


You would probably consider Pan the most powerful female Z fighter in Dragon Ball. She was deemed to be among the most brutal fighters around. Her prowess in battle made her Goku’s sidekick. Pan could be seen helping Goku in different battles like fighting Baby and the Shadow Dragons. Even though Pan could not transform into a Super Saiyan, she has surpassed everyone’s expectations.

However, the future of her powers remains a mystery. Even though she showcased the capability of defeating grown men with ease, it is unlikely for her to return as an adult. We would probably never see her full potential any time soon. Even so, Pan remains one of the strongest female characters in Dragon Ball.

10. Arale Norimaki

Arale Norimaki

Arale is probably not someone you would think could take down some of the best fighters in Dragon Ball. To many anime lovers’ surprise, Arale wound up as a very powerful character as she handled Vegeta quite easily despite being perceived as a rather less combative character.

Even Goku feared her in one way or another. When Goku tried to defend himself against her in an energy blast battle, his Super Saiyan Blue was evenly matched against her. When it was revealed that her next attack would be more vigorous, Goku admitted that he would not defend that. However, we never got to see her full capability because Deerus stepped in and stopped things from escalating. Still, that shows that Arale was more powerful than you would have imagined.

11. Saria


Saria was a female God of Destruction with incredible powers and abilities. She was solid and fast, which helped her deflect an energy sphere coming towards her. With the ability to fly, Ki Blast powers, and energy nullification capabilities, Saria is among the strongest female characters in Dragon Balls.

Despite her excellent capabilities, she could not fight Ultra Instinct Sign Beat. His fast reflexes made it impossible for any God of destruction, including Saria, to beat him or use their powers on him. However, she is still an outstanding personality in Dragon Balls with capabilities that match the Super Saiyans.

12. Helles


Helles is the newest female character that has won the hearts of Dragon Ball enthusiasts. First appearing in Dragon Ball Super, Helles is the only female god with her title being God of Destruction. Since she is a god, it goes without saying that Helles will be mighty.

Even though not much is known about her, people are eagerly waiting to see what she is capable of. Some think that her powers will surpass Goku’s, or maybe she would be the most powerful female character in Dragon Ball.

13. Kale

Kale dragon ball

Kale is portrayed as a timid character who holds impressive power. She is a legendary Super Saiyan in Universe 6, making her a ferocious and powerful character once she goes into battle mode. Her capabilities are similar to those of Broly.

Even though she is mighty, she had difficulty controlling her monstrous power. That put those around her in danger if she lost it. However, she eventually manages to gain control over her form. Despite that, Goku can handle her. But if given a chance, Kale could become the strongest Saiyan ever.

14. Caulifla


Caulifla is another Super Saiyan and one of the strongest fighters in Universe 6. Even though she could only manage regular Super Saiyan transformations, she showed much potential. After little guidance, achieving her Super Saiyan form was a piece of cake. This showed that with proper training, Caulifla would be much stronger.

Caulifla was among the few female Saiyans that enjoyed battle hence sought new challenges to grow her strength. However, she was not bloodthirsty, and her confidence made her stand out. Goku and Vegeta are more powerful than her, but their power is unimaginable when she fuses with Kale into Kefla.

15. Colonel Violet

Colonel Violet

Though not so powerful, Colonel violet had her own way of looking out for herself. She would go to extreme ends to save herself, including allowing two of her soldiers to get eaten by a giant gator as a way of distracting it. However, even with her don’t-care attitude, she still felt remorse for a baby monkey.

Colonel Violet majorly focused on satisfying her insatiable desire for money. Instead of helping to fight Goku, she was busy stealing Red Ribbons. Her prowess in battle was remarkable. She was one of the few Red Ribbon Army members that survived the saga’s events.

16. Vados


Though gods have been considered the most powerful beings in the series, that’s not the case in Universe 6. Their angels are more powerful than gods and Saiyans. That’s why Vados was crowned as the strongest multiverse being in this franchise. As an elder sister of Whis, who was even more powerful than Goku, Vados was exceptionally powerful.

Even though she is never seen in action, her calm yet polite demeanor should not deceive you. Her task was to oversee Champa in Universe 6 and guide him whenever his antics crossed the line. Gods would not have weak overseers, and it was like Angels were going to be stronger than gods.

17. Leggings


Leggings is another great female character who breaks on the list of the strongest female characters because of her genius and inventive nature. Leggings was like the brains in the series. Inventing an armored Great Saiyaman suit and the Hero Switch, Leggings was indeed the best scientist. The high-tech suit materialized by the push of the switch, which allowed them to enter the game world and adopt abilities that can be vital in real-world situations.

Even though it was a great invention, she could not showcase its capabilities. Respectfully she followed Xeno’s orders despite having her own interests.

18. Android 21

Android 21

Android 21 is a female character on another level. Made of different cells of different mighty warriors, Android 21 is extremely powerful and intelligent. Android 21 has an insatiable hunger for devouring mighty warriors. When the cells from Majin Buu take over, forcing her to lose control, we see her as an unstoppable, powerful character.

She has different abilities that will make her your favorite. She can attack her enemies using her tail, and her hungry beam turns people into food. With the power to absorb her opponent’s energy and use their moves against them, Android 21 is a force worth reckoning in Dragon Ball.

19. Midori Norimaki

Midori Norimaki

Midori Norimaki was a high school teacher who later became Senbei’s wife. She is portrayed as a friendly and kind-hearted person who cares deeply about others. As a child, she got lost and accidentally boarded a private spaceship of the royal family of Planet Takeya-Saodake.

This led to her adoption by the royals, who had no children but later returned to Earth after her birth parents were found. Even though she did not have any sort of power or abilities, Midori was the positive energy in the series.

20. Akane Kimidori

Akane Kimidori

Akane’s personality is just like that of Bulma. She is rebellious and enjoys doing the wrong thing. However, she is another character that showcases the power of brains. Even though she does not perform well, she still developed the best, most sensible, and most intelligent plans.

As a prankster, her plans majorly involved fooling others for her entertainment or the success of her endeavors. Akane is short-tempered and becomes aggressive when angry. With her Cobra twist, she was more dangerous than ever. Though not possessing many abilities, we cannot fail to acknowledge her impact on the series.

21. Cheelai


Cheelai is a character with a mysterious personality. She tends to help out people without thinking of the consequences and has anger issues. Even though she was not a great type, Cheelai was still an essential character in her unique way. We cannot fail to acknowledge her courage.

Cheelai was so courageous that she removed the remote-control device from Paragus’ pocket without realizing it. She even stole the Dragon Balls and held Kikono at gunpoint, forcing them to use their wishes. Her Ray Gun and exemplary pickpocketing skills came in handy whenever she needed them.

22. Bikal


Bikal is a humanoid female character who showcases politeness and kindness. She uses respectful terms when talking to others. However, her outstanding demeanor should not fool you. Bikal was a warrior who fought in the Tournament of Power alongside Kakunsa and other Team Universe 2 members. With natural flight ability, she used it to save Kakunsa from getting knocked out. This made her catch the attention of Android 17.

However, Bikal could throw Kakunsa hard enough, tossing Android 17 into the air. Even though Android 17 managed to counter her, her powers could not go without notice.

23. Kefla


Kefla was a fusion of Caulifla and Kale but majorly adopted Caulifla’s personalities. Like Caulifla, she showcases a great interest in fighting more vigorous opponents for her own good.

She is one of the strongest fusions in the whole series. She manifests more power than Caulifla and Kale combined. She is so powerful that if she transformed into a Super Saiyan, Goku would have to be in his Super Saiyan Blue form to outmatch her. Kefla’s powers surpassed Champa’s expectations as he had not imagined her energy would be that high.

24. Hasky


Whenever Hasky is mentioned as an anime lover, you think of her magnificent stealing capabilities. Husky was a master thief that would never be deterred even by the tightest security. She used her intellect and practical techniques to take on some impossible tasks. She stole tickets from kids to get into the Dream Land.

The Red Ribbon Army occasionally used Hasky, and even Commander Red utilized her abilities by asking her to steal the Dragon Balls and eliminate Goku. To achieve this, she disguised herself as a fortune teller and tried to trick Goku into giving her the Dragon Balls. However, this plan failed. That notwithstanding, Hasky is still a great female character who, even though not physically strong, had unrivaled intellect and trickery skills.

25. Zangya


Zangya is another outstanding female character. When she fought against Krillin, she effortlessly defeated him, showing how powerful she was. She also believed in herself that she could challenge Future Trunks. Zangya was even going to defeat Gohan, which forced him to unveil his strongest form, scaring her away. No matter how capable she was, she knew her limits.

Zangya can fight some of the best but was no match for a Super Saiyan 2. Unlike the Androids that could handle newly transformed Super Saiyans, Zangya did not have enough power to reach those heights. Despite that, Zangya would have become the most powerful female fighter in Dragon Ball.

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