Top 20 Best Succubus Anime Characters (Ranked)

Succubus Anime Characters

Succubus attracts a lot of anime fans with their proud figure and seductive eyes, these women always catch your eyes in anime.

1. Mayu Tsukimura

Mayu Tsukimura

The love interest of the main character in the show. Mayu is a succubus from the anime named “Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun”. Coming from a harem story, it is obvious that Mayu will have challenges and rivals to Shungo. In terms of appearance, Mayu has light-pink colored hair that is put up to two ponytails, both being super long.

Her eyes are blue and her body is quite slim, except for the alluring features. However, having other important female characters in the story isn’t the only obstacle for her, she also suffers from anxiety when interacting with the opposite gender.

2. Mayospell


Ever wanted to know how good a succubus is? That’s the job of the interspecies reviewers! From elves, fairies, humanized-bird creatures to other types of monsters. Their job is to interview the erotic actions a person can have with a certain species.

One of those who was involved in the review is Mayospell! She is a succubus who works at the Succubus Tower. Mayospell has short pink hair that goes above her shoulders. She also has bat wings horns coming from her head. Her eyes are green with heart-shaped pupils. She is a goofy succubus that makes cute “Sound effects”.

3. Newbie Succubus

Newbie Succubus

Newbie Succubus is one of the Succubus features in the Succubus cafe in Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! She has been named Loli Succubus, mainly for her obvious lack of size in that area. She has short white hair with bat-like wings coming from her head, acting as some sort of horns.

She has dark pink hair and she is the youngest among the workers in the Succubus cafe. She is extremely shy and shows a lack of confidence. Yet she still tries her best to do her service. She can charm people and put them to sleep.

4. Ageha Kurono

Ageha Kurono

Ageha is the mother of Kuruma from Rosario+Vampire. Even though she is a parent, she maintained her beauty. But her age also plays a main factor, being around her mid-thirties. Ageha has long-cyan hair and purple eyes. She is always dressed in a fancy outfit, as well as showcasing her charm with the makeup she uses on her face, her lipsticks being the one that stands out.

Trying to keep herself from following the succubus instinct, Ageha always finds a way to embarrass her daughter. She still cares for her, however, and that is what makes her a great character.

5. Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan Aensland, is a succubus that is more popular than the franchise itself. The chances of people recognizing her but not knowing the series is higher than the opposite. Morrigan is a very seductive character. She has green-bluish hair that goes down to her waist.

Her hair is also straight with bangs going down to her eyebrows, covering her forehead. Although she appears like a demon, she is not evil. Morrigan is confident and playful, and her appearance definitely shows her off as one of the hottest succubus ever.

6. Len


The whole Fate series franchise is confusing, the TYPE-MOON franchise can also get confusing. For that reason, we will focus only on the character. Len is the main heroine in Kagetsu Tohya. She is a succubus with long blue hair and bright red eyes.

Len is more of a lone wolf when it comes to people. She likes being quiet and she hates socializing with others. Len has the ability to control other people’s dreams. And she can also transform into a black cat. Len is a short girl.

7. Alma Elma

Alma Elma

Alma Elma is a character from Monster Girl Quest! She is the queen of the succubi and one of the four heavenly knights. Alma is a mysterious character who prefers not to get physical in fights. She is extremely busty while having bat wings on her back and big white horns.

She also has long purple hair and red eyes. Alma is hundreds of years old being a succubus, she obtained superhuman abilities that makes her very strong.

8. Maria Naruse

Maria Naruse

Maria Naruse is a supercute yet naughty succubus from Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha. She can always be found trying to film the main character with the other females. Maria is a petite girl with silver long hair and a beautiful smile, accompanied by purple eyes.

Maria has powerful abilities and strengths that should not be underestimated for her age. However, her age also makes her a bit of a tease and immature with her behavior. As a succubus, she also drains and feeds of erotic situations.

9. Mercelida Ygvar

Mercelida Ygvar

Coming from Rotte no Omocha! Is Mercelida! A beautiful succubus and the mother of Rotte. Mercelida has pointy ears, similar to those of elves. She always has bright green eyes and light-blonde straight hair. On some occasions, she also put her hair up in a ponytail.

She lives almost carefree with no absolute purpose or goal, and she seems to enjoy that. She obviously cares about her daughters and she seeks to protect them and ease the hard work. Being a succubus means she also can use special abilities.

10. Firika Mia Shatana

Firika Mia Shatana

A tsundere Succubus we have on the list is Frikia Mia Shatana. She is a very busty female that is not afraid to show off her skin. She has a curvaceous body and a very lewd outfit. From her back, she can reveal bat wings that allow her to fly. Her red hair is styled in a half-up ponytail.

She has purple eyes, a devilish tail and cute batty horns. Frikia is a bit dominant when it comes to getting what she wants, even though she is a tsundere.

11. Twiska


Twiska is a succubus from the Brandish series, which is an erotic series for mature audiences only. She attacks her victims and removes their clothes without hesitation and does not care if it was in public or other places. She is a very hungry succubus. She is a bit overconfident and occasionally puts a smug look on her face.

Her hair is pastel-purple and her eyes are mixed colored. Twiska has also started to fall for the boy/man who was able to overcome her magic, becoming his servant.

12. Artemis


Named after the Greek Goddess, Artemis, she is a succubus and a supporting character in the anime “Maria the Virgin Witch”. Artemis adores Maria and loves to tease her and her lack of experience or history with mature life. She tries to annoy her for being a virgin but behind all of that, she cares about her.

Artemis has red eyes, straight blonde hair and is let loose. She also wears a fur coat and thin bandage-like outfit that covers her body yet keeps it quite revealed.

13. Astarotte Yvgar

Astarotte Yvgar

More commonly known as Rotte, is the daughter of a succubus named Mercelida. She has pointy ears and bright green eyes with sharp pupils, like those of cats with their thinness. She has blonde hair, similar to that of her mother’s, and it is put up into a twin ponytail.

She is the main character of the series with a timid personality. She seeks love and care from her mother which had always been given, but because of her mother’s instincts, she always seems to bring the attention of male individuals and that has caused Astarotte to be afraid of them.

14. Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono

Although she used to be deviant in the past, Kuruma has genuinely changed after meeting her love interest, Tsukune Aono. Being a succubus would obviously push the limits of her desires, but she has devoted all of that to the only man she loves.

After she had become somewhat close to him, she started to act much more innocent than she used to be. Kurumu has short cyan hair (Similar to her mother’s) and dark purple eyes. She has beautiful long eyelashes that she uses to attract Tsukune.

15. Carrera


Carrera is a succubus that appears in Viper GTS.  She wishes to bring benefit to the Demon world by draining the souls of humans for their wishes and for her alluring deeds. Carrera has short blue hair, purple lipstick that matches her outfit.

She has a very revealing outfit with not much to cover. But her outfit is also followed by a long red cape that makes her look like a supervillain. She has two golden horns and she is also wearing golden accessories.

16. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory

Rias from the popular series HighSchool DxD is a beautiful girl who first appeared as a high school student only for her to actually be a Demon. But as demonic as that sounds, she is ironically a good person, or to be more precise, she is on the good side.

She is a very nice girl, being charismatic and smart. And she is also the leader of their group. Rias is also the princess of all demons, being in the Human-World to monitor the fallen angels and their schemes.

17. Albedo


If there is one high quality about anyone then it is them being loyal. Albedo is extremely loyal to Ainz, the main character of the overlord. And she is in love with him. She is the guardian of the throne room and she is the leader of all NPC. Albedo has very long hair that goes below her waist, she is always wearing a white dress that reveals her cleavage.

She has white horns that are narrowed down to her line of sight. Her eyes are bright and golden. Albedo is one of the strongest NPC in the series and she is very loved by the fandom.

18. Sakie Satou

Sakie Satou

Although she appears to be a normal human, Sakie Satou is actually a succubus in a human form, she takes the role of a math teacher in a school to fit within the community. Sakie tries extremely hard to seduce one of the other teachers, she tries to reveal some of her skin, or even directly tease him, however, she is always faced with disappointment when he shows no reaction at all.

Little did she know that she was indeed alluring him, and that makes this whole thing very funny. Sakie normally puts her black hair in a ponytail, and she can be seen wearing red glasses and a red uniform.

19. Shamusheru


From Kyonyuu Fantasy, Shamusheru Shaharl is a succubus who used to scare townsfolk by taking the life force of their main. Just like any other Succubus, Shamusheru aims to take energy from humans, until she meets a special man with a unique life force.

She has short red hair and a mark under her left eye. She also has two horns and a fang appearing from her under lips. Shamusheru doesn’t show much care about others except for Ryuuto.

20. Mari Setagaya

Mari Setagaya

She is a half-vampire, a half-succubus who attends high school. Mari is an interesting girl that is very naive and playful. She has a slim body and an extremely cute face. She has long red hair and red eyes as well as a fang that can be seen coming from her lips, in the classic anime style.

Mari, at first, seems to be very clueless about her succubus abilities, as she tried to feed on the main character by drinking his blood. Once she figured out the ‘safe’ way, she becomes addicted to it and her personality changes. When that happens, she can control superhuman stuff like increasing her bust size.

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