Top 15 Sexiest Batman Female Characters

batman female characters

Various characters in the DC universe played a minor and a major role in the different stories of each superhero. This article however will point out the hottest female characters associated with Batman’s universe. Although our dark hero may not sound open to the idea of dating, that doesn’t deny the amount of beauty some of the female characters have.

15. Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva

Sandra San, more known as Lady Shiva, is a dangerous martial artist that can murder people without needing any weapons. Over time, Lady Shiva became close to Batman, and although his view of her as an enemy and an ally has changed on multiple occasions, it didn’t stop her from being lethally attractive.

She remained a deadly assassin with the ability to control her nervous system; this helped her remain composed and emotionless in many situations. Shiva has appeared in various comics and animations, and although she had different styles each time, it is safe to assume that she has black straight hair and a tight bodysuit.

14. Terra


Terra is the daughter of King Viktor of Markovia. However, she is not his daughter by blood, making her the half-sister of Geo-Force. Terra joined Teen Titans to become a spy; she worked for Deathstroke to achieve their goal of kidnapping the titans.

However, after events are misunderstood by Terra, she ends up turning the whole operation down by going berserk. Terra can control all types of rocks. She can control the earth beneath her and then use it to fly. She can cause dangerous earthquakes making her a foe not to be underestimated.

13. Huntress


Real name is Helena Rosa Bertinelli. She is an ally of the Bat Family. Her childhood was rough after being kidnapped and used by an agent of a crime family. Afterward, she witnessed the murder of her entire family, making her extremely violent. As Huntress grew, she wanted to become Batgirl, but she never received the approval of Batman.

Nonetheless, Huntress has a good relationship with the Bat-Family. She also became involved with the Justice League, making her interact with other heroes. Huntress can be seen in a bat costume with her long black wavy hair beneath her bat cover.

12. Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul

One of the few female characters that were able to seduce Batman and get away with a lie. We all know how clever Batman is; he is one of the only heroes with no unnatural powers. Yet he remains a menace and a popular figure in the DC universe. Talia al Ghul is a gorgeous and seductive woman who became the lover of Batman.

Longevity & Slowed Aging: Extended lifespan through the use of Lazarus Pits. Talia has mastered Martial Arts and Hand-to-Hand combat. She can use various types of weapons to win many situations. She is also very good at integrating her victims, making it easy to find answers to any question she seeks.

11. Zatanna Zatara

Zatanna Zatara

When it comes to Zatanna and her attractiveness, it is very self-explanatory with her custom and appearance. She wears a magician’s assistant custom that reveals a bunch of her skin and points out her figure. Her full name is Zatanna Zatara, and she is a magician with the ability to do pretty much anything a sorcerer can.

Zatana has assisted both Justice League and Batman fight crimes. However, her relationship with Batman didn’t last. She lost Bruce’s trust, which hurt her feelings considering how close they had been since childhood.

10. Batwoman


Kate Kane is the real woman behind the title. She is a close member of the Bat Family as she had fought many crimes with Batman on her side. Kate doesn’t have any special powers; instead, just like Batman, she uses her raw strength and martial skills to defeat her enemies.

Batman has helped her claim special equipment to fight her way out or capture her enemies. Kate is an attractive red-haired crimefighter that has proven to be worthy of being a member of the Bat Family. She is reliable and often flirted with other men.

9. Power Girl

Power Girl

Also known as Kara Zor-L, Power Girl is very familiar to Superman. She has superhuman abilities like heat vision, super hearing, and the ability to fly. Her body is also immune to the most dangerous things like bullets, toxins, and others. Power Girl is a very smart superhero, and she has very few weaknesses, just like Superman does. P

ower girl is a blonde-haired superhero with beautiful blue eyes. She is very upfront and honest about her thoughts, but she is also polite. Power Girl’s body is super curvaceous. She is often looked at as an extremely sexy individual, appealing to many DC fans.

8. Cheetah

Cheetah Barbara Ann Minerva

The Arch Nemesis of Wonder Woman, as well as a rival and an enemy for Catwoman. Cheetah’s real identity is Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva. Starting with her Origin, Cheetah was an archaeologist who obtained Irzkartaga’s powers by forcing priests to perform the ritual on her. Her powers can be activated by drinking the blood of another living being.

In Gotham City, she was institutionalized within Arkham Asylum. Later she joined Suicide Squad. Although Cheetah can turn into a monstrous-looking creature, her female figure and her body can still be visible under the fur. Cheetah didn’t hide the feminine side of her behind the claws and the bloodlust.

7. Catwoman


One of the most popular, if not the most popular female figure related to Batman. Catwoman had always been one of the main antagonists of Batman, yet she was also one of his main love interests. Her real name is Selina Kyle; she started as a jewel thief in Gotham City.

She was very stylish in the way she did her ‘work’. She is often seen wearing a black cat face mask with a tight black bodysuit. Although Catwoman is an antagonist, she isn’t a supervillain. And regarding her being a fan favorite, she is high on the list.

6. White Rabbit

White Rabbit

Just like Zatanna, White Rabbit is one of the female individuals that express themselves through their outfit, and her outfit is hot as hell. White Rabbit is an Alice in Wonderland-themed character. She has the ability to duplicate herself and enhance her ability.

Her dress is a playboy bunny with excessive revealing and seductive details. Her real name, however, is Jaina Husdon. White Rabbit was able to create clones of herself from a young age. White Rabbit regards herself on the same side as Bane and other villains.

5. Starfire


Starfire is a member of Teen Titans. She is originally from Kamaran, and her name goes Kory. Her body has an immense amount of energy that makes her easily one of the strongest characters in Batman’s universe. She can easily win against many male villains with her powers.

Kory is an extremely attractive superhero. Starfire ended up marrying dick Grayson before getting interrupted by Raven. Starfire can use her body energy to fly, fire star bolts, and protect herself from common harmful things.

4. Raven


Her real name is Rachel Roth. She is a superhero with supernatural abilities. Raven is also an important member of the Teen Titans. Her appearance can be seen as super edgy, as her body is covered by a blue cape-hoodie-like, hiding most of her face in the shadows, and her skin color is bluish-pale.

Raven’s abilities are very useful and strong. She can teleport and fly. She can manipulate objects and humans as well. Her Soul-Self can be sent out to do any requested tasks. Raven has blue eyes and black hair, and her body is extremely attractive even though it is mostly hidden behind her roguelike outfit.

However, once she unleashes her powers, it can be seen how truly fit, and healthy her figure is.

3. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an iconic superhero with her shield and her whip. She is a member of the Justice League, and she is an Ally to Batman. Her strength and abilities are beyond human strength. She is fast, and her body can withstand lethal damage that would kill normal humans.

But besides all of that, Wonder Woman’s appearance and customs are considered to be very attractive in the DC universe. Wonder Woman had easily made herself appealing to not only DC fans but also the men inside the universe.

2. Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Another iconic villain on the list is Poison Ivy. She has been used and experimented on by Batman’s enemies, and they have made her into what she had become and is known today. Her real name is Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley. Poison Ivy can control plants and their behavior; her toxic power makes it extremely dangerous.

However, the real danger for our superheroes is her seductive way of getting everything she wants. Ivy is a villain not to be underestimated. However, Ivy shows true affection towards Harley Quinn, especially when she joins the suicide squad.

1. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Her real Identity is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel. She is the Joker’s sidekick, acting as his lover by showing him affection and obedience while trying to keep up with The Joker’s level of humor. Harley Quinn can often be seen dressed as a Jester. Her clothes reveal her body figure, and depending on the style of her outfits, her level of attractiveness can go higher.

Although she is crazy in the head, if you look beyond that, you can see that she is the most iconic female villain in the DC universe. Harley Quinn’s main issue is trying to prove herself to the Joker by doing things beyond her limit.

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