Upper Moon 4 [Hantengu] Explained: Powers and Abilities

Upper moon 4

The Sword Smith Village Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba features Hantengu and Gyokko as the main adversaries. Not only is he an Upper-Rank Four demon but also a member of the Twelve Kizuki.

Hantengu, the initial placeholder for the upper moon 4 rank kizuki, was replaced by Nakime. Although Nakime’s physical talents were not demonstrated, she was able to control the fortress with a single blow of her Biwa. Muzan’s killing of the lower moon demons was her first appearance. Even if the program hasn’t shown her fighting, Nakime is a formidable opponent.

However, read more about Hantengu in this article and get to know all about him.



Hantengu is a demon that resembles a short feeble man with a skeleton physique adorned with veins and creases. A big bulge on top of his head, complemented by two curled horns, is his most distinguishing trait. The character meaning “fear” is likewise engraved onto Hantengu’s tongue.

His face is narrow, with a pointed chin and a strong brow ridge that is missing eyebrows, and because of this he always wears a look of horror and fear. His eyes are tiny and squint often, with no apparent pupils.

His dark shoulder-length wavy hair has a low hairline and only grows out of the back of the neck and ears, which are sharper and lengthier than a human’s. His hair brings out his demeanor.

He dresses in a dark kimono that is torn straight through the middle, with the right side appearing floral and having lines and the left half dark and devoid of any details. He also wears hakama pants in black.

Hantengu’s personality

According to his Blood Demon Arts, Hantengu possesses several distinct personas. His primary form has a nervous demeanor, often hiding and seeming terrified of his surroundings. He feels the entire planet seems to want to get him and believes he is innocent due to his paranoia. The remaining aspects of his personality are centered on the Japanese Four Primal Emotional responses. They comprise:

  • Hantengu’s rage is embodied as Sekido (Anger). This creature is perpetually enraged.
  • Karaku (Joy) is Hantengu’s clone who is the most easygoing and laid-back.

is Hantengu's clone

  • Aizetsu (Sorrow) – This part of Hentangu is usually downcast and pessimistic, describing everything as dismal.

Hentangu is usually downcast and pessimistic

  • Urogi (Pleasure) – The most upbeat personality, who views the Demon Slayers’ war as a game.

The most upbeat personality

  • Zohaukten (Hate) – This character of his was easily enraged and was exceedingly bitter and nasty against his foes, labeling them as “evil” for harming his “innocent” self.


  • Urami (Fury) – Hantengu’s most hypocritical and deluded personality, and the personification of Hantengu’s resentment at being punished for crimes he claims he is innocent.

The early life of Hentangu

The early life of Hentangu

Hantengu was a criminal when he was a human. He stole from individuals and executed them, yet he maintained his innocence and denied any wrongdoing. He feigned to be blind and accused his hands, claiming that he was indifferent, demonstrating that even as a man, he was psychologically disturbed.

Despite his claims to the contrary, he was finally apprehended and condemned to death for his misdeeds. His protests were drowned out when he was confronted with the amputation of his forearms, which were the perpetrators of his crimes. Muzan Kibutsuji met him while he was detained and assisted him, but instead changed him into a Devil. He murders the officer who imprisoned him after transforming into a demon.

Whilst the officer was ready to die, he informed Hantengu that whatever what, he would be punished for his faults in the future. Later, he appears with Gyokko at the blacksmith’s village to inspect. Even though he slaughtered countless people to attain the rank of Upper Moon Four, he battles the Demon Slayers present and maintains his innocence.

He almost tries to flee the Demon Slayers but is apprehended and slain by Tanjiro Kamado. However, before he dies completely, he informs Muzan Kibutsuji of Nezuko’s resilience to daylight.

Muzan Kibutsuji of Nezuko's resilience to daylight

After the defeat of Hantengu, Nakimu gets promoted and takes his position as upper moon 4. Nakime was a character from the Demon Destroyer anime who was somewhat unknown. She could reorganize the Dimensional Absolute Fortress where she dwelt with just a strum of her Biwa, immediately moving herself and others anywhere she desired. She was able to escape the light, depriving her rivals off their most effective weapon.

Nakime’s Blood Demon Art skills weren’t very harmful in and of themselves, but her attackers may end up wherever.

Blood demon art

Blood demon art

Manifesting emotions: Hantengu’s Blood Demon enables him to express his emotions as strong clones with their distinct personalities, looks, and skills. These replicas are depictions of a certain feeling Hantengu has experienced in the past, and they mostly express that emotion. Each has a kanji tattooing on their tongue that represents their primary emotion.

Other abilities

Incredible stealth: Hantengu can feel demons’ presence. He also has a keen sense of smell, which would have allowed him to be discovered from a great distance. He had such good stealth that none of the Devil Slayers realized he was a monster until they encounter him.

Devil Slayers realized

Durability: Hantengu’s physique is so tough that not even Genya’s bullets, which ripped the throats of his replicas, could pierce it. Genya’s katana shattered before he could hack off Hantengu’s corpse with his Nichirin Blade.

Good reflexes and remarkable speed: He has excellent mobility and reflexes as an Upper-Rank demon. Tanjiro, Nezuko, and even a monster blood-enhanced Genya couldn’t keep up with him in his little size.

Good reflexes and remarkable speed

Karaku aka (Hantengu) has limitless strength and stamina. With a single kick, he managed to pierce Nezuko’s tough body. Genya displayed no symptoms of agony after pulling the trigger with his shotgun. He screamed with delight that he had never had an attack like that before, and it was enjoyable.

Karaku aka


If you are a die-hard fan of Demon Slayer then you are aware that humans who drink Muzan’s blood turn into demons. Furthermore, demons that have taken relatively greater blood from Muzan grow stronger than others, eventually reaching the 12 kizuki.

In this case, Hantengu ranks as the fourth demon slayer because of his cloning abilities and power. This anime ranks as the upper moon 4 5 out of 5.

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