15 Anime Like Devilman Crybaby [2023 Recommendations]

animes like Devilman Crybaby

With the help of Ryo Asuka, the protagonist Akira Fudo became possessed by a powerful Demon named Amon. Akira became a Devilman, being able to transform into a demon whenever he wants. His life completely turns upside down ever since that point. His mysterious best friend, Ryo, seems to be hiding secrets. Akira uses his powers to fight against other demons to protect his friends and humans in general. Later, Akira encounters other half-demon individuals before Ryo announces to the whole world the existence of demons, thus causing complete chaos.

1. Berserk


Berserk is a dark fantasy medieval story that talks about Guts, an orphaned child who was adopted by a group of mercenaries. Guts grew up in a vicious environment, surrounded by heartless men. Guts ended up getting abused and because of that he learned to never trust anyone.

Later, he met with Griffith and Casca in another group of mercenaries. Guts grew closer to them but little did he know about the disturbing events the future was hiding for him.

2. Shiki


A lethal plague has struck upon a town called Sotoba. The people of the town didn’t know what the plague was nor did they know what caused it to happen. Our main character, Doctor Ozaki, tries his absolute best to figure out the mystery of this plague as there was no kind of symptoms related to it.

That until he figured the reason behind people’s death is not a disease, but vampires instead!

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

A 14 years old boy named Shinji is a member of a huge organization called NERV. Earth has been attacked by dangerous monsters named Angels, and NERV exists to prevent humanity from going extinct.

Shinji learns how to use robotic weaponry called Evangelion, to fight against those monsters as traditional weapons can’t kill them. This show is full of dark and mature themes, especially for Shinji and his trauma.

4. Texhnolyze


Following the story of Ichise, Texhnolzye takes place in an underground city called Lux. Being completely abandoned by the country, many gangs seek to rule and take over the city. Ichise faces death after a tragic event that caused him to lose an arm and a leg only to be saved by a scientist.

His limbs were replaced with Texhnolyze. Soon, Ichise learns that a war will occur in the city, and that he is one of the few who can prevent it from happening.

5. Akira Akira

Neo-Tokyo is a new city built back from the ashes after a massive explosion completely obliterated it. The city is full of violence and gangs, heartless terrorist and indivusals who all wants to take down the government. Tetsuo and Kaneda are two young boys who learn about a secret project for the government to create superhuman soldiers.

Later, Tetsuo discovers that he indeed has those powers, thus becoming wanted by the government. Now, Tetsuo seeks to unravel the truth behind the explosion that happened 30 years ago.

6. Kill La Kill Kill La Kill

Ryuuko Matoi is a young girl searching for the murderer of her father. She obtains a weapon that her father created called the scissor blade, and realizes that the second half of it is missing. Understanding that the second half could be with the murderer, the clues lead her to a highschool built on hierarchy.

Learning that Satsuki is on top of everything, she aims to defeat everyone in her path after she gets empowered by Senketsu, which is a form of clothing that grants superhuman powers.

7. Attack On Titan Attack On Titan

Humans are on the verge of extinction. Large mysterious creatures called Titans live only to feed on humanity. They can only be killed if their spine is damaged as their bodies can regenerate easily. The story follows Eren, Mikasa and Armin who live inside Wall Maria.

The wall was supposed to be tall enough to keep them safe, but everything changed on that day, when a colossal titan appeared.

8. Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul

A race of Ghouls are spreading in the city of Tokyo. They can only feed themselves by eating human flesh as their bodies will reject any other type of food. A boy named Ken Kaneki is deceived by his crush who turns out to be a Ghoul.

An accident occurs and a pile of construction falls on the Ghoul after Kaneki is on the verge of death. Doctors were forced to transport organs from the Ghoul into Kaneki’s body to save his life, inevitably causing him to become a Ghoul.

9. Grave of the Fireflies Grave of the Fireflies

Following the end of World War II around 1945, Seita and his little sister, Setsuko, are war victims who lost everything they had. The city they lived in was destroyed and their parents was killed by the enemy’s bombing. Setsuko must take care of his little sister and prevent her from losing hope as he faces many challenges in this cruelly depressing world.

10. Hellsing Ultimate Hellsing Ultimate

Unnatural creatures of evil exist and they threaten humanity as they lurk in the dark to feed on victims. A large military group led by a woman called Integra is responsible for eliminating those forces of evil with the help of a vampire called Alucard who has turned his back on his own kind. Zombies, Vampires and other species are all being hunted down by Alucard for Humanity’s survival.

11. Parasyte -the maxim Parasyte -the maxim

Humanity is facing a new threat called Parasyte which are aliens that have invaded the earth and have the ability to take over human bodies and control it. Izumi is a highschool student who ended up being a victim to those aliens, except that the alien failed to reach Izumi’s head.

The parasyte resides in Izumi’s hand, not able to take full control of the body, and an interesting relationship begins between Izumi and the Parasyte named Migi.

12. Death Note Death Note

A highschool student called Light Yagami finds an odd looking book outside his school building. After inspecting it, he finds out it’s a “Death Note”. Reading the instructions of the book, he curiously writes the name of a criminal on live news to see if the book truly works.

Light Yagami is left in shock after realizing the book kills anyone with their full name on it. Understanding that he can use this book for ‘Justice’, Light rises as Kira, a God, who seeks to wipe out all criminals from earth.

13. Kemonozume Kemonozume

Shokujinki are creatures that can disguise themselves as humans, they change their form to their liking so they could deceive humans and devour them. Shokujinki are terrifying beasts with sharp claws that later were discovered by humans.

An individual called Kifuuken dojo is an expert in killing Shokujinki. But what will happen when he finds out the woman he loved and was charmed by is actually one of those creatures?

14. Wicked City Wicked City

A parallel universe exists called the Black World, but instead of it being full of humans, it’s full of Demons. A truce between Earth and the Black World has been made decades ago, but as the time for peace to be renewed comes closer, a suspicious group tries to prevent the contract from being signed.

In order to keep peace between the two worlds, the Black Guards are sent to defend the truce against anyone who tries to break it.

15. Junji Ito Collection Junji Ito Collection

An anime adaption to the horror stories and collection made by Juni Ito. Each episode consists of a different story and different title with a whole set of new characters. Although many say the studio art style was a bit crappy, it was still able to deliver creepy, unsettling episodes with mystery of abnormal activities.

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