6 Best PSN Resolver Alternatives of 2023 [IP Finder & IP Puller]

PSN Resolver Alternatives

Want to know more about the player at the other end? PSN Resolver is all that you need. The IP grabbing tool allows you to access other gamers’ IP, geolocation, among other pertinent info that can help you verify their identity before or during gameplay. You don’t want to compete with robots.

The PSN Resolver is a software program that allows gamers to access their opponent’s info to confirm they’re true identity. They can also use that information for a strategic advantage during gameplay.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best PS4 Resolvers similar to PSN Resolver. Keep reading to learn more…..

What is a PSN Resolver?

What is a PSN Resolver

PSN Resolver is an integral function in xResolver. The feature allows for easy retrieval of gamer IP and geolocation by simply entering their Gamertag or username. You can do all this in the party chat session.

The IP grabber xResolver function makes use of web scraping robots, ipv4 address, and PSN network filters to retrieve user info. You can obtain a public Gamertag and ipv4 address using their network robots.

With PSN resolver, it is easy to verify your opponent’s real identity. With so many robots roaming the web, you can never be so sure whether or not your opponent is a real human. Moreover, identifying your opponent allows you to strategize for the gameplay.

1. Wannabe 1337

Wannabe 1337

Wannabe 1337 is a PS4 resolver that allows gamers to access other players’ IPs by simply entering their Gamertag or username. Users can also do a reverse search using other gamers’ IPs to obtain their username or Gamertag.

The IP grabber software uses a combination of dynamic packet filters, custom packet filters, DDoS protection features, and a powerful algorithm for network packet analysis and identification. Getting started with Wannabe 1337 is very easy. If you have any difficulty with the process, you can check their installation guide for assistance.

2. Bootyou.net


Boot you are a premium PSN Resolver alternative that’s subscription-based. Meaning, you need to buy a membership plan before using the PSN parser tool. Like most IP pullers, this website makes use of advanced algorithms to retrieve a gamer’s IP and username by monitoring and analyzing network packets.

That makes it very easy to identify your PSN gaming opponents before gameplay. Besides gamer IP identification, the tool also details the opponent’s geolocation, ISP, and city. That makes for easy identification and verification of opponents before gameplay.

3. Octosniff


Octosniff is a powerful PS4 resolver similar to a PSN resolver. Its proprietary artificial intelligence system and algorithms allow for convenient network analysis and monitoring to identify gamer IP, username, and geolocation quickly.

Among other awesome features, the tool comes with dynamic packet filters, custom packet filters, and a customizable user interface. Despite being a premium PS4 resolver, it’s comparatively cheaper than other IP-grabbing tools. Moreover, Octosniff offers free trials to buy the tool with peace of mind.

4. Lanc PCPS


Lanc PCPS is a PS4 resolver packed with powerful features for retrieving player username and IP. Unlike most PS4 Resolvers, which are available online only, Lanc PCPS is downloadable software that can be used both online and offline. It’s very easy to install. You can check their setup guide for further assistance if need be.

Lanc PCPS has built-in ARP spoofing and packet filtering functions for efficient IP pulling. Moreover, it has a Geolocation IP lookup tool to identify the opponent’s country and city of residence easily. What’s more, Lanc PCPS offers both free and premium plans. If you are only getting started, you might want to choose the free plan then, later on, upgrade to their premium plans.

5. Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer

If you’re looking for a reliable IP grabber similar to PSN Resolver, Console Sniffer is worth checking out. The tool comes with a host of network packet filters, algorithms, and web scraping bots that summarily make the entire process of retrieving gamer IP, username, and geolocation super easy.

Something else to note is that Console Sniffer only works for some games, especially when your opponent is also gaming on a PS4. Lastly, the tool is very easy to download and install. Be sure to check their installation guide if you encounter any problems with the setup process.

6. Playstation Resolver

Playstation Resolver

Of all the PS4 resolvers similar to PSN resolver, this one, in particular, is a username to IP address resolver. The tool allows gamers to retrieve the IP address, username, and geolocation of their opponents.

It combines proprietary AI engines and bots to scrape the web for relevant player info, of course, with the help of their IPv4 or Gamertag.

Playstation Resolver being a function on xResolver, is very easy to set up and use. You may want to check their installation guides and tutorials for detailed setup instructions.


1. How do I prevent my Gamertag and the IP address from being crawled?

You can use a VPN to conceal your actual IP address and Gamertag. Remember, there’s no illegality in concealing your real IP address when accessing the web if you’re doing so for security purposes.

Alternatively, you can pay a small fee to sites like xResolver to have your IP and Gamertag deleted from their logs.

2. How do I prevent others from launching DDoS attacks through IP addresses?

The best way to prevent others from launching a DDoS attack via your IP is to use a VPN to conceal it. You will be assigned an alternative IP address for gaming and thus keeping you safe and secure from potential DDoS attacks.

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