10 Sites to Find Your YouTube Subscriber Count

YouTube Subscriber Count

YouTube Subscriber Count is a great way to evaluate the success of a particular channel. There are many tools, both free and paid, that you can use to monitor the number of subscribers on any channel. Below are some of the best YouTube Subscriber count tools on the web……

YouTube has become the second-largest search engine globally and has no plans of stopping. Gaining subscribers on your channel is essential if you want to get more views on your content and, of course, more money from your channel. Many tools can help you monitor the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel (or any other channel on the platform). In this guide, you will find comprehensive coverage of some of the best YouTube Subscriber Count tools.

1. T4m3x – Live Counts

T4m3x is a YouTube Live Subscriber Count that you can use to monitor your channel’s subscribers. The tool gives real-time stats of the number of subscribers. The count is taken directly from YouTube’s servers and is updated frequently to provide you with the latest subscriber feed for the target account. The tool’s interface is very beautiful and simple. There’s a search box where you can enter the name of any channel and get stats on the latest subscriber count. T4m3X – Live Count works across different platforms. You can access this tool on Windows as well as Mac OS.

2. Social Blade

The social blade website allows you to see the number of subscribers on any YouTube channel. In addition, it features an analytics feature that provides a detailed analysis of the estimated growth in subscribers on a given channel over time.

Moreover, you will also be able to see updates on the best-ranking YouTube channels by the number of subscribers’ estimated total views of all content already posted on the channel.

Unlike other YouTube subscribers, Social Blade also provides you with an estimated income that the channel generates from AdSense and other ad networks. It’s a free tool that allows you to track the growth of any YouTube channel over time.

3. YouTube Subscriber Counter

YouTube Subscriber Counter offers a convenient way to follow how many people subscribe to your channel in real-time.

The tool has a beautiful user interface with very easy-to-use features. You can use the YouTube subscriber counter to see how many people follow your channel. On its UI, the channel subscriber counts appear next to a user’s name in their profile and on the top of a video page (before the comments).

The number of YouTube subscribers on the channel is displayed as a large number on the tool’s homepage. Moreover, the YouTube Subscriber Count also has an analytics feature that you can use to check other channel stats, such as the number of daily channel subscribers the total number of channel views, among others.

4. FreeWeb Tools – Live Sub Count

The Free Web Tools platform is home to a number of powerful tools, including YouTube subscriber count. The Live sub count allows you to track the number of subscribers on a given YouTube channel in real-time.

Besides the number of subscribers, the tool also provides a detailed analysis of a YouTube channel’s total video views, daily subscriber counts, and daily video views. If you are looking for a reliable and free YouTube Subscriber count app, Live Sub Count is worth trying out.

5. YT Count

Another great platform that can help you monitor the number of subscribers on a YouTube channel is YT Count. Like similar tools, this one also captures other important metrics with regard to your YouTube channel. Some of these include the number of channel views, number of channel videos, and number of likes per video.

It comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to access all the necessary YouTube stats. YouTube Subscriber Count is the number of people who have subscribed to your YouTube channel.

It is an important metric to track because it helps you gauge the popularity of your videos. It can also help you attract more viewers in the future.

6. Marketing Hub – Live subscriber count YouTube

One of the most critical aspects of video marketing is having many subscribers. This can lead to video views and increase your ranking in YouTube search results. There’s no denying that YouTube has become a major marketing platform over the past couple of years.

It’s one of the most effective ways to build your brand and reach new customers, which is why so many businesses are investing in it. The most popular marketing platforms are constantly changing.

7. Real Time Sub Count

A Real-Time Sub Count for YouTube can give you an accurate idea of how your channel performs. The thing with this tool is that it updates the number of subscribers for a given YouTube channel by the second. The data shown is for subscribers in the last 30 days. Meaning this tool retrieves its data straight from YouTube servers.

Besides YouTube Subscriber Count, this tool also displays some other important YouTube stats that will help you strategize how to grow your channel. For instance, you can check a competitor’s most popular videos and see what they include in them to attract a massive following.

8. You Count

You Count another powerful tool that you can use to monitor your YouTube Subscriber Count. It has a very simple interface that’s very easy to use. On the tool’s dashboard, you will see a live count of the number of subscribers on a given channel.

Further, this real-time YouTube subscriber count also provides info about channel view count, video count, and comment count. These metrics are taken directly from Google’s infrastructure via the Analytics API.

Meaning all the information that you get regarding subscriber count, view count, and comments count are all captured in real-time. The tool is available in both free and paid plans.

9. NoxInfluencer – Realtime Subs Count

YouTube Subs Count is another awesome tool that you can use to monitor the number of subscribers on a given YouTube channel. It is available for free, but if you need more features, you can upgrade to one of the premium packages.

All relevant statistics are accessible from the dashboard. Besides the subscriber count, other stats accessible from the Realtime Subs Count dashboard include views count, comments count, and likes count.

10. Akshatmittal – Youtube Real-Time

Akshatmittal – YouTube Real-Time is a fast and easy way to keep track of your YouTube subscriber count. It features a simple, clean interface showing how many subscribers you have in real-time.

Moreover, the tool also allows you to check the number of video views while also getting updates on other channels with high subscriber counts – to draw inspiration from.

How to increase YouTube Subscribers

You can increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel using different methods. Below are some effective methods for boosting the number of YouTube subscribers:

1. Create a Trailer for Your YouTube Channel.

Create a Trailer for Your YouTube Channel

A trailer is like a preview for a movie — it should tell people what your channel is about and why they should subscribe. It should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long, and it should end with a call-to-action that tells people to subscribe to see more videos from you.

2. Upload a Custom Thumbnail for Every Video You Publish.

Upload a Custom Thumbnail for Every Video You Publish

The thumbnail is the image people see before they can click and play your video. It should be relevant but very catchy. It should be like clickbait that makes people check your videos.

3. Stay Active

Stay Active

Channels with more frequent video uploads tend to have a better ranking in the search results. The YouTube video recommendation algorithm also prefers fresh videos. In the long run, channels with more frequent video uploads tend to attract more subscribers.

4. Optimize your videos for YouTube search engine

Optimize you videos for YouTube search engine

Video optimization implies you assign the titles of your videos that are consistent with YouTube searches – what users are looking for. Also, ensure the channel name, description, and tags are also search engine optimized to rank well in the searches and also attract more subscribers.


Q. How do I check YouTube Subscriber Count?

You can easily check the number of subscribers on a given channel by simply accessing the channel and checking it directly. This applies only if the channel’s subscriber count isn’t hidden.

If it is hidden, the best way to check it would be via a YouTube subscriber count app or site. Some of the common ones include Social Blade, You Count, Real-Time Sub Count, etc.

Q. Is it better to Show Subscribers on YouTube?

Yes, it is better to show your YouTube subscriber count. Research studies have shown that YouTube channels with hidden subscriber counts attract far fewer new subscribers when compared to channels in which the subscriber count is enabled.

Q. Does Hiding Subscriber Count on YouTube Help?

No, it doesn’t help in the long run. People tend to avoid subscribing to channels with hidden subscriber counts. So if you enable this feature, you are likely to get more subscribers.

Bottom Line

YouTube subscriber count is one metric that impacts the performance of videos posted on the platform. For instance, channels with more subscribers often have more content views and better pay – for monetized channels.

With that, we come to the end of the comprehensive guide on the best YouTube subscriber count sites. I hope you found this post very useful.

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