10 Best Reddit Upvote Bots for More Karma (2023)

Best Reddit Bots in the Market

Have you wondered why the competition on most social media platforms is this stiff? You probably might have. Things are no way different on Reddit.

Everyone simply puts in their best content and applies the latest technology to rank high. Therefore having the right information on such technologies is a game-changer and stance booster in a competitive market like Reddit. You see!

On Reddit, upvotes are ways of showing trust among and between users on Reddit unlike shares and likes on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So upvotes and don’t come by easily.

The good news here is that there are bots that can help you scale this wilderness of competition. Therefore, to step up your upvote and increase your Karma counts, be the first to read this and be ahead of other users. In this article, we have listed the 10 best Bots that automate upvoting on Reddit. Now imagine having a bot that helps you rank high irrespective of the pool of competitors and content quality or standard.

You have little or no worries about being on top of the game in your chosen content niche then. Rather, you will have your time to focus on how to come up with the best content that will amaze your audience. Now, let’s take a keen look at each of them with their uniqueness and features.

1. Upvotes space

Upvotes space Homepage

If what you are looking for is a full package and completely built bot, Upvote is a good option to consider. This is simply because it guarantees a consistent trend in the promotion of your services and products.

This bot is configured not to only increase your Karma number through upvoting but also has a custom control feature that gives you the chance of starting, pausing, and stopping a variety of its features at your will. However, it still generates leads for you organically. With this bot, you can also improve your remarks on incredible posts as the case may be.

Upvotes Space saves you the difficulty of doing this seemingly complex task. Therefore, it is built to simply automate and firmly process your activities just like other bots. Therefore, it is a sure game that you will generate leads even while at sleep.

When you think of a case of encountering any difficulty, a chatbox which is an integral feature of the bot makes it easy for you to reach the service provider. It is enough to say that satisfying you is an uncompromising goal of the company. Guess what! In case your expectations aren’t met, which we believe seldom happens, you can always request a refund!

2. Somiibo

Somiibo Homepage

This bot is simply a type that has a record of wide jurisdiction. It does not only help you with Reddit upvotes. The bot is also useful on other social platforms. Simply put, you can kill more than a bird with a stone with Somiibo. You don’t need another bot to automate your activities on Twitter and Instagram once you have Somiibo.

One thing you should take note of about Somiibo is that it has an amazing speed and efficacy that will get you the desired result within a short period. Now tell me why you won’t consider Somiibo and have your Karma increased on your Reddit account with no fear of suspicion or restriction?

Guess what, with Somiibo bots, there exists a combination of proxy service and flexibility of module schedule.  Bother no more about what proxies to buy and have a solid decision on the Somiibo bot and you have an embedded proxy service at affordable prices. In simple terms, we recommend you to get Somiibo Bots.

3. Reddit Master



As the name suggests “Master”, these guys have features that place them on top of the industry. For example, unlike their counterparts in the industry, Reddit master has an account creation feature. On top of it, they ensure a conforming karma increase through upvotes that are specific to developing your e-marketing game.

As a matter of fact, it has an amazing pricing package that is affordable for both long and short-term usage. Though more expensive when used for a short time.  Do not forget that you will be able to create accounts as many as your activities demand. Coupled with the automated upvoting, post collection, downvoting, and commenting on multiple posts, this would be an amazing experience ever on Reddit!

4. Reddit Marketing Bot


reddit Marketing

One of the most powerful and effective you can get out there is Reddit Marketing Bot. This is for no other reason than the fact that these guys have incorporated so many features that you can imagine and long to have in a hot with assured quality.

Guess what! It has a mouthwatering pricing plan. As a result, you won’t have to break your budget policy or outburst your purse to get enough upvotes. Okay, get this once! Pricing is divided based on the number of months and quantity of upvotes.

For example, with just $200 you have not less than 3000 upvotes. Isn’t that jaw-dropping? We are not done yet. With a 3 months subscription, you are guaranteed 9000 upvotes with only $480. The biggest deal is that a six-month or an annual plan gives a whopping discount of 40%. With this, we think your search for an effective and affordable bot ends here. Get this bot and thank us later.

5. Reddit Dominator

Reddit Dominator Homepage

Take this first! This is one of the best Reddit bots by far. To start with, just like Upvote Space, these guys don’t just cut connection routes with you after you have made a purchase. Rather, this bot has a chatbox feature that enables you to connect with the service provider should you encounter any difficulty.

Again, these guys boast of smart management of your account on Reddit which does not compromise the primary feature of promoting your brand through their marketing tools.

Therefore you enjoy the opportunity of organically gaining leads, automation of activities, and account management on top of all. On a more concerning note, issues like scraping, commenting, voting, and uplifting are nothing to be worried about. Their features got you covered. You know what, an array of proxy services is not excluded.

6. ASB Reddit Bot

ASB Reddit Bot Homepage

ASB Reddit bot is an affordable bot with a solution to your account management problems. This is simply because it helps you acquire the targeted traffic. Not only that, it has effective marketing software to keep the acquired audience abreast with useful and quality content.

It is also worthy of note that these guys have a detailed homepage that eases navigation.

Another important thing about ASB Reddit is that these guys give a trial to give you a taste of what you are going to enjoy should you make the order. You know what? This 3 days trial is free! Isn’t that amazing? In addition to that, there exists a fund-me-back feature if the service is not satisfactory.

Just like Reddit Dominator, there is a customer service chat link to get you sorted in case of difficulty. More importantly, as an upvote bot, you also have an automated post-schedule feature to enjoy.

7. Followersup

Followersup Homepage

Followersup has an important uniqueness that is vital to every business management and marketing organization. And this is a flexible pricing plan. Its affordability coupled with the quality is never compromised despite the enticing price plan. It also shares some features with Media Mister.

Most importantly, upvoting, commenting, and posting are done stress-free without having to empty your purse. It suffices to say that as a beginner whose budget for Bot is not fat, these guys ensure that you enjoy all the amazing features irrespective of your pocket size.

To wrap it up, there is an encrypted website designed solely to facilitate customer service should you need help or clarity.  It, therefore, makes the company a suitable one for a Reddit account.

8. GetAFollower

Getafollower Homepage

One major messiah in the bot industry for seedlings (starters) is GetAfollower Bot. Despite how enticing and juicy it is to be sought after by quite well-established Reddit users and business owners, these guys have upcoming users at the core of their interest.

It is not news that bigger and already established brands on Reddits have a fat budget to manage their business online and add to already existing stardom and fame.

Then what will be the fate of the upcoming ones who do not have such financial wherewithal in this wilderness of competition?? As a matter of fact, GetAfollower is a reference point in the Success dictionary of upcoming Reddit Users.

Simply put, if you fall in the category of little budget, worry less. You are in safe hands with these guys. You will have an increased upvote, automated comments, and an amazing help in downvotes. This is made possible with the combination of technology and social media tools.

9. Media Mister

Mediamister Homepage

Media Mister is not just a good choice as a Reddit bot! It is a versatile functionality that transcends beyond Reddit enclaves. This is to say that you will have across-board activeness on other social media platforms.

Yes! Media Mister is known for that. You might argue that you want your jurisdiction to be majorly on Reddit as a starter or an already existing user. If you can be projected to stardom on Reddit and other platforms simultaneously, would you reject that? Why should the sky be your limit when there are footsteps already on the Moon? Without letting quality slip of hands, Media Mister guarantees that.

Another bombshell about this company is the affordable and flexible prices they have got. Without mincing words, you get to switch front and back, rear and forth to see which price and plan fit your project and is sizable to your budget. Duration of engagement is also a determinant of money cost.

10. Socinator

Socinator Homepage

As a social media marketer who seemingly gets tired of routine tasks and wants more time to attend to other stuff while your e-business accounts are not neglected, you can’t do without Socinator! This is a strong bot with amazing features one can imagine.

Surprisingly, you will also enjoy a proxy service embedded bot. Easy export of analysis that is very ineligible is another added advantage of this Bot. One would begin to wonder how the bot is all-encompassing.

These service providers help you increase your upvotes, publish your post and automatically subscribe you to communities of useful content where there is a pool of audience to be reached. You can see how getting traffic and leads could be easy with the help of the Socinator bot.


Q. What is a Reddit Upvote Bot?

Reddit upvote bots are automation bot that has been developed to automate the process of upvoting a post or comment on Reddit for the purpose of moving it up the page. Reddit post ordering is not done in chronological order and replying first to a post does not mean your comment comes first.

Users are allowed to vote and the post with the most upvote has higher chances of appearing higher. What these bots do is that they upvote posts to push them closer to the top.

Q. Are Reddit Upvote Bots A Must Use?

If you are a marketer on Reddit, you will know that getting your posts upvoted is a major plus for you as you can get more visibility for your posts. However, even if you want to get your posts upvoted, it is not compulsory for you to make use of a bot. Managing bots can be difficult and for that reason, some services have been set up to provide users with upvotes.


One would need little or no conviction nor persuasion to see the needs of a bot on a Reddit account market where the biggest fish eats the small ones to avoid competition and maintain dominance in the pool.

You then will agree that you need all possible means to step up the Reddit game and be at the top of the chart.  If all these aforementioned bots could do that for you, why rack your brain, stress yourself, and waste the time that could be invested in something else?

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