10 Best SoundCloud Bots for Plays, Followers & Likes (2023)

Best SoundCloud Bots

SoundCloud is one of the leading music streaming sites in the world. In 2019, SoundCloud boasted of having over 76 million registered users on its platform. The company indicated that over 175 million active users were accessing the platform at least once a month. You can monetize your SoundCloud account if you have a huge following. SoundCloud Bots are the best and easiest tools to use if you want to grow your SoundCloud fan base.

Music is one of the social activities that can never get out of style. Music has been there from time immemorial, and it continues to be a source of entertainment. SoundCloud’s foundation aims to bring people together over the internet. The company’s mission is to create a rich community of music lovers.

In August 2007, Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss founded SoundCloud. You can get benefits as a user if you grow your account. The growth process can be tasking, but you can use SoundCloud Bots to expedite the process.

1. Storm Likes

Storm Likes soundcloud

StormLikes is a great online bot that you can use to enhance your presence on SoundCloud. You can use this online SoundCloud bot service to purchase organic views and followers on your account. This online utility bot can make your account look more credible.

The site has a friendly user interface, and all you need to do is provide a URL link to your audio file. Once you have provided a URL, sit back and let the bot do its magic. You can use Apple Pay, VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Bitcoin to pay for services on the site.

2. Mr.Insta

mrinsta soundcloud

Mr. Insta is an online tool initially designed for Instagram users who want to grow their number of followers. The platform has since then grown to accommodate different social media websites like SoundCloud. This bot is fairly easy to use, and it comes with an affordable price plan.

All you need to do is register, log in, activate a free plan, define your targeted audience, and gain new followers in less than 2 minutes. You can use VISA, Master Card, and Bitcoin to pay for services on Mr. Insta.

3. Media Mister


MediaMister is a social media marketing tool that you can use to buy new followers on your SoundCloud account. Media Mister is a social media marketing that you can use on multiple social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Linked In, and Facebook.

The site does not generate organic followers, and you can be flagged down by social media websites that use advanced validation algorithms. You can get this SoundCloud bot for as little as $13.

4. Followers Up

Followers Up soundcloud

Follower Up is a safe and trusted social media marketing utility tool compatible with popular social sites like Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and SoundCloud. You can boost your SoundCloud profile fast and easily by just following a few steps.

They offer organic followers because they use an advanced and realistic follower generation process. You can get a refund if you are not satisfied with their follower generation process.

5. Turbomedia

Turbomedia soundcloud

Turbomedia is a celebrated social media marketing tool that you can use either as a paid or free service. Their marketing strategy applies to a cross-section of social media platforms. They offer a great marketing strategy for SoundCloud users.

Their free service plan is not free because you will be required to complete a 5 social action survey within a 30-60 second time frame. You can activate their free service after 48 hours, or you could opt for the paid version and do away with the restrictions.

6. Sonuker

Sonuker soundcloud

Sonuker is a safe and secure social media growth tool that amateurs can easily use to grow their social media profiles. It works perfectly with SoundCloud, and you can use the online service as an add-on to populate your account with followers and active interactions.

Unlike most popular SoundCloud bots, Sonuker has four different growth plans ranging from a free plan to an $80/monthly premium plan. You can choose whichever plan you deem fit, but we’d suggest starting with the free plan then advancing to the paid plans later.

7. Ytpals

ytpals soundcloud

Ytpals is a simple and powerful web application that you can use to grow your SoundCloud profile. They offer organic growth because you can purchase SoundCloud plays, downloads, followers, likes, comments, and reposts under one organized site.

They offer affordable growth packages, and you can pick a free, $20/monthly, $40/monthly, or $80/monthly growth price package. You can pay for the services using CVS. It is safe to use Ytpals to gain new SoundCloud users fast because their services kick in immediately you choose and pay for a growth plan. If you are in urgent need of followers on SoundCloud, Ytpals is a great tool worth checking out.

8. Socialempire

socialempire soundcloud

Socialempire is a well-organized social media growth utility tool that you can use to promote personal or corporate SoundCloud accounts. Their services include promoting your account or content through their social media network.

The platform boasts of having more than 5 million active users that they can use to give you a targeted audience. Social Empire also partners with other players to sponsor your content on other social media platforms.

9. Smgains

Smgains soundcloud

Smgains offers multiple features for SoundCloud users. You can register and log in to the social media promotion tool to gain SoundCloud followers fast without infringing on SoundCloud’s user policy. The SoundCloud bot offers a reliable platform where you can purchase SoundCloud plays, SoundCloud bundles, SoundCloud likes, SoundCloud followers, and SoundCloud reposts.

You can pay for SoundCloud’s account promotion services by VISA or MasterCard. Other payment gateways are soon to be added to the platform.

10. GetaFollower

getafollower soundcloud

GetaFollower is a professional social media marketing platform that you can use to gain followers instantly on SoundCloud. The platform has a dedicated team of marketing professionals who call 24/7. You can use their services to generate organic followers with real accounts.

Their marketing strategies are designed to find your targeted audience fast. There is a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.


You can use any of the above online services to turn your dormant SoundCloud account into a popular and buzzing account. Your SoundCloud monetization ability increases with the number of followers and account engagement.

Take your time and go through each SoundCloud Bots before you settle on one or a couple that you think may work to give your account a follower boot.

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