10 Best Twitch Viewer Bots for More Live Views [Still Work]

Best Twitch Viewer Bots

Are you a Twitch streamer? You’ve probably tried your best to keep your followers entertained but still do not achieve the viewer count you want. However, with a Twitch viewer bot, you can revive your channel and get the views you desire. Even though bots are against Twitch’s terms of service, using the best Twitch viewer bot gives you more views while keeping your account safe.

Are you working extra hard on Twitch but still not achieving the desired views? That’s where Twitch viewer bots come in handy. A Twitch viewer bot sends many users to your account to view your streams. This makes your streams look more popular than they are.

Since people enjoy watching streams that seem popular, your streams will attract more viewers, increasing your stream count and possibly going viral. Since there are many Twitch viewer bots, choosing the best one for you can be a daunting task.

While some bots get the job done without raising any red flags, other Twitch bots aren’t good, and using them is a potential risk to your account. Here are some popular and effective Twitch viewer bots that you can use to grow your account.

1. Followersup

Followersup allows you to determine for yourself how many views your broadcasts get. That means that you can start with anything within your budget. It helps you boost your channel rankings, and its bots are optimized to use virtually without eating into your local CPU power or memory.

So, how does Followerup work o Twitch? Well, very simple. When you start a live Twitch stream, a number of fake users will join your live chat to make the channel look more natural.

To other users on the platform and the Twitch algorithm, this will be interpreted as a popular stream and hence causing more real users to join in.


  • Completely anonymous, not tracked, and banned by Twitch
  • Simple GUI settings
  • Good level of customer support
  • Great pricing

2. Sonuker

Sonuker is a social media marketing platform that works across different accounts, including Twitch. By using Sonuker, you will get the highest quality Twitch views and engagement services. They have great features to encourage people to watch your streams and follow you. You will see the results between 24-72 hours, and the view will continue increasing until you reach your target.

They also have reliable customer support ready to help you solve problems when using their platform. Since it is a customer-oriented platform, if you’re not happy with their services, you can request a refund or alternative resolution. If you need to grow your Twitch account with a reliable bot that will bring you the much-needed Twitch views, Sonuker is worth checking out.


  • 100% safe and private delivery
  • Guarantees delivery within 24-72 hours
  • Works across different platforms

3. Viewsrun

Viewsrun twitch

Viewsrun gives you more than just Twitch views. They also have followers, chatbot features, and channel view automation to boost your account’s growth. With a reliable customer support system, you can consult them 24/7 to better understand what’s best for you.

They also offer many payment options making it easier for streamers to popularize their channels without payment constraints. Take advantage of Viewsrun extensive features to grow your channel.


  • Extensive features for Twitch engagement
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • High quality and reliable Twitch viewer bot

4. Streambot

Streambot is a cheaper alternative to take your Twitch account to new heights. Their services range from live viewers chatters to followers and focus on natural-looking view bots to avoid detection. You can choose how many live viewers you want and the time interval they join your stream. This makes your stream views look more natural.

Streambot has a dashboard that allows you to choose features relevant to you. If you are concerned about the bot slowing your PC, rest assured that this bot is lightweight. Moreover, you won’t have to download and install anything on your PC before you can use Streambot.

Everything is taken care of from their end—no need to download anything or endure distractive ads with this bot. Streambot offers multiple channel support, flexible pricing, and values your privacy.


  • Cheap
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Realistic channel views
  • Special offers

5. Stream Chaos Bot

Stream Chaos Bot is a competitively priced Twitch Viewer bot that offers streamers the best value for money. The bot has a simple and intuitive user interface with an easy-to-use dashboard. You are also free to choose the desired number of viewers that you wish to have on your streams within a given time range.

Then there’s the chatbot that also makes it even easier to interact with your fake and real viewers by automatically replying to comments in the comment section.

Furthermore, using the Stream Chaos bot guarantees the safety of your Twitch account. You won’t have to worry about being banned from the platform.


  • Cheapest
  • Completely anonymous hence risk-free
  • Regular updates and unlimited usage

6. Krakenstream

Krakenstream provides a private, secure and undetectable system for their services. That ensures that your account is not in danger when using their services. You’ll get constant viewers that gradually increase during your stream.

Krakenstream delivers the exact number of viewers you ask for and nothing less. Having the best support team, you can also be sure that there is always someone to help you out whenever the need arises.

Furthermore, Krakenstream values your privacy and safely keeps all your data and information. If you are looking for a Twitch bot that cares about your privacy and still delivers the viewers you need on your Twitch streams, Krakenstream is all that you need.


  • 100% safe and undetectable
  • Guarantees high-quality, stable viewers
  • Values privacy
  • Reliable support team

7. Potibot

Potibot is a Twitch viewer bot that provides AI-supported but realistic Twitch viewers. It offers organic joins, viewer tracking, and management features, among other essential features. These features are critical in fooling Twitch algorithms into thinking that the Stream views are real.

You’ll also find many different packages, depending on your goals and budget. Potibot’s instant viewer management feature allows you to increase or reduce the number of viewers even when you are live, making your viewer count more realistic.


  • Viewers gradually join channels as organic viewers
  • You can track your viewers
  • Increase or decrease your viewers in real-time when live

8. Viewergod

Viewergod is another reliable Twitch viewer bot that provides realistic outcomes in terms of the number of views on your Twitch Streams. It works by generating fake Twitch viewers and followers to any Twitch account in an organic manner. Its viewer service program ensures that you get high-quality viewers that won’t be flagged as suspicious.

Viewergod views increase gradually but consistently in a manner that’s not detectable by Twitch’s anti-bot algorithms. Offering a gradual increase in views, making your channel growth look more realistic than ever.

Given its excellent reputation among its users, ViewerGod is a Twitch viewer bot that will legitimately get you to the partner program.


  • Guarantees instant delivery
  • 100% legit and secure
  • Realistic live viewers

9. Viewerboss

Viewerboss is an efficient and realistic bot that you can use to grow your channel. Unlike other Twitch bots that rely on proxy IP addresses, Viewerboss uses real residential IP addresses from its partner programs. That makes the viewers appear real. The bot received frequent updates to keep it working efficiently without being detected by Twitch anti-bot algorithms.

Their simple user interface and customizable dashboard ensure that you can effortlessly customize the system and navigate it with ease. Optimize your Twitch channel with viewers, followers, and chats courtesy of Viewerboss.


  • Uses real IP addresses
  • Cannot be detected by Twitch; therefore, safe to use
  • Great and easy-to-use design with powerful user settings
  • Powerful algorithms and super-fast servers

10. UseViral

UseViral is considered the most popular Twitch viewer platform. It is more of a social media growth company that will help you grow your Twitch account and your social media platforms. With UseViral, you can become popular across different platforms simultaneously.

It has an extensive network of users, ensuring that you get real Twitch followers and views. UseViral also has valuable information that you can leverage to grow your account. It offers an easy, streamlined way of growing your Twitch account.

All you’ve to do is choose the service you need from UseViral and enter the required details. Whether you have a brand news Twitch account or have been on the platform for a while but are still struggling with low content views, UseViral can help you grow your account within the shortest time possible.


  • Automatic refill
  • High-quality viewers
  • Affordable pricing
  • Can help with other platforms


Twitch Viewer Bots offer a simple and easy way to grow your account with viewers on your streams. However, it is important to note that not all bots are the same.

Some Twitch bots may cause you to be banned from the platform. Therefore, it is important to choose only reputable bots to help with your Twitch account growth.

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