Top 25 Facebook Viewers to View Profiles Without Them Knowing

Top Facebook Viewers

Are you looking forward to seeing the activities of someone on Facebook without being discovered? Facebook viewers are the tools for the job, and the below article describes some of the best Facebook viewers in the market.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms where people interact with friends, family, and acquaintances. For reasons best known to them, some users set their account to “private”. Thus, only a few people can view their profiles. Kids, too, could lock their prying parents out of their profile. So, concerned parents who are worried about what their kids are up to and want to protect them against online predators can use any of the following Facebook profile viewing apps we have curated to view their children’s profiles.

The apps view not only profiles but also everything that they are associated with, such as photos, videos, stories, text posts, messages, and so on. And whether the profile you will be viewing is private or not, the app will help you view it and everything that comes with it while concealing your identity. In other words, your victim never gets to find out. In no particular order, let’s find out about these apps and how they work.

1. xMobi

xMobi overview

xMobi is one of the best apps for viewing a Facebook profile without the owner knowing. Even if the profile is private, this app helps you view it. It views not only Facebook profiles but also Twitter profiles. One of its standout features is that you can choose which information of your target you want to use to check their profile. It gives you a real-time update every 5 minutes. This allows you to stay up to date with the Facebook activities of your target. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and takes only 10 – 15 minutes to set up. There is a demo available for you to preview.

2. uMobix

uMobix overview

uMobix is ideal for viewing all Facebook profiles. It could come in handy for parents who want to be sure that their kids are engaging in the right activity on Facebook. It also helps you avert all possible harm from Internet predators since you can see who your kids are chatting with. All these can be achieved without your target finding out. You can decide to go ahead and subscribe to their plans and begin to use them, or check out their demo to see if their features are compatible with your specifications. The app is available for Android and iOS devices but requires one-time access to your target’s mobile device to install and set up.

3. Eyezy

Eyezy overview

This feature-rich app seeks to equip parents with the necessary tools to protect their children from online dangers. This state-of-the-art monitoring app helps you monitor your child’s activities across all social platforms, including Facebook, without being detected. It has an Artificial Intelligence feature that notifies you when your child is doing something wrong so that you don’t have to monitor their activities constantly. Eyezy fortifies your family’s data with bank-grade encryption, which protects them against third-party apps or malicious intent users. You can view the demo to see the features in action and to further enlighten you on how they work before you decide if you want to use them.

4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch overview

Become a spy drone with Hoverwatch. The app, like every other app mentioned here, allows you to view what those close to you do on Facebook. It does not matter if they set their profile to private; you can still see what activities they have been involved in and their messages. You need to get access to their device, though, to download the app and set it up for use. When that is done, you can now monitor them on your user account from any browser and any device. All you need is your login details which you provided when signing up. The app has a stealth mode that keeps all your monitoring activities 100% secret.

5. Cocospy

Cocospy overview

Cocospy is another Facebook viewing app you can bank on to deliver. With this app, you can monitor your child’s Facebook activities remotely. All that is required of you is to sign up on their website. Then install the app on your target’s device following installation prompts. And start monitoring remotely. With Cocospy, you can monitor your kids’ activities on other social media platforms, such as WhatsApp and Instagram. The app is also ideal for employers who suspect insubordination in their employees. You can use it to see what your employee is up to on Facebook and be sure that they are not putting your business on the line.

6. KidsGaurdPro

KidsGaurdPro overview

As the name implies, this app helps you keep an eye on what your kids are doing on Facebook. It helps monitor their activities on not only Facebook but also other social media platforms without them knowing. You will also get to know who your kids are chatting with on messenger. Take advantage of the app’s built-in GPS or WiFi location to track your kids’ real-time location. The GeoFencing feature sends an alert when your kids exit the virtual locations you have registered. You can also monitor your child’s other social media accounts. The app operates in stealth mode, keeping you 100% anonymous.

7. Google Family Link

Google Family Link overview

This app was originally developed by Google to help parents be in control of their child’s Facebook activities. The app allows you to monitor what is going on your child’s Facebook page and regulates it where necessary. It also reveals how much time your child spends on a particular app. With this app, you can guide your child to good content and help them make good decisions. You can block apps you do not want your child to download from PlayStore. The app suggests some teacher-recommended apps that you can directly to their device. This is to ensure that your child has only apps that aid their learning and not one that pollutes their innocence.

8. Mspy

Mspy overview

mSpy is a powerhouse amongst the various tracking apps. It houses loads of features which should fit your specifications. This app, amongst several other features, helps you view people’s Facebook profiles, even if it is private, without their knowledge. The app can not only view Facebook profiles but also track the activities of your target on other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and so on. It is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. Set up takes only about 5 minutes, and the app keeps you updated every 5 minutes, so you don’t miss out on your target’s most recent activity.

9. Spyic

Spyic overview

If you are keen on wanting to know that your child is safe on Facebook, you can use Spyic to view their profile. The good news is they would never find out. It is useful, too, for employers that want to be sure that their employee is not up to something on Facebook that could dent the image of their company. All without them knowing or finding out. It, however, requires that you get your target’s phone handy for a few minutes for the setup before you begin your monitoring journey. Other app features include GPS tracking, GeoFencing, call history, and browser history tracking. The app is suitable for Android and iOS operating systems.

10. SpyBubble

SpyBubble overview

Looking for one of the best Facebook viewing apps? Look no further than SpyBubble. Not only is it suitable for viewing Facebook profiles, but also to snoop on cheating spouses you suspect are unfaithful. The app has several unique features and an amicable user interface. It also offers real-time tracking. This means that you are updated on the Facebook activity of your cheating spouse every 5 minutes. You also receive screenshots of your target’s activities from the app egret second. Android and iOS users can access the app, and its installation process is easy and fast.

11. Xnspy

Xnspy overview

Always stay ahead of the game and get a seamless monitoring experience with Xnspy. There is a lot of cyberbullying, and about 87% of young American people are victims. This is committed to helping you curtail cyberbullying our online harassment of your child by helping you monitor the Facebook activities of your child. It doesn’t leave messages out of it, as it lets you know what messages are being sent or received by your child. It also has a timestamp which lets you know when a particular message was sent or received. Xnspy is available for Android and iOS operating systems. There is a demo for you to try out before proceeding to use the app.

12. Social Detective

Social Detective overview

Social Detective was explicitly built for Facebook and Instagram. The app helps you view the list of all your followers on Facebook and Instagram. You can also view the profile of all your followers on the said platforms by clicking the Show Profile button inside the app. All you have to do is log in to your account to get started. Given that both platforms have the same owner and are interconnected, it is easy to monitor your followers on both apps. However, the app is not an official product or affiliated with Facebook and Instagram. And it is completely free for all. The app runs on Android 5.1 up to the latest Android version.

13. Spyera

Spyera overview

Spyera can be vouched for as one of the tools not to disappoint when viewing a Facebook profile without revealing your identity. It helps view your target’s Facebook activities even if the profile is private. The app is one of the best for parents who want to ensure their child is not exposed to age-rated content on Facebook and other social media platforms. It is also ideal for employers that want to be sure that their employees are abiding by their social media ethics. Spyera is undetectable and, thus, guarantees you 100% anonymity. It has a 10-day money-back guarantee. You can also track the location of your child in real-time using its GPS tracking feature.

14. PictureMate

PictureMate overview

This tool is slightly different from the rest of the apps. It is more of a Google Chrome extension than a complete third-party app. It also functions slightly differently; it helps you view the pictures a Facebook user is tagged in but no one uploaded by the user. You can also view hidden pictures by the user. One thing you can’t do is view the Facebook profile of the person. The tool is basically for photo viewing, and it is a popular Facebook photo viewer.  You do not need to be friends with the user to view the pictures they are tagged in. Its services are free forever; you do not need to commit your money to it now or later to use the tool.

15. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy overview

FlexiSpy is another excellent app that helps you view a Facebook profile without the owner finding out. The app has a built-in Facebook viewer that lets you visit and view your target’s profile surreptitiously. Be sure to stay up to date with your employee’s Facebook activities, as it is ideal for business owners too.  The app not only focuses on Facebook profile viewing but also on other activities such as monitoring installed applications, monitoring social media and instant messages, tracking device locations in real-time, and viewing media, among others. The app is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, and the installation process is hassle-free.

16. The TruthSpy

The TruthSpy overview

This app has been in the spying app market for a long time, but that does not hinder it from having contemporary features such as viewing Facebook profiles. The app lets you snoop on your child’s Facebook profile without them detecting that you did.  It is also a good recommendation for employers who are not confident about what their employees engage in on Facebook and other social media platforms. The free app gives you some of the best features of a profile viewing app. Its friendly user interface makes it easy to use.

17. MobileSpy

MobileSpy overview

MobileSpy is good for viewing your child or employee’s Facebook profile with or without their knowledge. You need access to your target’s device to install the app, after which you can begin to monitor not just their Facebook profile but also other social media accounts. By turning on notifications and icons, your child would be aware that they are being monitored and, thus, be on their toes to not go beyond their boundaries. You can also turn it off if your child monitoring requires more discretion. The app offers other services, such as SMS and call monitoring. You can monitor who your child speaks with and determine if it’s safe for them or not.

18. iKey Monitor

iKey Monitor overview

iKey Monitor earned its name from keeping records of keystrokes made by targets. It also helps you view the Facebook profile of your kids and see that they are free from cyberbullying or the claws of Internet predators. It also allows you to monitor text messages, record phone calls, monitor browser history, and track your kids’ current location. This app literary puts you in charge of not only your kid’s Facebook activities but also their overall phone usage. You can block apps you deem inappropriate, determine how much time your kid spends on their phone, and receive alerts when they breach certain security arrangements.

19. MobiStealth

MobiStealth overview

Even though this app is known for its lofty price, it still delivers and makes up for that with its features. With MobiStealth, you can view someone’s Facebook profile without their knowledge. The app does not require you to root or jailbreak your device to get it running. The app also helps you track your target’s activities on other social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat. Installation is easy and does not take much time to set up, and you can begin to monitor your target’s Facebook and other mobile activities remotely while you are 100% concealed. Other things you can monitor include SMS, calls, location of your target.

20. Spyzie

Spyzie overview

Spyzie leaves no stone unturned when it comes to giving you comprehensive Facebook profile information of someone without them knowing. It is one of the best Facebook profile-viewing apps that gives you 100% anonymity, and its world-class encryption ensures that your data is secured and safe. The app is a good bet for parents who want to know why their kids spend so much time on Facebook or other social media. They can help curtail an imminent danger that could cause damage to the family by stepping in with Spyzie to monitor their kid’s activities online. Other app features are WhatsApp, call history, browser history, and contact monitoring. The app is available for Android and iOS operating systems, and you can try out the demo before kick-starting your monitoring journey.

21. Profile Tracker

Profile Tracker overview

Profile Tracker is an app that helps you view the Facebook profile of those who follows you by providing you with a list of all your followers. You can also keep track of them with this.  The app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can get the Android app from PlayStore, and the iOS one from AppStore. The app, however, has two drawbacks: one is that it requires some investment, and two, it makes the target’s device slow to keep up. On the lighter side, the app gives specialized help through email. Also, it is effective enough to track every piece of information you want to know.

22. Spyrix

Spyrix overview

This app is a strongly recommended Facebook profile viewing app. It prides itself as the best Facebook spy app for all devices. The app provides a comprehensive on the Facebook activities of your target without them finding out. With Spyrix, you can monitor posts, view messages, restrict access to the apps, and even know what they type with the keylogger feature.  Spyrix is compatible with Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows operating systems, and it is easy to install and use.

23. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor overview

FoneMonitor is the most widely subscribed phone motoring service globally. The app helps you view the Facebook profile of your target prefect while guaranteeing you 100% anonymity. FoneMonitor offers services such as monitoring text messages, tracking phone locations, viewing the target’s contact, WhatsApp monitoring, call logs, and browser history. It has a user-friendly interface that gives you a hassle-free experience. And in case you encounter any difficulty at any point, there is 24/7 customer support service to proffer solutions for you.

24. FoneTracker

FoneTracker overview

FoneTracker is another famous app you can use to view a Facebook profile, and your identity will not be revealed. In simpler terms, your target will not know you viewed their Facebook profile.  With this app, you can see your target’s posts, friends list, people who like their posts, comments and shared posts, etc. You can also see whom they are having a conversation with by reading their messages. All without their knowledge. The app also works to monitor other social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Vibe, Telegram, Snapchat, and so on.  Do you know the most exciting part of this app? It is free.

25. FreeFoneSpy

FreeFoneSpy overview

Whether a Facebook account is private or not, FreeFoneSpy will help you view it anonymously. It has ultimate parental software control. Now parents can have rest of mind that their child is out of the reach of Internet predators and safe. To begin using, you must buy the app first, install and configure it on the target’s phone, and start tracking. Other social media this app works for include WhatsApp, Vibe, Tinder, Telegram, Snapchat, and so on. It is compatible such iOS and Android. You can view the demo to see the features in action, to help you determine if you will be going with FreeFoneSpy.


Q. Will My Children Ever Find Out I’m Monitoring Them?

99.9% of the time, your children will never know you are monitoring them. Most of the apps guarantee 100% anonymity and operate in stealth mode, which ensures that your identity will never be revealed. You should watch out for other apps, though, and be sure that they comply with demands before you use them. Finally, desist from free apps; they could be dangerous to your device. They could also reveal your identity and cause mayhem.

Q. Are These Apps Legal?

Many people have asked this question time and again. The truth is the legality of these apps solely depends on your intent (what you plan to achieve).  If your end goal is simply to keep your kids in check and ensure their online safety. Or to see what your spouse is unto on Facebook, to be clear that they are not cheating. Or to follow the Facebook activities of your employee and be sure that they are keeping things safe or have other pure intentions, you are on the right cause. Otherwise, you are fully responsible if your intentions are not healthy.

Q. Would I be breaching Facebook’s privacy policy?

Truthfully, yes. But the fact that you granted permission for the apps to use your target’s phone information in carrying out its duties during setup means, technically, you are not ‘breaching’ the privacy. Especially if your goal is to keep your child safe; in the case of malicious monitoring, when your target suspects so, they could file you for privacy breach. The consequences are yours alone to bear. In other words, we, or the app developers, will not be sharing in whatever consequences there might be. Be sure to understand the implications of your actions before venturing into them.


We have these apps to thank for making life much easier with their services. Now you can see what your child is consuming on Facebook and other social media platforms without their knowledge. One of the apps even sends you a notification when your child is engaging in a prohibited activity. This means that you do not have to always hover around your phone to know if they are playing it safe or not; the app will let you know.

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