Fansly Review: What is Fansly & is Fansly Legit?

Fansly Review

Fansly is one of the innovative ways you can earn passive income from your creativity and personality. Fansly Review: Is Fansly Legit? Click on this link to access the ultimate guide about Fansly.

Fansly is one of the latest entries into the video streaming industry. The company began operations in November 2016 and will celebrate a century in the competitive entertainment industry once it survives past 2026. The company mainly hosts photographic content but also accommodates other content creators like musicians and physical experts.

Companies similar to Fansly are popping up on the internet frequently, and it is prudent to always exercise due diligence before signing up for an account at any of the video streaming platforms. You are in the right spot if you are looking for the ultimate Fansly review: Is Fansly legit? You can read the content below to understand everything about Fansly and the company’s operations.

What is Fansly?

YouTube video

You are probably aware of what Fansly does if you are on this page. However, it does not hurt to cover the bases for anyone who isn’t familiar with Fansly. So, without further ado, let’s get deep inside Fansly and what it is all about. Fansly is a video streaming platform that mainly hosts pornographic content from creators. The video streaming platform also hosts content for other content creators, such as musicians and physical experts. The company is barely seven years old, but it recently began to attract attention from content creators as an efficient way to earn passive income.

How Does Fansly Work?

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Fansly is also considered a social media platform and shares similarities with platforms such as OnlyFans. Fansly operates on a subscription-based financial structure that enables content creators to charge users a subscription fee before viewing their content on the photo and video-sharing platform. The company charges content creators a nominal facilitation fee to keep the lights on at its base of operations. The company’s financial structure plan underscores the notion that sex sells because its users bear the most financial burden by coughing up subscription fees when they sign up for an account on Fansly.

Is Fansly Legit?

Is Fansly Legit

Fansly legitimacy is the million-dollar question for anyone seeking to sign up for a new account on the platform as a content creator. Fansly is a legitimate platform that pays content creators whenever users view their content. Reviews from content creators on the video streaming platform reaffirm that Fansly is a trusted social media platform where you can earn money by curating quality and exclusive content. You can utilize features on Fansly, like live streaming, direct payment options, and messaging services, to enhance your earnings on the platform.

How Much Does Fansly Pay?

Fansly Pay

The amount of money that Fansly pays depends on the number of subscribers on your channel and the quality of content you offer your subscribers. The total pay also depends on the frequency of your posts on the social media platform. Your payouts can range between $ 5000 to $ 700 for an average content creator with a sizable number of subscribers and posting quality content regularly.

How Much Does Fansly Charge Content Creators?

Fansly Charge Content Creators

Fansly offers a fair commission deduction to content creators. The company charges content creators on its platform a flat commission rate of 20% on all the creator’s earnings. The company also has a fair withdrawal policy for creators because you can withdraw funds once you have $ 20 or above in your account. The charges are candid if you compare them to other similar platforms such as OnlyFans.

Is Fansly Safe?

Is Fansly Safe

Fansly is a safe social media platform going by the standard security policy for websites. The payment options on Fansly are secure because it is done through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) website to guarantee encryption and animosity whenever you are making payments to the company.

Content creators on Fansly must register a new account with an ID (with a photo) to verify that they are above the age of consent (18 Years). Content creators must verify their accounts using the 2-step verification process to prevent hacks/breaches during financial transactions.

Fansly is also safe because users must affirm they are above the age of consent (18 years) before signing up for a new account. The age restriction policy aims to deter children from accessing explicit content when browsing Fansly.

Is Fansly Better Than OnlyFans?

Fansly Better Than OnlyFans

Fansly and OnlyFans share many similarities rather than differences. Both social media platforms have similar financial structures because they charge a commission rate of 20% to content creators. However, the Fansly withdrawal policy is better for newbie content creators because content creators can withdraw their funds once it reaches $ 20 and above. OnlyFans, on the flip side, has a minimum withdrawal is $ 500 for international content creators or $ 100 for content creators residing within the United States/Contiguous United States.

How Can You Register For a New Fansly Account?

The registration process for creating a new Fansly account is straightforward. You can visit the official Fansly website and follow the on-screen prompts for creating a new account. Ensure you have a valid Email address before opening a new Fansly account because it is mandatory. You may require further verification checks to become a content creator on the video streaming platform.

Why Create a New Fansly Account?

Create a New Fansly Account

Below are the advantages of opening a new Fansly account if you are a content creator.

  • Payment Policy – You can withdraw as little as $ 20 and as often as possible once payments hit your account. It takes 21 days for the money to reflect in your account after a user pays. Fansly also protects creators from unscrupulous users who retract payment after consuming your content.
  • Customer Service – Fansly has exemplary customer care because they work 24/7 to support customers and are prompt when replying to customer queries whenever they arise.


Fansly is a legitimate social media platform if you are looking to create content without excessive censorship. It is an ideal platform for newbie content creators because of its lenient payment policies. You can head to the official Fansly website and complete signing up for a new account in less than 5 minutes.

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