What Episode does Jiraiya Die in Naruto: Shippuden [133]

What episode does Jiraiya die

Jiraiya is one of the greatest ninjas and a powerful shinobi that emerged from its generation and the best ninja produced from Konoha. He is a prominent and lovable character with wide viewers fans from the popular anime and manga series “Naruto,.” He meets his demise in Episode 133 of the “Naruto Shippuden” anime, titled “The Tale of Jiraiya, the Gallant.” In this episode, Jiraiya engages in a fierce battle against the antagonist, Pain, an influential member of the Akatsuki organization.

As we all know, Jiraiya was a tough ninja, but he was killed, and we would like to know what went wrong for him to lose the fight. Was he not fully informed of the battle he was going to face? And the answer is yes; he didn’t have complete information about the enemy, and he discovered the six Pain was the god of that town he went to after interrogating a few ninjas.

When  Jiraiya encountered Pain, he was confused. He panicked since he suspected the enemy was fighting to be Yahiko or Nagato, his former students who he took them when they were young orphans and taught how to survive. He had to doubt his former students because he saw Pain possessing a Rinnegan, which Nagato had, and Pain appeared to look like Yahiko. Let’s continue to read more and discover what happened In this episode.

In what episode does Jiraiya die?

In what episode does Jiraiya die

The death of Jiraiya comes when his battle with Pain is a pivotal moment in the series, marked by intense action and emotional impact. Jiraiya, a legendary ninja and mentor to the protagonist Naruto face off against Pain, who possesses the Rinnegan, a rare and powerful dojutsu (eye technique) that grants him numerous abilities. Through these abilities, he suspects the Pain to be one of his former students, either Yahiko or Nagato.

Through the series, Jiraiya’s fighting style is characterized by his expertise in the “Senjutsu” or “Sage” mode, a powerful form of combat that allows him to tap into the natural energy of the environment and enhance his physical strength, speed, and chakra (life energy). In his fight, Jiraiya showcases his mastery of Senjutsu, which gives him an edge in battle. He can sense and react to his opponents’ movements with heightened perception and agility. Furthermore, as he struggles with Pain, who transforms into six bodies, Jiraiya kills one of the pains and discovers the person he was fighting with had fought him before. This led him to be curious to know who this Pain was and what his motive was, as he claimed his purpose was to restore peace.

However, as the fight prolongs, Pain proves to be a formidable opponent, possessing six bodies, each with different abilities, making him a challenging opponent to defeat. Pain’s abilities include controlling gravity, summoning powerful creatures, absorbing chakra, and unleashing devastating attacks. Jiraiya faces each of Pain’s bodies in a grueling battle, showcasing his incredible skill and resourcefulness. During this time of fighting, Jiraiya left arm was cut off, which made him weak and outmatched by the six Pain, and he found that one of the six Pain, called Tendo, was his former student Yahiko. So all this time, he struggled with the puzzle of the pain identity; his first thought was right about Yahiko.

Despite putting up a brave fight, Jiraiya knew very well he would die, and he had some vital information to share. He discovered he had met all six pain bodies during the fight with pain. So he requested one of his allies, Lady Shima, to leave immediately, and due to his injuries, he could not convey his information as Pain crushed his throat and could not speak. When he is about to succumb to the overwhelming power of Pain, he realizes the true identity and motives of Pain too late when he is about to die. Before succumbing to his injuries, Jiraiya remembers Naruto’s determination which motivated him to stay alive as he leaves a coded message behind the ack of Lord Fukasaku’s, which serves as a crucial plot point in the series.

Pain decides to finish Jiraiya by blasting him down into the ocean, and he dies as a happy man as he knows the motives of Pain, and he is sure Naruto is the child of prophecy. His death is a significant turning point in the Naruto series, as it profoundly impacts Naruto and his friends, motivating them to seek vengeance and stop Pain’s evil plans. Jiraiya’s death also serves as a moment of loss and sacrifice, highlighting the risks and consequences of being a ninja in the Naruto world. That was the horrific end of the legendary ninja who was selfless and fought for what was right, and many fans felt terrible for his ending in the series.

Is Jiraiya resurrected?

Is Jiraiya resurrected

In the Naruto series, Jiraiya is not resurrected after being killed at the hands of Pain. Throughout the series, there is no instance where Jiraiya’s body is brought back to life, as we have seen in other characters in the series. Those resurrected characters are brought back to life in different ways, such as the Reanimation Jutsu or using special abilities to get someone back to life.

Jiraiya, in his case his death is permanent, and his life story and legacy have a significant impact on the characters who remained, such as Naruto. Most fans remember him for his bravery, wisdom, and strength.

Who is the strongest of the three sannin?

Who is the strongest of the three sannin

In the Naruto series, Jiraiya is considered one of the legendary, along with Oruchimaru and Tsunade. These ninjas are known for their exceptional abilities and are considered the strongest ninjas of their time. To look at their strength depending on their combat skills, intelligence, and leadership, Jiraiya is the strongest of all the three Sannin.

Jiraiya was a highly skilled ninja known for his proficiency in multiple ninja arts, such as ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. Furthermore, he was a master of the ” Sage Mode,” which enabled him to tap into the natural energy around him and greatly enhanced his physical abilities and powerful techniques such as Rasengan and Summoning Jutsu.


What is the fan’s opinion according to this episode?

What is the fan's opinion according to this episode

Undoubtedly, most Anime fans react differently according to the tragic end of the legendary ninja Jiraiya who succumbed to Pain’s hands. Let’s look at some of the opinions anime fans may be interested in discussing.

In the Naruto series, most fans love Jiraiya as their best character. Their reactions toward his death is a significant and emotional event that overwhelmingly impacts other characters in the series, creating an overall plot.

Some fans may feel sadness and grief over Jiraiya’s death as they have lost their beloved mentor and father figure to Naruto. This has made the fans discuss and analyze the circumstances surrounding Jiraiya’s death, including his battle with Pain. More so, discuss the impact of his death on other characters such as Naruto and Tsunade.

Other fans have some opinions on how Jiraiya’s death was significant in catalyzing the growth of Naruto as a character, motivating him to become stronger and carry on his mentor’s will. Through Jiraiya’s life, fans have analyzed his sacrifices, legacy, and mortality portrayed in the series.

There are also some differences in opinion between fans who feel Jiraiya didn’t need to die at that stage and feel he could have survived his battle with Pain. Some fans feel like they could be another way where Jiraiya could have prevented his death, while others see it as his moment to die so that the story plot of the series could progress the story.

In my opinion, I do think Jiraiya’s death brought a range of emotions and discussion among anime fans, which has got a common topic where there is engagement within the anime community where most fan share and contribute to the conversation.

Another opinion about the series, especially in this episode of Jiraiya, is that the art and animation are stunning. Many fans enjoy animation techniques, art style, and visual aesthetics through their favorite characters.

I can also add how the series have used power scaling and abilities among the anime series characters with unique abilities, powers, or fighting techniques. As you watch more of these characters, you will be able to know and compare the strengths and weaknesses of different characters presented in the series.

Additionally, the themes and symbolism used in the series often convey deeper themes and symbolism that can assist us as fans in analyzing and interpreting what is happening. These themes and symbols allowed the fans to discuss how hidden meanings and concepts presented in the series relate to the characters and the plot.

Finally, I can never forget an exciting part that urges viewers to watch more: the music and soundtrack that plays along with the story. These soundtracks and music are memorable in that whenever you listen to them. You will automatically have a good atmosphere and emotional impact on the story.


In this episode, we have seen how Jiraiya’s battle with Pain is a crucial and tragic event in the Naruto series. Despite his complex skills and prowess, Jiraiya is ultimately defeated by Pain’s overwhelming power. His death leaves a lasting impact on the story and the characters, further propelling the narrative and setting the stage for future events in the series, such as the rising of Naruto, who will seek vengeance for his mentor Jiraiya.


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