List Of 15 Most Hottest Kakegurui Female Characters

kakegurui characters female

Hyakkaou Private Academy is a school with a hierarchy system that can’t be chosen by random individuals. It can only be done by students’ gambling strength!

The main character is a girl named Yumeko Jabami, a 2nd-year transfer student who arrived at Hyakkaou Academy. Those who win their gambles can abuse their money and authority, and those who lose their matches end up in debt and get punished in horrific ways.

Yumeko realizes the unordinary school system and, surprisingly, she finds it completely thrilling. In this article, we will talk about the most popular characters in this series.

1. Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami

The main character of the series. Yumeko is a young girl and a transfer student who is pretty good at gambling! She becomes extremely fired up by the thrill of risking it all.

Yumeko has long-straight black hair and dark brown eyes that light up all red when she gets intense. Yumeko has a unique trait that allows her to befriend others around with ease, even those who disliked her ended up forming a relationship and a bond with her.

2. Kirari Momobami

Kirari Momobami

A major antagonist and the mastermind behind the current system in Hyakkaou Private Academy. Kirari may appear like a proper, gentle lady from the outside, but in reality, she is a complete psychopath. She is known to be very manipulative and cunning. She makes everything and everyone seem unimportant beside herself.

Kirari has gray hair that is put in two knotted rings. Her eyes are blue, and she matches their color with the lipsticks and the nail paint she uses. Kirari is considered a very attractive figure.

3. Runa Yomozuki

Runa Yomozuki

Runa is one of the characters that stand out in a crowd. Unlike the school’s usual uniform, Runa can be found wearing something completely different. As a starter, Runa is a member of the student council and the leader of the election committee.

She looks younger than all other students, especially due to her eager personality. Runa has platinum blonde hair and purple eyes. Her outfit is a rabbit Kigurumi over her Academy uniform. Runa can often be seen playing video games as a hobby.

4. Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome

Mary is the first student in the Academy to challenge Yumeko and lose the gamble. Mary has long blonde hair put into two ponytails, tired by a black ribbon. Her eyes are dark-yellow, which naturally matches her hair. In the beginning, Mary was presented as a sadistic girl, and that can be seen by the way she treated Ryota.

Mary loves to mock her opponent when the match is on her side. However, after Mary lost and became a “pet”, she stopped being the cruel, sadistic girl she was before.

5. Midari Ikishima

Midari Ikishima

Midari is a member of the student council and the president of the Beautification Council. Unlike other students, Midari doesn’t gamble for the sake of money or authority, but she does it for the risk and pain. Midari has a twisted personality, especially after gouging her eyes out with a pin.

The pain is the driving force that made her fall in love with gambling. Midari has black hair that goes down just a bit above her shoulders. Her left eye is covered with an eye mask. She also has piercings under her mouth.

6. Yumemi Yumemite

Yumemi Yumemite

Yumemi is a young girl who is the Student Council Head of Public Relations and a part-time Idol whose dream has always been to become a famous actress. Yumemi has light skin and long pinkish hair styled into two ponytails.

Her eyes are blue, but her pupils are shaped like a star, along with her dream of being a star. Despite her appearance as a super sweet girl, she is sadistic and egotistic.

7. Ryota Suzui


Ryota Suzui kakegurui

Ryota is the first male character to become friends with Yumeko, the main character of the series, making him one of the protagonists. Before Yumeko’s arrival, he was a house pet for Mary, who used to abuse her authority over him. However, Yumeko paid his debt and released him from that status.

Ryota is a tall boy with messy brown hair and brown eyes. And although the school system is quite unethical, Ryota remained a friendly person and a kind one.

8. Erimi Mushibami

Erimi Mushibami

Erimi is first viewed as a cute small girl, considering how everyone around her looks more mature and bigger. Her eyes stand out for being different in color. Her right eye is dark pink, and her left eye is blue. Her hair is also long and styled into two pigtails.

Her outfit is also a black dress and is different from the usual academy uniform. Erimi can always be found holding a plushie with her. Though she seeks to be acknowledged by everyone, she attempts to take the opportunity of being underestimated to win her gambles.

9. Ririka Momobami

Ririka Momobami

A supporting character and Kirari’s identical twin. Ririka’s face can rarely be seen as she is more known for the mask she covers her face behind. A white and black mask that brings nothing but vocal distortion. But behind that, she has long platinum hair, pink lips, and light blue eyes.

Ririka is a quiet person who acts as a bystander rather than participating in events. She can often be seen with Kirari, however, following her steps as a sister. Ririka is socially awkward and shy without her mask. And unlike her sister, Ririka doesn’t seem to be a cold and cruel person.

10. Itsuki Sumeragi

Itsuki Sumeragi

Itsuki is a supporting character in the series. Her appearance is detailed with her caramel brown hair, blue eyes, and pink nails. Like most characters in the series, Itsuki has a sadistic side where she collects other people’s nails. She is proud of it and can be seen eager to win many gambles to get either their money or their nails.

Itsuki has no shame in cheating as long as she can win the match. Itsuki received great character development when she learned that money and power aren’t the only things in the world to become happy.

11. Sumika Warakubami

Sumika Warakubami

A member of the hundred devouring families who arrived to dethrone Kirari. Sumika is also the most successful Japanese actress in Hollywood. Sumika has black hair and purple eyes. She covers her mouth with a hospital mask while she stands as a dark figure in many rooms.

In her disguise, Sumika doesn’t speak much but tries to observe others instead. But when she revealed herself, she was seen as a confident person and a great singer. Sumika never cheats in her gambling, making her one of the fairest gamblers in the show.

12. Kaede Manyuda

Kaede Manyuda

Almost all antagonists and protagonists in the series were females. This gives our Kaede a bit of spotlight to shine on. Kaede has black hair and dark eyes, paired with black-framed glasses. After his defeat against Yumeko, however, his hair turned white due to the trauma.

Kaeda is a smart opponent that can easily predict the actions of others. However, he is extremely insecure about losing and thrown away from his high position, which happens after his loss.

13. Sayaka Igarashi

Sayaka Igarashi

A supporting character in Kakegurui, Sayaka, is the Secretary of the current Student Council President, Kirari Momobami. Sayaka has dark-violet hair that is styled into a long ponytail. Her eyes are dark violet as well. Although she holds such a high position, Sayaka hates gambling.

But her attachment and attraction to Kirari never seems to stop fascinating her. It is worth mentioning that she is a very smart girl, driven by logic. Sayaka however does have a cruel part like the rest of the council.

14. Rei Batsubami

Rei Batsubami

A major antagonist in the series. Rei is a member, or at least used to be, of the hundred devouring families. Rei arrived at the academy to act as a servant for the hundred devouring members. Rei has short brown hair that covers the side of her face.

As well as empty brown eyes. Her uniform and outfit make her appear like a butler, which is appropriate to her role. She also wears glasses. Rei is a sympathetic person.

15. Ibara Obami

Kakegurui Ibara Obami

Ibara Obami is a member of the Hundred Devouring Familie. Though Obamis are infamous for being deceptive to deprive people of money, Ibara isn’t a good one. Ibara is a muscular guy with messy dyed pink hair.

He wears his academy uniform with the shirts unbuttoned and his pants lifted up beneath his knees. Ibara is a confident guy who’s upfront most of the time. He often acts goofy and funny as he doesn’t take lots of things seriously as other characters do.

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