4 Hottest Blue Lock Female Characters of All Time

Blue Lock Female Characters

Blue Lock, a captivating Japanese manga series, takes readers on an exciting journey into the world of soccer. While the story revolves around male characters striving to become Japan’s next soccer superstar, it also introduces a vibrant cast of female characters who play supportive roles in the narrative. These female characters bring depth and diversity to the manga, showcasing their soccer skills, determination, and unique personalities.

In this article, we will explore the female characters of Blue Lock, shedding light on their significance in the storyline, the bonds they form with the male protagonists, and how they challenge stereotypes and conventions in soccer. From talented players to mentors and supporters, these women are not mere spectators; they actively contribute to the growth and development of the male characters, making Blue Lock a prosperous and inclusive sports manga that appeals to a broad audience.

Join us as we delve into the engaging world of Blue Lock’s female characters and discover how they add depth and intrigue to this thrilling soccer tale.

1. Anri Teieri

Anri Teieri

Japanese Name帝襟 アンリ
Age22 years
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Manga AppearanceChapter 1
Japanese Voiced byEri Yukimura
English Voiced byKasi Hollowell

Anri Teieri is a petite young woman in the manga Blue Lock. She has neck-length brown hair, two braids at the back, square bangs on the left, and chocolate-brown eyes. Anri typically dresses in a secretary-like outfit but occasionally appears in more revealing attire that emphasizes her physique.

She is passionate about soccer and stands out as one of the few female characters who can compete with the male characters on an equal footing. Initially, Anri is introduced as a participant in the Blue Lock training program, where her soccer skills quickly gain recognition. She is placed on the same team as the protagonist, Yoichi Isagi. Anri’s specialty lies in her striking abilities; she is known for her powerful shots and knack for scoring goals from anywhere on the field. Furthermore, she is a strong leader who often motivates her teammates.

Anri’s character is multi-faceted. While deeply passionate about soccer, she is acutely aware of the challenges faced as a female player in a predominantly male sport. Yet, she is determined to prove her worth and demonstrate her ability to compete with the best. Anri plays a significant role in the Blue Lock story. She acts as a mentor and friend to Yoichi Isagi, assisting him in honing his skills as a striker. Through her character development, she learns to surmount the hurdles posed by being a female player in a male-dominated sport, emerging as a stronger and more confident individual.

Anri’s presence in the series enriches it by making it more inclusive and diverse. Her traits include being a talented soccer player with a penchant for scoring goals, a confident and determined spirit, a strong leader, and a character who undergoes significant development throughout the storyline.

2. Yu Bachira

Yu Bachira

Japanese Name蜂楽 優
Age37 years
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown/Yellow
Manga AppearanceChapter 70
Japanese Voiced byYuko Kaida
English Voiced byJennifer Green

Yu Bachira is depicted as a middle-aged woman who shares facial characteristics with her son, standing at an average height for her age, with short black hair and light eyes. Yu Bachira is a character in the Japanese sports manga series Blue Lock. She is the mother of Meguru Bachira, one of the main protagonists of the series. Yu plays a mysterious and enigmatic role in the story, fully revealing her significance.

Throughout the series, Yu Bachira profoundly impacts her son, Meguru. She provides unwavering support and encouragement to Meguru, particularly during sadness or depression. Her influence on him is crucial in helping him unlock his hidden potential as a soccer player.

Even when Meguru struggles to find someone to play with, his mother’s support bolsters his confidence and determination to continue playing soccer. This underscores her kind and supportive nature and her deep understanding of her son’s passion for the sport.

In addition to her role as a supportive mother, Yu Bachira is a professional artist. Her artistic background enables her to comprehend and empathize with Meguru’s emotions regarding soccer.

3. Iyo Isagi

Iyo Isagi Blue Lock Female Characters

Japanese Name
Age43 years
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Manga AppearanceChapter 1
Japanese Voiced byMai Nakahara

Iyo Isagi is a middle-aged woman with light brown hair, black eyes, and prominent wrinkles. She often ties her hair into a low bun and is typically seen wearing a white turtleneck. Her personality is characterized by her kindness and strong support for her son’s dream of becoming a soccer player. Iyo maintains a close and loving relationship with her son, Yoichi Isagi, which is evident in the unwavering encouragement and support she provides. Alongside her husband, she has been a pillar of support for Yoichi throughout his journey in pursuing soccer.

Iyo understands her son’s dreams and deep passion for soccer, enabling her to continue offering her unwavering support. She takes pride in watching Yoichi play, exemplified when he competes against the U-20 Japan team. Iyo Isagi’s character embodies a kind-hearted and supportive mother who plays a crucial role in her son’s pursuit of his soccer dreams.

4. Hyoma’s Sister

Hyoma’s Sister

RelativeSister to Hyoma Chigiri
Hair ColorRed/Pink
Eye ColorPink
Manga AppearanceChapter 122

Hyoma’s sister is a side character in the manga/anime series Blue Lock. She is a young woman with reddish-pink hair and deep pink eyes, resembling her younger brother, Hyoma. Her first appearance is during the U-20 vs Blue Lock match, where she is seen wearing a large white scarf, a purse, a white jacket, and a small ring on her pinky.

Hyoma’s sister is a character who adds depth to the story and highlights the familial bonds and affection within the Blue Lock series. Her personality is portrayed as cheerful and sweet. She enthusiastically greets Hyoma during the U-20 vs Blue Lock match, reflecting her warm and caring nature. Additionally, she is known for dressing up as Santa and gifting Hyoma every year, showcasing her thoughtfulness and affection. Notably, she has a caring side, as demonstrated by her actions, like providing Hyoma a place to stay during a break and helping him with his hair, especially during their time in Kagoshima.


The female characters in Blue Lock significantly enrich the story’s narrative and character dynamics. Despite the series primarily focusing on male soccer players, these women bring diversity, depth, and distinct personalities to the manga.

From supportive mothers like Iyo Isagi to enigmatic figures like Hyoma’s sister and mentor-like characters like Anri, these women contribute to the emotional and motivational aspects of the storyline. They inspire and guide the male protagonists on their journeys to becoming soccer superstars, demonstrating the importance of encouragement and understanding in pursuing one’s dreams.

While their appearances and roles may vary, the female characters of Blue Lock collectively contribute to a more inclusive and well-rounded narrative. They emphasize the significance of familial support, mentorship, and diverse perspectives in sports, making Blue Lock an engaging and multi-dimensional manga series for a broad audience.

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