Top 17 Anime Girls With Bangs Hairstyle

Anime Girls With Bangs

The Anime series has several beautiful anime girl characters with eye-catching bangs in different styles and lengths. Discover most of them from different anime series and explore their personalities and unique hairstyles, bangs that add to their charm and appeal.

Bangs are strands of hair that are shaped to cover one’s forehead in different shapes and lengths. This beautiful hairstyle has become a mandatory style for most anime characters as it is eye-appealing, and its simplicity is on a higher level. Whether with different hair colors, these anime girls showcase their beautiful bangs, also known as fringes, in different styles, either short, long, or slightly shaped sideways. Bangs may also signify one’s adventurous and daring style or even personality.

Our list in this article digs in on some anime girl characters with amazing and beautiful hair bangs. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Artoria Pendragon

Artoria Pendragon

  • Age-35years
  • Birthday-unknown
  • Height-154cm
  • Weight-42kg
  • Voice actors- Ayako Kawasumi[Japanese]

Artoria Pendragon, also known as Saber from the anime series ‘Fate Stay/Night,’ is a young lady with quite a slender physique and a bit more muscular than some characters. She has green eyes and blonde hair with a touch of gold dust, making her super beautiful. Her neatly kempt short bangs covering her forehead complement her fierce determination and courage as a noble swordsman.

Artoria is a courageous and determined lady who is bound to follow her morals, believes in loyalty and respect, and is self-conscious about her body.

2. Mie Misaki

Mie Misaki

  • Age-15
  • Birthday-04 April
  • Height-152cm
  • Weight-
  • Voice actors-Natsumi Takamori[Japanese] Monica Rial[English]

In the series ‘Another,’ Misaki is the smallest in her class with black hair and quite pale skin. With unmatching eyes, after her left eye became prosthetic,  her mother gifted her with a glass eye after losing her eye. Mei has been rendered null to any other trauma after her cousin’s death, which she later discovered was her twin sister.

With her beautiful black hair, her bangs add to her contemplative and haunting aura, and her bangs also aid in hiding her prosthetic eye as she is insecure about it. Mei is a kind and selfless girl, as portrayed in the series.

3. Sagiri Izumi

Eru Chitanda

  • Age-12-13
  • Birthday-December 10
  • Height-139cm
  • Weight-46kg
  • Voice actor-Akane Fujita[Japanese]

As displayed in the Eromanga series, Sagiri is a cute young girl with porcelain skin with big blue eyes. Sagiri has pretty long hair, which she always ties with two pink ribbons at each side of her face. She is portrayed as a young girl who is mostly quiet and doesn’t get along with people.

She is so quiet that she uses a speaker to be heard and also tends to hide her face when she is on a webcam drawing live. Sagiri is a neat person and is also quick to anger and jealousy. Her beautiful short silver bangs portray more of her innocent and cute little face.

4. Rin Tohsaka

Rin Tohsaka

  • Age-17
  • Birthday-February 3rd
  • Height-124cm
  • Weight-
  • Voice actor-Kuna Ueda [Japanese]

As portrayed in the Fate universe series, Rin is a stingy, loud, intelligent, and bossy character but a very competitive and resourceful individual in society. Rin describes herself as not having a very cute personality but a very hardworking young lady as she does not believe in relying on the property from previous generations.

Though Rin is described as a serious character, she is undeniably beautiful with long black hair, which she styles in twin tails at the sides of her face. She is also known for her unique hair bangs, which portray her graceful and confident personality.

5. Eru Chitanda

Eru Chitanda

  • Age-16
  • Birthday-
  • Height-160cm
  • Weight-
  • Voice actor-Satomi Sato[Japanese]

In the anime series Hyouka, Eru is described as cheerful, polite, and well-mannered. Eru being among the top students in her school, has a good memory and is also very intelligent though she can be easily distracted.

She is always at peace once she solves all the mysteries surrounding her and leaves an impressive impression on the people around her. As a beautiful young girl, Eru has mid-back black hair styling in ponytails. She has short bangs covering her forehead and eyebrows, portraying her gentle and charming nature.

6. Zero Two

Zero Two

  • Age-16
  • Birthday-
  • Height-156cm
  • Weight-
  • Voice actor-Haruka Tomatsu

From Darling in the Franxx anime series, Zero is the main actress who does not have regard for life, not even her own, as she kills her co-pilots. Her cold character is due to people treating her as a monster from childhood because of her klaxosaur blood, thus becoming aggressive or defensive whenever people try to interact with her.

She has a fair complexion, a slender and athletic figure, and is described as the tallest girl in her squad. She has long pink hair that touches her waist, with red horns on her head and bangs covering her forehead. Her bangs portray her enigmatic and complex character.

7. Yumeko Jabani


Yumeko Jabani

  • Age-17 years
  • Birthday-
  • Height-166cm
  • Weight-
  • Voice actor-Saori Hayami[Japanese]

In the Kakagurui series, Yumeko is portrayed as addicted to gambling. She also likes drawing attention from the people around her and even does so on her first day at school. Yumeko is very cheerful and open-handed, but she is also ruthless and sees cheating as the perfect way to make things more interesting.

Aside from that, she is unbeatably beautiful with a curvy figure, resembling her late mother. Her long black hair is styled in a hime-cut with short bangs covering her forehead, her bangs portraying her charismatic and upbeat character.

8. Mio Akiyama

Mio Akiyama

  • Age-15-18
  • Birthday-1992, January 15th
  • Height-160cm
  • Weight-54kg
  • Voice actor-Yoko Hikasa [Japanese] Cristina Valenzuela[English]

Mio is among the main characters in the K-on anime and is very soft-spoken, intelligent, and well-reserved. She gets good grades and is among the top students in her class, a backup vocalist for a club in the school. She is not so outgoing as she struggles to interact with strangers, with only a few friends at her school and music club.

Despite being shy and easily scared by the slightest things, she is the cutest and tallest in her group, with long black hair and front bangs. Her short bangs describe her more on her bashful and insecure personality.

9. Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga

  • Age-16years
  • Birthday-December 27th
  • Height-163cm
  • Weight-45kg
  • Voice actor-Nana Mizuki[Japanese] Stephanie sheh[English]

Hinata is portrayed as a polite and soft-spoken character who gains little faith in her opinions and herself due to how her father treats her. Having a difficult childhood, Hinata meets Naruto and admires his courage to prove to the world that he can accomplish anything, unlike her, who lost faith in herself since both grew up without their parents’ love and attention. Naruto remains her primary motivation, and she will face any pain to protect him.

With her slender, fair complexion and featureless white eyes, Hinata has bangs that cover her forehead completely. Her bangs are not a sign of beauty but are a sign of failure since, in the Japanese tradition, people who disappoint their families cut their hair short to show that one is a failure.

10. Gokou Ruri

Gokou Ruri

  • Age-15-16years
  • Birthday-1996,April 20th
  • Height-155cm
  • Weight-43kg
  • Voice actor-Kana Hanazawa[Japanese]

With the duty of caring for her younger siblings, as her parents are rarely around, she temporarily has to quit her studies. She becomes insecure and rarely talks with strangers, but when she returns to school, she makes new friends. Though she can be cold to people sometimes, she can also be a sweet character depending on how she is approached.

She cares for her younger ones, is dependable, and is skilled in sewing. Riri has long black hair with neatly styled bangs covering her forehead, with her pangs describing her otaku persona.

11. Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise

  • Age-18years
  • Birthday-1992,July 25th
  • Height-160cm
  • Weight-45kg
  • Voice actors-Asami Imai[Japanese] Trina Nishimura[English]

The ever-serious character is said to be a very mature young woman who is always calm even when approached badly but will get timid if she sometimes feels annoyed. With her excellent performance at school and her love for science, she is hired as a researcher and also writes a time-travel thesis which she is to publish with her father.

The slender and tall young lady has hair in different colors, mahogany or auburn, designed to resemble her chestnut pangs, that entirely cover her forehead and eyebrows. Her beautifully shaped pangs speak more about her calm and sarcastic personality.

12. C.C


  • Age-16years
  • Birthday-
  • Height-168cm
  • Weight-
  • Voice actors-Yukana[Japanese] Kate Higgins[English]

Anime fans mostly love CC, and she is among the top main characters of Code Geass, with so much high standards. She claims she hates stubbornness though she is also stubborn. CC is said to be selfish and likes solving her matters by herself because she is so secretive.

CC believes life requires focus and purpose for it to be called life. CC is also confident and calm, and she seems to be a special person because she is immortal. CC is a fair-skinned girl with golden eyes and waist-length light green hair. She has bangs covering her head, which portray her charming and confident personality.

13. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

  • Age-varies
  • Birthday- September 25th
  • Height-161cm
  • Weight-
  • Voice actor- Yiu Ishikawa [Japanese] Erika Harlacher [English]

Violet is seen as a character who does not understand human feelings as she was raised as a tool [weapon] and not a human being, and she was taught to kill without feeling remorseful. She only understood the word kill; one would mistake her for an emotionless or pathetic person. Though expressionless and has a doll attitude, Violet is calm and firm despite people saying ill things about her.

Violet is a beautiful young lady with a doll-like face, fair skin, and medium height. Her blonde hair is hip-length with bangs that are divided into 3parts. One fringe falls in the middle of her face while the other two bangs are portioned to end on her shoulders. Her bangs give more of her doll-like appearance and calm attitude.

14. Asuna Yuuki

Asuna Yuuki

  • Age-18years
  • Birthday-2007, September 30th
  • Height-
  • Weight-
  • Voice actor-Tomatsu Haruka [Japanese] Cherami Leigh [English]

Asuna is a very kind lady and willing to help those around her when in trouble. Though Asuna is a kind woman, she will not think twice about getting physical with the people who make fun of her or disrespect her authority.

She controls her emotions and would do anything for those who matter to her, as she cannot withstand seeing them die. With her orange-brownish chestnut hair, Hazel has only a short portioned bang that only covers the middle part of her forehead.

15. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock

  • Age-29
  • Birthday- September 2nd
  • Height- 191cm
  • Weight-
  • Voice actors- Kotono Mitsuishi [Japanese] and Lydia Mackay[English]

Hancock is a powerful and skilled warrior known for her hand-to-hand fight, powered by her devil fruit powers. She is so powerful that she can easily break stones with extremely powerful kicks and is also considered arrogant. Hancock is a true definition of beauty; many consider her the most beautiful woman in the world.

She has a beautiful curvy body and is the tallest among the others. With her hip-length black hair and bangs that are styled in locks and cover the sides of her face down to her chin and pale skin, one would mistake her for a beauty goddess. Despite the beauty, her side bangs portray more of her arrogant and powerful personality.

16. Nico Robin

Nico Robin

  • Age- 28years
  • Birthday- February 6th
  • Height- 188cm
  • Weight-
  • Voice actor- Japanese [Anzu Nagai, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Yuko Kobayashi] English [Natasha Malinsky, Veronica Taylor, Jad Saxton, Stephanie Young]

Nico is a skilled archaeologist with a wide knowledge of history and culture and the only person who can read the Poneglyph language on tablets. She believes in using violence to solve issues or when she wants to rescue her crew or herself. She can reproduce herself or spread her body parts because of her devil fruit, “Hana Hana no mi,” and she has no superhuman abilities.

Robin has a tall and slender appearance, with beautiful black shoulder-length black hair and pretty long legs but is quite shorter than Boa Hancock. Her bangs are quite different from other anime girls, with only two thin strands at the sides of her face, running down to her shoulders. Her bangs say more about her uniqueness, as she possesses abilities that others do not have.

17. Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri

  • Age- 16years
  • Birthday- May 19th
  • Height- 156cm
  • Weight- 46kg
  • Voice actors- Reina Ueda [Japanese] and Brianna Knickerbocker [English]

Kanao is referred to as the most mysterious character in the series and the most silent. After seeing what the demons did to her loved ones, she is only committed to destroying demons. Kanao, at first, shows no signs of emotions, but with time, she can make her own decisions and speak her mind. She has so much love and cares for her family that she revenges for her sister’s death and has also gained too much strength through the harsh training she underwent.

A short girl with so much potential, she has shoulder-length black hair with a straight bang covering her forehead fully and two loose bangs at the sides of her face that are curved down through her ears, with her bangs portraying her sarcastic and calm persona.


Bangs can be either good or bad, depending on how one styles them. With these anime girls, bangs are a perfect choice as they enhance their beauty and speak more about their personalities and adventurous style. Whether with short or long hair, the bangs look good on them, and they also make it easy for one to remember a particular character with their unique hairstyle. Hopefully, this list will be of great help to you.

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