30 Blue Haired Anime Girls That Catch Your Eyes

Blue Haired Anime Girls

The story of the anime girls have existed in Japanese legends and myths for generations. However, since the start of the 19th century, the fame of Blue haired anime girls spread far and wide- far beyond Japan, even as far as the Western World. This is the story of Blue Haired Anime Girls.

1. Rem


Rem dressed in a maid costume has pink lips and short neck-length blue hair. It makes people feel very gentle and cute. Apart from his beloved sister, he hardly smiles at anyone but always selflessly dedicates her love. It may be why she is so popular.

2. Rei Ayanami Rei Ayanami

She has blue hair and eyes, though their colors vary between versions. She wears a school uniform with long sleeves covering her hands; when she first appears in episode 1, her hair reaches down to her lower back, but it grows to shoulder length within a few episodes. As a child, she had short hair which was slightly longer than shoulder length but still kept it tied up in pigtails.

3. Bulma Bulma

She is an intelligent, confident young woman who has a knack for inventing and building mechanical devices, such as the Dragon Radar or her hovercar, the Pink Panther. She is strikingly beautiful and quite fashionable for a girl of her age.

4. Ami Mizuno Ami Mizuno

Ami is intelligent and sporty but also calm and cool. She is also very mature for her age. Her hair is short and straightforward, but it looks nice. Her blue eyes look a little sad, but she still has a mysterious look on her face.

5. Medaka Kurokami Medaka Kurokami

Medaka has long waist-length blue hair matched with a blue skirt and socks. She spends most of her free time helping others or doing other good deeds. Medaka is ruthless when dealing with problems or people she considers evil; however, she is benevolent and helpful towards innocent people or those who have good reasons for doing what they did.

6. Wendy Marvell Wendy Marvell

Wendy Marvell has dark blue long hair with two bangs hanging up her chest and was born with the natural ability to manipulate air.

7. Juvia Lockser Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser is a young woman of average height with pale skin and long, wavy, dark blue hair that reaches down to her chest with some portions being tied up in a ponytail while other parts cascade down behind her back; a few strands of it frame her face on each side. Juvia’s hair has short fringes at her forehead, sides, and longer ones at the back that reach down to her waist. The colour of her eyes differs greatly between the bright light blue and dark indigo.

8. Ika Musume Ika Musume

Ika Musume is an adorable squid girl who’s been living under the sea. She gets hit by a ship, splashes up onto land, and gets mistaken for a human one day.

9. YoshinoHimekawa Yoshino Himekawa

She is a young girl with long curly blue hair and green eyes. Yoshino is a genius who likes to play games with her older brother, Sora. She has a very childish side to her personality, as she loves to play with toys and read children’s stories.

10. Vivi Nefertari Vivi Nefertari

Nefertari Vivi is a fictional character from One Piece’s manga and anime series. Vivi is the princess of the country Alabasta and has long, wavy hair, which is in a ponytail. Also, her brown eyes and slender body, allowing her to wear anything.

11. Nymph Nymph

She is a beautiful and powerful being who has no feelings or emotions. She is also known as “The Goddess of Emotions”.”Her hair is long and tied in twin-tailed ponies.

12Erio Touwa Erio Touwa

Eri has big eyes, a small nose, and a tiny mouth, making her look pretty. And to emphasize her cuteness, even more, she has blue hair color. It makes her stand out, and it gives her an even more distinctive appeal than the already huge one they already possess.

13. Yuuki Asuna Yuuki Asuna

Yuuki Asuna is a bit of a ditz and is sometimes quite clueless, but she is also very friendly, cheerful, and kind. She has an extremely positive outlook on life and can always see the bright side of things. Yuuki’s attitude could be described as “the glass half full.” She never dwells on the negative and always tries to make things better.

14. Esdeath Esdeath

Esdeath is a tall, curvaceous woman with long, blue hair, which she keeps in a high ponytail that reaches down to her lower back. Her eyes are red with black pupils, and she has thick, dark eyelashes. She wears an attire resembling the general’s.

15. Squid girl Squid girl

Squid is also called Ika Musume, as described earlier.

16. Botan Botan

Her hair, for example, is a very natural blue color, and she wears it in a very modern asymmetrical cut. Unlike most other female characters from that time, who typically had bright colored hair, Botan’s hair was an intense blue that brought out her eyes almost as much as her purple jewellery.

17. Konan Naruto Konan Naruto

Konan’s appearance consists of pale skin, blue hair, and two curved horns resembling nail polish brushes or paintbrushes. In colour illustrations, her eyes are different colors. Her left eye is blue, while her right eye is covered with a red band that resembles a blindfold.

18. Eri Erio Touwa

Eri is a young girl with bluish unkempt hair, making her messy. She has big red eyes with a horn that grows larger if the quirk is activated.

19. Kannazuki Arin

Kannazuki is a petite woman with short blue-grey hair and a horn. She appears in a school uniform: a white shirt with a mini-skirt and a dark blue blazer. She is seen as emotionless.

20. Touka Kirishima Touka Kirishima

She could be described as an ice queen, but given her fondness for people who earn her respect (such as Kaneki), it’s safe to say she’s not completely devoid of emotions. And while she doesn’t have a problem with killing humans, she seems to have some code of conduct when it comes to ghouls.

21. Fumino Furuhashi Fumino Furuhashi

Fumino is tall and a bit slender. She has blue hair and brown eyes. She wears her hair differently, sometimes in a single tail and a twin-tailed pony.

22. Nayuki Minase Nayuki Minase

The first thing you’ll notice about Nayuki Minase is her hair. It’s not just blue; it’s a shade of blue you can’t describe, one that only exists in the anime world. But there’s much more to her than that. Bold, energetic, and a bit airheaded, Nayuki is your friendly neighborhood shrine maiden.

23. Mio Nishizono Mio Nishizono

I like her blue hair and her long ponytail, she looks tough because of this, but she is very shy and quiet. She is the protagonist of the Little Busters.

24. Raynesia (Princess Lenessia) Raynesia

She is a princess of a small kingdom, and she is a powerful sorceress. Raynesia has blue eyes, and her blue hair is styled in long twin-tails, with her bangs hanging to the sides. Raynesia wears a pink and white pleated dress that reaches down to her knees. She also wears thigh-high socks and high heels.

25. Sayaka Miki Sayaka Miki

Sayaka Miki is the best blue short-haired anime girl ever. Her hair is just so pretty, and her outfit is so cool, a school uniform of a cream long-sleeve shirt with brown shoes. She is one of the main characters in Puella Magi.

26. Saya Sasamiya Saya Sasamiyab

She is a young girl who appears to be about ten years old but has already lived for more than 100 years. She has shoulder-length blue hair with an ahoge that is also blue and reaches to her feet. She also has red eyes and a small mole under her left eye.

27. Umi Ryuuzaki Umi Ryuuzaki

She is tall. Her hair is silver blue with some bangs hanging on her forehead. Her blue eyes make her be the most beautiful anime girl.

28. Konata Izumi Konata Izumi

Konata Izumi is a character from the Japanese animated series Lucky Star. Izumi’s hair was purple, a ditzy, childish, and energetic girl. Still, her hair was changed to blue due to concerns that the original color would be too similar to other characters from other anime (namely Relena Peace craft from Gundam Wing).

29. Kaname Chidori Kaname Chidori

Her personality is unique, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind. She’s very intelligent and beautiful, that’s why she’s such a popular character in the series. She has blue hair tied with a red ribbon and brown eyes.

30. Kurumu Kurono Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu has ocean blue hair, blue eyes, pale skin, large fangs, and black clothing affinity. Her signature hairstyle is four drills that point upwards when not in use and may also retract into her head when she uses her powers.


And as we’ve seen, the blue-haired anime girl is a thing, and it has been for a good while. Artistic styles come and go, but there seems to be something timeless about this particular character design that makes it an appealing staple of anime.

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