Demon Slayer Lower Moon 1 [Enmu] and Powers Explained!

Lower moon 1

Fans of the Mugen Train Arc are familiar with Enmu and his abilities.

Enmu was the sole survivor of Muzan’s massacre of the lower moon demons.

“Kill the demon slayer wearing the hanafuda earrings,” said the demon king Muzan, who spared Tanjiro and fed Enmu his blood.

Enmu’s blood demon art manipulates people’s dreams, crushing their desire to fight.

His blood demon art also permits him to hypnotize individuals and enter and control their dreams. One ofEnmu’s favorite, as shown in the Mugen Train arc, enters people’s dreams and destroys their spiritual essence.



Enmu is a young guy in his mid-twenties and of ordinary height as a demon. He has ringed blue eyes that slanted down to the sides of his face and a horizontal slit on his right instead of a pupil. His hair has a red-pink tint towards the ends, but it is blue in the middle.

He was dressed in a long, black coat with tips that flared upwards on either side so that only the two tails in front and behind him dropped below his knees. Enmu also donned a white dress shirt, pinstriped pale gray slacks, and pale gray heels.

The early life of Enmu

The early life of Enmu

Enmu had a tendency as a child to be unable to distinguish between dreams and reality, which caused many problems for those around him.

Even though he was not a doctor as an adult, he misapplied hypnotic techniques and persuaded patients with short lives that they had restored their health.

Even after they realized these were lies, he continued to perpetuate this heinous scam.

Muzan longed to consume Enmu one evening.

Muzan ate Enmu’s intestines, and he was not intended to convert into a demon at first, but he envied and admired Muzan since he felt no agony from the deadly wound.

His brain and heart quit working after those last words. Thus Muzan transformed him into a monster.

Enmu was well aware that he had been converted on Muzan’s whimsy but would only remember him in passing, so he worked hard to advance to the level of Lower Rank One.

How he became a demon

How he became a demon

Muzan, who was thirsty at the time, ate Emmu’s guts, causing him to take on the appearance of a

Demon. He did not, however, experience any discomfort as a result of the wound.

Before passing away, the man expressed his envy for Muzan and praised him. His major organs were shut off by Muzan’s final words, and he was changed into a Demon.

Enmu was aware that he had been converted into a devil as a result of Muzan’s will, and he reminded himself of this every time.

Blood demon art

Enmu's Blood Demon Art

  • Inducement of sleep:

Enmu’s Blood Demon Art allows him to put anybody into a deep slumber. He may accomplish this through many methods, but all of them successfully render his opponents weak. This condition, however, is not ideal since Enmu deliberately avoided Demon Slayers for fear that his bloodlust might awaken them. The induced slumber is fairly effective and requires some effort to wake up, e.g., when Nezuko headbutts Tanjiro with little effect.

  • Manipulation of dreams:

Enmu’s power enables him to infiltrate, modify, and control someone else’s dreams while sleeping. When he employs his approach, his victims have joyful dreams that are generally customized to each individual, exploiting their vulnerabilities and assuring they are unable to distinguish between reality and illusion. He is also capable of inducing dreams, which he employs as both a mental attack and a torment.


Enmu lured Tanjiro and his comrades into a dream dimension to murder them as they slept when they boarded the train to investigate a string of inexplicable disappearances. He, on the other hand, used some fragile youngsters with terminal diseases to carry out the crime, enticing them in with the promise of an eternity of joyful dreams.

He exploits people’s innermost regrets and wants and uses them against them. Enmu’s actual malice is revealed in this way. He is distinguished from other demons by his complete commitment to Muzan and the real delight of human agony.

Many fans rate the Enmu figure on a scale of 5/5 because of his unique abilities. Let us know your thoughts on him in the comments.

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