Top 28 Best Anime Hackers (Listing Our Favorite Characters)

Best Anime Hackers

Exemplary hacking skills are crucial in most anime shows. If you are often fascinated by computer geeks and hackers, these 28 anime characters will leave you astonished.

1. Yuki Nagato

From: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Yuki Nagato

Nagato might look like an ordinary high school girl, but she is an alien created by the Data Overmind organism. She can transmit data through electronic devices. Besides all her physical power and abilities, Nagato is an ardent computer hacker.

She participated in a computer research society and made a whole new operating system compatible with all apps and devices. She can also use her “magic touch” to fix software errors.

2. Anonydeath

From: Hyperdimension Neptunia series


Anonydeath is an anonymous hacker who hides his appearance behind a pink mecha-suit. Although Anonydeath was born a male, he believes his spirit to be of a woman’s. Anonydeath is a master hacker for the “Seven Sages,” the main antagonists of the show.

His ability to hack is undisputed, alongside the ability to heal in battle. He was able to destroy the defenses of Lastations nation through his hacking skills.

3. Matsu

From: Sekirei


Matsu is a Sekirei “Genetically modified human” who is a total computer whiz. Although she is a talented hacker, her main hobbies are quite questionable as she makes use of her skills to peep on people.

However, this only makes her a talented spy who is brilliant for gathering information through many of her satellite devices. Matsu has additional abilities like Telepathy, allowing her to spread info for other Sekirei.

4. Manami Aiba

From: My Hero Academia

Manami Aiba

Don’t let her appearance fool you; Manami Aiba is a 21 years old girl. She is a complete genius, capable of hacking into various security systems, including the U.A. system. That alone proves how talented she is. Additionally, she has a quirk called “Love” that grants the person she loves the most a super-power boost for a while, depending on how much she loves them.

5. Jun Lee

From: Genesis of Aquarion Jun Lee

Being a hacker does not require any specific age as the young Jun Lee is only 14 years old but has acquired plenty of hacking skills. Jun has lots of potentials to grow even more considering that hacking isn’t what he always does, although he works at the DEAVA’s control room.

Besides hacking data that goes back for over 12,000 years ago, Jun Lee also can see through objects and pin weak points.

6. Junichirou Kagami

From: Denpa Kyoushi

Junichirou Kagami

A carefree high-school teacher, Kagami is a huge otaku who loves doing whatever he wants at any time without thinking of the consequences.  As a result of being an otaku, Kagami ended up being an excellent hacker. He was able to create a chatroom with a security system as powerful as that of a military base. His programming skills also allowed him to make an MMO video game.

7. Izzy Izumi

From: Digimon Adventure series

Izzy Izumi

His real name is Koushirou Izumi, a clever boy who has spent most of his time on his laptop since a very young age. Izzy would later grow up to become even more brilliant than before. His coding skills have allowed him to help his friend multiple times while fighting Digimons.

He was able to reactive a Digivice by reentering its code, as well as locating his friends and saving them from Digimons attack inside a maze.

8. Christina Sierra

From: Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Christina Sierra

A very mature computer hacker who also works and operates for CIC. She has a lovely personality and an honest expression of words. Christina is a gifted young woman capable of hacking into highly secured systems and servers.

She can gather and leak data without having her location discovered. She mainly uses her talent to help her team CB complete their mission and trace their movement.

9. Shinomiya Himawari

From: Vivid Red Operation

Shinomiya Himawari

An introverted school girl that isn’t very good at socializing with others, Himawari had found herself developing hacking skills inside her room. She was able to hack into the Manifestation Engine security system. She lacks fighting combat experience, but her high IQ makes up for it. Himawari obtained many other abilities related to the Vivid System, like countering attacks and deflecting them with her gauntlets.

10. Tsugumi

From: Guilty Crown


Tsugumi is a member of the Funeral Parlor who monitors their operation room. Being an exceptional hacker for such a young age, Tsugumi helps her team track down enemies’ approaches, alarm them from incoming enemy attacks, and the ability to create a duplicate of anything she wants and control it from afar.

Most of her work is done through the Command room, surrounded by modern technology.

11. Takeyama

From: Angel Beats!



Preferred to be called his username “Christ,” Takeyama is a high school student inside the afterlife of Angel Beats. He is experienced with security systems and can access any blocked gates to gather intel.

Takeyama doesn’t have much physical strength, but he exceeds academic material, especially Computer Science. If faced with an opponent of a lower brain capacity, he can defeat them by literally saying out loud the mathematical constant pi.

12. Akira Renbokoji

From: Valvrave the Liberator

Akira Renbokoji

Due to bullying, Akira has developed fear and anxiety from social interaction, which forced her to spend most of her life inside her house. Akira became immortal after being injected with an unknown material.

Focusing on her hacking skill, Akira can hack into any security system. She can access both public and private data with ease. Akira also coded WIRED which works as a confirmation process for the team.

13. Benny

From: Black Lagoon

Lagoon Benny

Benny is in charge of most of Black Lagoon’s missions. Of course, he doesn’t want to get himself caught in gunfights so he would rather sit back as a computer hacker. He also provides the Black Lagoon team with all required electronic equipment. Benny saved Janet’s data from being lost at a certain instance, proving his skill as a programmer.

14. Chihiro Fujisaki

From: Danganronpa

Chihiro Fujisaki

A boy student from class 78th in the Hope’s Peak Academy. He is extremely talented and had self-proclaimed herself as the ultimate hacker. Chihiro used to spend lots of time on his computer ever since he was a child. This has exposed him to the programming genre, becoming a computer engineering student. He created many projects and a unique AI called “Alter Ego” mimicking his appearance and his voice.

15. Kazari Uiharu

From: Toaru Majutsu no Index

Kazari Uiharu

Uiharu is a Level one Academy City student that is very kind and humble. She has acquired the skills to block off any malicious attacks from other hackers. She is a marvelous hacker able to get into any kind of state-of-the-art security system. Uiharu earned her reputation by creating a security system for the Academy that is considered one of the best of all time.

16. Edward Wong

From: Cowboy Bebop

Edward Wong

A mysterious hack for others, but a playful young girl for the Bebop team. Edward is a talented hacker who traced the movement of the Bebop transportation to join the crew, succeeding in hacking it. Ed earned her reputation as one of the best hackers in the universe. She is a computer genius that exceeds in gathering data through her devices for the sake of helping her team.

17. Kona Furugoori

From: Robotics; Notes

Kona Furugoori

Kona is a very timid girl who grew up to be antisocial. However, during her time alone, she learned how to program through her computer. Later, she became brilliant, able to interfere and invade other people’s networks.

Kona had also studied Artificial Intelligence which allowed her to create AI of the main characters in the show. Her programming skills were great enough to face off other hackers and stop their attacks.

18. Yuusaku Fujiki

From: Yu-Gi-Oh! VRANIS

Yuusaku Fujiki

A calm, collective, and smart teenager, Yuusaku is the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRANIS, able to hack into SOL technology and capture Ai. His opponent’s thoughts and moves are easily predicted by Yuusaku.

With the help of Ai, he was able to obtain a unique skill called “Storm Access”, very useful for winning duels and gaining an advantage against his opponents. Hanoi Project’s leader was also revealed through Yuusaku’s hacking skill.

19. Yuuko Shionji

From: Kami-sama no Memo-cho

Yuuko Shionji

An ambiguous girl who is also known as Alice is one of the greatest hackers out of there. As a leader of the NEET detective team, she spends the majority of her time inside her screen-filled room, helping out investigations and solving crimes with her computer skills.

All stuffed animals around her help her gain confidence as she hacks. She can connect to any device in the town she lives in, allowing her to easily gather information.

20. Akira Shirase

From: Battle Programmer Shirase

Akira Shirase

Akira is a very talented hacker who can gain access to any phone, computer, or other smart devices at any time. He is known across the countries as BPS, short for Battle Programmer Shirase. His reputation was noticed by various organizations and individuals.

Akira decided to work for them, hacking security systems, networks, and doing other freelance jobs. Unfortunately, the show was not continued, and many of his abilities remained unrevealed.

21. Lain Iwakura

From: Serial Experiments Lain Lain Iwakura

Lain is a high school girl that doesn’t seem to care about how many hours she spends on her computers during the day. Her appearance clearly shows off her unhealthy attendance to technology. However, Lain enjoyed what she was doing, and as she hacked more through her devices she discovered a virtual world.

Lain had become attached to it and started uncovering mysterious things about this virtual world.

22. Futaba Sakura

From: Persona 5 Futaba Sakura

Sakura is one of the navigators of the Phantom Thieves. She is a genius hacker, devoted to learning and spending her time programming and hacking on her devices. However, being eager to know details about her mother’s passing, she joins the Thieves and obtains a powerful persona called Necronomicon.

Its shape and appearance meant to resemble her massive knowledge and intellect of things.

23. Noiz

From: DRAMAtical Murder Noiz

A master at gathering information and leaking data. Noiz, formerly known as “Wilhelm”, is great at anything related to electronics.  He can fix software issues and clear viruses from any device. Noiz helps his team by giving information regarding their goal. Some of the information was even sold, allowing him to earn money for his team. One of the major actions that Noiz did was give out the details of Usui’s appearance and the locations.

24. Hashida Itaru

From: Steins;Gate Hashida Itaru

A super programmer that plays a major part in Steins;Gate. Also called Daru, his hacking and computer ambitious never seem to have a limit. He grew as a computer whiz to the point where he hacked into a top-secret organization and cracked a very complex programming code. Itaru was also the one to play around with the PhoneWave which received a message from the future.

25. Laughing Man

From: Ghost in the Shell

Laughing Man

A very mysterious and intriguing individual who works behind a logo of a laughing man. He is considered the greatest hacker of all time. This was proven when he controlled the brain of an individual, purely through his high-tech devices.

However, he was able to do so by having cybernetic parts attached to their bodies. Hacking through the security system of secret governments is a piece of cake.

26. Ishikawa

From: Ghost in the Shell Ishikawa

Ishikawa is an amazing hacker who boosted his hacking potential by attaching cyber parts into his body, becoming a partial cyborg. Ishikawa’s presence to his team is very welcomed since they live in a world mainly built on technological augments. While he isn’t as great as the Laughing Man, he can still hack through many systems and play a supporting role to his team members.

27. Ritsuko Akagi

From:  Neon Genesis Evangelion Ritsuko Akagi

The head scientist and the woman in charge of repairing and monitoring Tokyo-3 defenses. Ritsuko is a sharp-witted and intelligent woman, capable of countering all sorts of hacking attacks towards NERV’s security systems.

Ritsuko is continuing the project of her mother by developing Magi’s computer system. She always makes sure to work calmly, keeping everything at a steady pace and never letting a single thing be left unnoticed.

28. Akari Tsukumo

From: Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Akari Tsukumo

Akari is a journalist who isn’t fond of dueling. While she might appear as a selfish person, she also shows genuine care to her little brother. Upon learning about a virus that was going to attack the city, she started to infiltrate the city systems and find ways to stop it.

She reveals that she is a black belt in karate and that she uses her computer to attack the virus. Akari, also known as Kari, proved her hacking skills by countering the virus.

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