15 Hottest Anime Characters With Wolf Cut Hair

Anime Characters With Wolf Cut Hair

Anime characters have unique hairstyles that you can imitate. Some have short hair, while others have long hair. These are some of the best anime characters who know how to rock the wolf-cut hair.

Hair is one of the first things one notices when meeting someone new. It also gives someone identity. Therefore, it ought to look good to provide a proper first impression. In many anime series, the characters have unique hair colors and styles.

Most anime characters style their hair based on their personalities. Luckily, the wolf-cut hair design can suit females and males based on their style.

We have highlighted some 15 anime characters with wolf-cut hair that make them look stunning.

1. Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai

Japanese name太宰 治
Height181 cm (5’11”)
PowersNo longer human
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorNarrow dark brown eyes
AnimeBungo stray dogs

Dazai has short, dark brown hair that resembles the wolf cut. The wolf-cut hair bangs frame his face at the center of his forehead, giving him that ideal stylish and classy look.

He is known to have suicidal thoughts, depicted with some facial injuries. At some point, he also admitted to joining Mafia to get exposed to death and violence. He was also on a mission to get a reason to live.

Soon enough, he left the Mafia with a motive to save people instead. He can also be seen as dramatic but never credits himself for things he has done. All in all, he has a dark personality but lights up at times. He is also caring and intelligent, and has high negotiation skills, physical prowess, and heart rate manipulation.

2. Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku

Japanese name煉獄 杏寿郎
Height177 cm (5’9⅔”)
Weight72 kg (159 lb)
PowersFlame breathing

Skilled combatant.

Hair ColorGold with Red Tips
Eye ColorGold with Red Irises

Sadly, Kyojuru perished in the Mugen train arc. However, in his existence, he had a beautiful muscular build, which complemented his long, bright yellow hair with red streaks. His hair resembled a flame, which corresponds to his flame-breathing power. He used to have two shoulder-length bands and two chin-length bangs that reached a wolf cut.

He had a charismatic character with a lot of optimism and was always seen smiling. Additionally, he was enthusiastic and disciplined when partaking in his duties. His mother did a great job of instilling the right morals and principles at a tender age.

Additionally, he was very logical and tactically intelligent and acted precisely when the lives of others were at stake. He was skilled with indomitable will, keen intellect, immense speed, immense reflexes, immense stamina, great endurance, immense strength, and a master swordsman.

3. Izumi Miyamura

Izumi Miyamura

Japanese name宮村 伊澄
Height169 cm (5’6½”)
Weight48 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue

Izumi Miyamura is another incredible character with wolf-cut hair. At first, he had long hair, which he later cut. to resemble a wolf-cut. Many times, he leaves his hair loose to cover his piercings.

His look at school resembles a classic wolf cut hair, but outside, he makes a hairstyle that resembles a hoodlum with a ponytail. Additionally, he is a bit timid and is all covered up at school, but outside school, he is very outgoing and doesn’t mind his piercings or tattoos being seen.

Izumi is a quiet and unsocial guy who doesn’t love getting into too much trouble. At first, he embraced a lonely existence but gained confidence and made more friends with time. He doesn’t like treating people impolitely or violently. You can only imagine the personality he has.

4. Garou


Japanese names人間怪人, (ヒーロー狩り, (ウルフマン,
Height177 cm (5’9¾”)
PowersSuperhuman Physical Prowess
Supernatural Senses
Afterimage Creation
Accelerated Development
Indomitable Will
Technique Mimicry
Hair ColorLong silver hair
Eye ColorYellow
AnimeOne Punch Man

Garou is another incredible anime character that steals the hearts of many. Due to his spiky hair, it gives the feeling of a young wolf. He is well-built with buffed shoulders and sleek six-pack abs that are well-aligned.

In the anime, he is seen as an antagonist with a confident character but a deep hatred for heroes. He hates being insulted, and he wouldn’t hesitate to attack when offended. He also thinks highly of himself and doesn’t like people messing with him.

Additionally, he hates those termed as popular. This is derived from when he was a child, and popular kids would make fun of him. As much as Garou is a villain, he never kills his enemies; he fights them.

Garou is strongly motivated to change the world through evil since he sees justice as biased. He wants to fight heroes but not harm the innocent.

5. Asia Argento

Asia Argento

Japanese nameアーシア・アルジェント

Demonic power

Dragon tamer


Hair ColorGold
Eye ColorGreen
AnimeHigh school dxd

One unique character with wolf-cut hair is Asia Argento. You will fall in love with her by the first look.

Her personality is just as great as her looks. However, she is quite shy, innocent, and inexperienced. Before being reincarnated into a devil, she treated everyone equally regardless of status. However, even after her reincarnation, she still believed in God.

She is a pure lady who easily attracts people to her through charm. She also loves agriculture and, with time, became more courageous and determined in battles.

6. Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma

Japanese name範馬 刃牙
PowersMixed martial arts
Hair ColorBlack-brown
Eye ColorBrown
AnimeBaki the Grappler

Baki Hanma is another anime character with wolf-cut hair. His hair is spiky like a wolf, with some pangs lying on his forehead. From a young age, he always wanted to be a great fighter like his father. However, as time passed, his motive changed to wanting to defeat him.

He is carefree, laid back, protective, and aggressive as expected. He loves training and does it daily to ensure he gets the skills he wants. Even though he may seem to have a bad attitude, he still has a strong sense of love and respect for those close to him. Moreover, he doesn’t like fighting with anyone weaker than him, just those stronger. You will enjoy seeing him in action.

7. Inuyasha


Japanese name犬夜叉
PowersEnhanced jump

Enhanced durability

Enhanced condition

Sharp claws



Limited invulnerability

Hair ColorSilver white

Black (human form)

Eye ColorGolden eyes with slit pupils

Inuyasha has the same name as the anime he stars in. He takes different forms in the anime, either as an animal or a human. His hair changes based on the personality of either a dog or human form.

He has a thick mane of waist-length silver-white hair with short bangs that bring out the wolf-like cut. Unlike most people with short wolf-cut hair, it is a signature style for him. For him, he has long wolf-cut hair.

Inuyasha is fierce, determined, emotional, and acts childish at times. However, even with his personality, he always tries his best to meet his goals. As much as he may seem fierce, he still cares about people close to him. He also doesn’t like killing even his enemies and even strives to save others.

He has immense demonic power, superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, stamina, & durability, accelerated healing, and enhanced senses.

8. Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion

Japanese nameメレオレオナ・ヴァーミリオン
PowersFire and reinforcement magic
Hair ColorVermillion
Eye ColorBlue
AnimeBlack Clover

If you are excited to see another lady with wolf-cut hair, then Mereoleana Vermillion is just the one. Her impressive spike-like, wavy hair will please you. As expected, she is hostile, short-tempered, loud, intimidating, and aggressive.

Even though she may seem harsh, she knows how to motivate others and respects those willing to leave their comfort zones. , she has strong and wild behavior, which suits her well. She has various abilities like a hand-to-hand combatant master, strength, speed, endurance, and magic power.

9. Shigure Souma

Shigure Souma

Japanese name草摩 紫呉
PowersFire and reinforcement magic
Hair ColorMedium gray
Eye Colorblack
AnimeFruit Basket

Shigure Sohma is another impressive anime character with wolf-cut hair. His straight medium grey hair forms an M shape with a middle-parted bang. Some locks can also be seen hanging around his face. Additionally, he is very handsome with a masculine build.

As much as he can be seen as lazy and dirty-minded, he is also sly, courageous, crafty, quirky, and manipulative. He is always ready to do anything to get what he wants. He is quite a unique character due to his behavior changes based on what he is faced with.

10. Mirai Kuriyama

Mirai Kuriyama

Japanese name栗山 未来
PowersExpert swordswoman

Enhanced reflexes

Controls fire

Hair ColorPeach
Eye ColorGolden
AnimeKyoukai no Kanata

Mirai Kuriyama is another impressive anime character with wolf-cut hair. Her petite body blends well with her peach-colored hair styled in a bob. Like most wolf-cut hairs, her hair has fringes that reach her eyebrows.

Even though she is quite attractive, she tends to be introverted, clumsy, and awkward. This makes her not stand out while at school. Even though most students at school have an easy life, it’s different for Mirai as she needs to earn money to make ends meet. She also takes part in battles, which can show you her prowess.

11. Kirei Kotomine

Kirei Kotomine

Japanese name言峰綺礼
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorBrown

Kirei Kotomine is another anime character with wolf-cut hair. His hair is more condensed at the back, making it more unique than his counterparts. He is tall, which makes him fit for the role of the key antagonist. Judging by his looks, you would note the evil aura surrounding him.

When he was born, he was defective and had a warped mind. Even though he might be judged as being evil, he is not a villain in any way. He might be deviant but not inhuman. He has made accomplishments in life, but he never feels fully satisfied.

12. Hinata Sakaguchi

Hinata Sakaguchi

Japanese name坂口日向ヒナタ・サカグチ
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

Hinata’s wolf-cut hair always looks unique as she sweeps her bangs behind her two ears. Her hair complements her calculative personality.  By looking at her eyes, you will judge her as being cold. She doesn’t mind cooperating with anyone on her day-to-day duties as long as it benefits mankind.

Her biggest goal is to see a fair and just world with minimal conflicts. She is also a powerful leader of the Ten Great Saints.

13. Ami Kawashima

Ami Kawashima

Japanese name川嶋 亜美
Height165 cm (5’5″)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorViolet
AnimeTora Dora

Ami is another stunning character with wolf-cut hair. Her straight waist blue hair has bangs split on both sides, giving her the perfect look. Her hair also forms an M shape when properly combed. She is tall with a beautiful figure that makes her look like the typical model. Initially, she was a model before transferring to her current high school.

Ami is sweet, kind, and generous towards people. However, she may sometimes become clumsy, manipulative, arrogant, and self-centered.

14. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman

Japanese nameリヴァイ・アッカーマン
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDull-grey
AnimeAttack on Titans

Levi is another character with wolf-cut hair. He has an impressive undercut curtain on his straight black hair that makes him look great. His youthful face will make you think he is the innocent type. Even though he is short, he is still quite masculine.

You can either see him frowning or without an expression. Due to his calmness, you can never know what he is thinking. He loves cleanliness and is often referred to as the clean freak.

However, the fact that he doesn’t seem approachable makes him frustrated. Even though he is feared at times, he has a sense of morality and empathy.

15. Akechi Eimi

Akechi Eimi

Japanese name明智 英美
PowersMagical abilities
Hair ColorRuby
Eye ColorMoss green
AnimeMahaouku Koukou no retousei

Akechi Eimi is another beautiful character with wolf-cut hair shaped as M at the front. Her gorgeous red hair fits perfectly with her petite body. She has a relaxed personality but, at times, becomes hyper.

Eimi is one of the best magicians around. However, she is commonly infamous as the annoying troubleshooter. She is a unique character who sticks to what she believes.

Style Your Hair with This Epic Anime Wolf Cuts designs

If you love trying new styles often, you can get inspiration from these anime wolf cuts hairs. They all look epic and suit the different anime characters. Your hair speaks a lot, and if you style it well, you will be more approachable than someone with some styled hair.

Therefore, consider any of these wolf-cut hairs if you are bored with having one hairstyle. You will enjoy getting admiration from people.

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