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Lower moon 6

The Twelve Kizuki’s Lower Ranks are the weakest tier. Kyogai had hit his “Maximum” and was no longer able to eat human flesh. Muzan, the group’s leader, has only expelled the Lower Six because of their incapabilities.

Before the Lower Moons were annihilated, two demons held the rank. Kyogai was the first to hold the position, while Kamanue was his successor.

Kyogai: formerly Lower Moon 6


Kyogai, aka the Drum Demon, is one of the series’ first adversaries. He is the only demon in the twelve Kizuki whose rank has been revoked. Muzan decided to eliminate Kyogai because he had surpassed his peak.

Kyogai has several drums linked to various regions of his body. He may change his environment by playing these drums.

On each shoulder, he wears a drum that can spin the room left or right. A second drum on his left and right legs rotates the room forward and backward. He can fight with claws thanks to a drum on his navel. He may move himself or his foe to another room thanks to the last drum on his back. By rapidly beating the drums, Kyogai can boost the pace of his claw strikes.

Kyogai’s appearance

Kyogai’s appearance

The number six was written in Kanji on his right eye, indicating that he was the Lower Rank Six.  Drums may be seen extending from his tummy, shoulders, hips, chest, and back.

Due to his hair being wrapped to the back of his head, Kyogai assumes the shape of a tall, muscular Demon with a grayish complexion, black hair, razor-like fangs, sharp ears, and blood-red cornea, deep blue eyes, and concealed irises.

Kamanue, the 6th lower demon

Kamanue’s appearance

Kamanue was murdered by Muzan practically as soon as he appeared. Thus nothing is known about him. Muzan quickly devours Kamanue after hearing his ideas during the discussion.

Kamanue’s appearance


Kamanue was a small young man with extremely pale skin and a strong line of dark green running over his eyes and nose. At the extreme tips of the line on his cheeks, on his forehead, and below his lower lip are four huge dots.  He also has a cat-like form, with slit pupils and pale blue irises surrounded by a white ring.

She had her dark brown hair brushed back but fluffed up and had vivid orange tips. He dresses in a white haori with yellow scales down the sleeves, a white button-up shirt, and dark hakama pants.

The early life of kamanue and Kyogai

The early life of kamanue and Kyogai

Kyogai was a member of the Twelve Kizuki until being expelled owing to his intolerance of consuming people. Kyogai began his mission to rejoin the gang after becoming a Demon. He kidnapped Teruko and Kiyoshi and tried to devour them due to his “unique blood.”

Before all of this, he was joined by two more Demons who were also pursuing Kiyoshi’s unusual blood, and he sustained an injury that caused the drum to detach from his back.

According to the early life of Kamanue, Mukago and Kamanue were the final Lower Moons to be overrun by Muzan, another of the 12- Demon Moons. Mukago is taken aback when he sees Muzan in his feminine form and wonders why she was requested to sit in front of him. As Muzan devours her, she cowers at her knees, terrified. Muzan always wondered why the two demons were too weak.

Muzan, one of the powerful Moons, can read the thoughts of individuals with whom he has had blood shared. He snatches the Lower Moon by the throat and lifts him into the air as the other Lower Moons stare in stunned stillness. Even though Kamanue begged him to have mercy on him, he still went ahead and ate him up.

Blood demon art

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Drumming: Kyogai has six Tsuzumi Drums embedded in various places of his body, each of which has a notable effect on his settings when played. His drums, however, only affect the inside of his home. The room rotation generated by Kyogai’s Blood Demon Art does not affect him. Check out how he showcases his power below;

Right Shoulder: Begins to rotate the room around him to the right.

Left Shoulder: Tilts the room around him to the left.

Right Leg: Spins the room in which he is standing forward.

Left Leg: Rotates the room in which he is standing backward.

The Navel: Launches a three-claw slash strike.

Back: Transports him or others to a different room within his house.

On the other hand, Kamanue’s power and talents as a Demon are unknown. However, he is likely to be stronger than Kyogai, his successor. It’s also possible that Kamanue isn’t as powerful as Rui, the Devil who ranks one place higher than him.


Well, folks, there you have it; all you need to know about the lower moon 6. Both Kamanue and Kyogai have some interesting history and features that you’ll wish to read more and more. Unlike Kyogai, many fans portray Kamanue as boring because of his unseen abilities.  Hopefully, you found this article fun enough to rate both characters 8/10. If your idea on these moons is different, we’d love to hear your thoughts too.

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