16 Best Comedy Anime: The Funniest Animes of All Time

Best Comedy Anime

There are various types of genres for anime. Action, horror, romance, adventure, and comedy. Western shows like Family Guy, Rick & Morty, or even The Simpsons can also have rivals in Japan from Comedic anime series.

Sit back and relax as you go through the brilliantly hilarious anime series mentioned on this list.

1. Space Dandy

Space Dandy

Surprisingly written by the same author of Cowboy Bebop and although viewers could see some similarities, Space Dandy is a completely different show! The story talks about a group of alien-bounty hunters in outer space. The main character is called Dany if it wasn’t obvious, and he is an extremely charming and funny individual.

The adventures taken in this show are presented in the most hilarious ways, as well as the choices made. Dany completely adores female breasts and he is not ashamed of showing so, especially when he eats at his favorite restaurant.

2. Grand Blue

Grand Blue - 4

Looking to start a new university life, Iori Kitahara moves to a coastal town and enrolls in a college trying to achieve his perfect dream. However, things don’t go as planned when he discovers the diving club members and befriends them.

Grand Blue is a show filled with adult jokes and alcoholic themes that gets you straight laughing. It is very hard not to chuckle at all the awkward things those college students end up doing, from getting drunk to stripping naked, to watching Iori trying to achieve his dream in the mess of the situations.

3. Gintama


One of the best anime comedy series in history if it is not the best! Gintama is a very popular series that takes all kinds of hilarious aspects and adds them to the show. The anime is about Gintoki Sakata, a very talented samurai who decided to take a part-time job.

Besides the action battle involved, this anime breaks the 4th wall with its characters while also being a parody of other anime series like naruto, one piece, dragon ball. If there is ever an anime to exist that will get you to cry from laughter, it is Gintama.

4. One Punch man

one punch man

One Punch Man is an amazing action-filled anime series with lots of Comedy! The story is about Saitama who trained continuously for three years in order to become a superhero! However, he had lost his hair and became bald in the process.

Saitama is just an ordinary guy who is a hero for fun, but he is also capable of defeating any kind of enemy with just one punch, hunting the title of the show. It is always hilarious to see a very intimidating enemy presented only to be taken down with one hit.

5. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Kusuo Saiki is a high school student blessed with extraordinary powers that no one else has! Except that he isn’t really blessed by it, Saiki hates it! This is where the hilarious moments from the show come from.

Saiki is just a guy who wants to have a quiet life, trying to stay away from attention, he ends up getting more by much more weird and creepy characters! Although he has superhuman powers, he doesn’t seem to be getting what he wants, which is peace and quiet. And that is very entertaining, especially Saiki’s hilarious comments.

6. Prison School

Prison School

An all-girl private school has opened the enrollment seats for male students! What could go wrong? Perhaps everything when it’s five perverted male students! Follow the story of this group of guys inside an all-girl high school as all of them fail to interact with any for being shy or awkward.

Prison School is a funny anime show with many hilarious and adult-themed moments, perhaps the show has overdone it in that aspect. You will find many characters getting into ridiculously stupid scenarios, or when they misunderstand a casual scene to a very dirty activity.

7. Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys

A comedic slice of life anime that revolves around a group of three boys. They are ordinary and there really isn’t anything special about them, however, the group does not let the fact stop them from enjoying their daily lives. Those three main characters turn their entire daily set of chores into funny and hilarious moments.

For example, running late to school without skipping breakfast is difficult, so one of the characters keeps a thin piece of bread in his mouth, only to be caught off guard by his friends who are running with an entire plate of food.

8. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

A high school girl named Chiyo Sakura has fallen in love with one of the students named Nozaki. As she tries to confess her feelings to him, she discovers that he is a famous manga author. While romance does exist, this anime is filled with comedy that is built around that romance! Sakura becomes Nozaki’s manga assistant.

All the serious ‘romantic’ and wholesome moments turn into hilarious scenes that will catch you by surprise. The show isn’t afraid of having very ‘cool’ characters be put in stupid and embarrassing situations that will cause you to laugh.

9. KonoSuba


After being hit by a truck to rescue a girl from being run over, Kazuma wakes up to find himself in front of a very beautiful goddess. As he felt emotional from the self-sacrifice, he discovered that the girl wasn’t in danger at all and he died the most pathetic and laughable death.

Given the option to be reincarnated into a fantasy world, Kazuma binds the girl Aqua, to stay with him and help him survive in that new world, only to find out she is completely useless. Follow the hysterical adventure of Kazumo in the medieval fantasy world.

10. Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Haven’t You Heard I’m Sakamoto

Sakamoto is the perfect transfer high school student. He is handsome, smart, good at everything, and always wins the heart of the high school girls. However, what will happen when Sakamoto is faced with the jealousy of all different high school boys? Haven’t you heard?! It’s Sakamoto! Nothing will happen because he is perfect!

The anime humorously shows how Sakamoto gets away from all the traps they set up for him, no matter what they do they simply can’t sabotage Sakamoto. Some scenarios are ridiculous with how charming and stylish Sakamoto is.

11. Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase

The three students, Honda, Nomura, and the foreigner Olivia are sharing all their high school moments together. The three students met together after playing a silly game of “look-the-other-way” and they quickly befriended each other. What makes the anime really stand out is how it presents its comedy and visualizes it.

After a calm wholesome statement, one of the character’s reactions will be portrayed in an ugly horrible style which you can’t help but laugh at. Those three students always find themselves in the worst possible timing, especially with the teachers, allowing much more funny scenes.

12. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

The Devil Is a Part-Timer

The mighty lord of all devils, Satan, is planning to invade a world with his huge army of demons but they are stopped by an unfamiliar hero who sends them away to a world where they would never return from. Satan and his loyal commander find themself stuck on earth, where they can’t use their magic.

In an attempt to find a way to get back, they are forced to live within humans and go through all chores normal people do. The way these two demons exaggerate the most simple and basic human stuff is extremely funny.

13. Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran Academy is a brilliant high school meant for the best and most superior students. Haruhi is a student who didn’t come from a rich family but was able to make it up with their ability and talent.

Haruhi is a girl but she finds herself forced to pretend to be a male host after accidentally breaking a valuable object that costs way beyond her capability. Trying to return her debit, she will be in need to do many activities that Ouran Host Club members do, becoming the first and only girl in the club.

14. Aggretsuko


A very unique anime in terms of art that almost looks western. Aggretsuko talks about the daily life of the 25-year-old Retsuko who works in an office. Trying to cope with all the stress put on her shoulders from work and from the employees, she believes her fate wasn’t supposed to look the way it is.

The characters are portrayed as animals for the sake of comedy, Retsuko in fact is a red panda. Watch as she vents her stress off through metal screams and singing.

15. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

Ryuuko Matoi is a young girl searching for the murderer of her father. She gets empowered by Senketsu, which is a form of clothing that grants superhuman powers. The show is full of action but it is also presented in a hilarious style! The cut scenes and how they casually start fighting each other in an unrealistic way get straight to you.

The fact that Ryuuko’s power mainly comes from a piece of clothes that exposes her skin is funny by itself because many of her enemies claim that she is trying to distract them.

16. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

Coming from the same creator as One Punch Man, Mob Psycho talks about a student named Mob and how he assists in discovering ghosts and unnatural beings. Mob has psychic powers that he was able to activate to impress his crush but later discovers it’s very difficult to control.

Mob Psycho moments are funny because they mostly happen in serious combat or when you’re not on guard. It will catch you by surprise and make you laugh with their stupid facial expression and funny faces.

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