Top 19 Most Beautiful Black Clover Female Characters [Nov 2023]

Black Clover Female Characters

The lack of Black Clover Female Characters in popular anime and video games means that Black Clover Females are not getting much appreciation and attention. If the Black Clover Females were more visible and prominent, the number of people who are exposed to them would likely increase, which would, in turn create more appreciation for them.

1. Fana


Fana grew up as an orphan that quickly ended up participating in the Diamond’s Kingdom experiments. During the stages of those experiments, Fana ended up betraying her friend, Mars, and presumingly died in the process.

However, her phoenix-like power was able to bring her back to life. She has green eyes and short pink hair that goes a little bit below her shoulders. Fana has many magic powers, like controlling flames, basic healing powers, and summoning a fire spirit to aid her in battle.

2. Mimosa Vermillion

Mimosa Vermillion

Mimosa is a polite young girl that is originally from a noble family. Being from royalty, Mimosa stands out from the others by not looking down on other people. Her relationship with Asta has inspired her to try her hardest to control her magic.

Mimosa has beautiful orange hair and yellow eyes. Her abilities have gradually increased throughout the series, starting with the ability to sense mana in her surroundings, the basic offense, and defensive magic abilities, as well as improving them to a larger scale.

3. Lolopechka


Lolopechka is the princess of the Heart kingdom. She has a beauty mark near her lips. Lolopechka has long black hair, although she covers it with her usual princess clothes. The princess has an essential duty towards her people and her kingdom. However, her character is a bit casual and carefree sometimes.

The princess has water magic as her magic attribute. She also has a terrifying Devil Form that makes her attacks stronger than before. The princess has control of magic that covers her entire country.

4. Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva

Noelle is one of the earliest characters introduced in the story. She has pink eyes and silver hair, usually put up in pigtails. Noelle has struggled against her family and their attention to her lack of magic control. Because of that, Noelle became determined to prove herself and surpass her sibling.

In the beginning, she might seem rude and not friendly. Because she is noble, she does look down on others. Her main magic is water; she can use it to create a water nest or water armor.

5. Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte is a noblewoman of House Roselei. She also serves as the captain of the Clover Kingdom’s Blue Rose squad of the Magic Knights. She also is the human host for the elf Charla. She has light blond hair that is braided. She also has beautiful blue eyes.

Charlotte was cursed as a child, and that curse has affected a part of her magic ability. However, that curse made it possible for her to develop anti-curse magic. Her primary type of magic is briar magic.

6. Dorothy Unsworth

Dorothy Unsworth

Dorothy is a witch from the witches’ forest. And although her appearance might indicate that she is a young girl, her age is 27. Dorothy is a short woman dressed in a pink cloak and a pink wizard hat.

She can be found sleeping most of the time heavily. She has purple hair and blue eyes. Her magic attitude is dream magic, allowing her to look and read other people’s minds. She can also use magic to create a dream world of her liking.

7. Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona is the type of woman who always has an angry look on her face. She has thick brown eyebrows and spiky brown hair. She also has sharp teeth and blue eyes. Mereoleona possesses the ability to use fire magic.

She can manipulate her fire however she wants, commonly using it to create lion-like claws. She is extremely strong when it comes to hand-to-hand duels or fights. And despite her hot-headed attitude, she is a noblewoman, the first daughter of House Vermillion.

8. Charmy Pappitson

Charmy Pappitson

Charmy is a complete food addict. She loves her food, and she will never allow anyone to touch it without her consent. And although she eats a lot, she has a petite body. Her black hair goes down to her shoulders that match her green eyes.

Charmy is a hybrid of a dwarf and a human, making her relatively below-average height. When it comes to battles and magic power, Charmy possesses food magic and cotton magic. With both, she can manipulate her magic into objects or entities to help her in any situation.

9. Sol Marron

Sol Marron

Sol is a young girl with light blue eyes and brown skin. She has short black hair that is messy most of the time. Sol can be seen wearing exposing outfits, revealing some of her body skin. Sol is a magic knight from the Blue Rose Squad.

Her magic attribute is earth; she can create earth-like creatures that move by her orders and will. She can also create great earth walls to block incoming attacks or enemies. Sol hates taking orders from men, and she would rather not listen to their words unless it was for the greater good.

10. Queen of Witches

Queen of Witches

As stated in the series, she is the Queen of the Witches Forest and the mother of all witches. Her age is estimated to be above one hundred years; she has pink hair and blue eyes. The queen can be seen wearing a green dress and a witch hat. The queen is a brutal lady.

She doesn’t mind enslaving others or killing the friends of her daughter. Being the ruler of and queen of all witches also means she is extremely powerful, having the ability to manipulate blood and use it to fight her enemies.

11. Kahono


Kahono is a cheerful young girl. She can always be seen as helpful and supportive toward others. She dreams about using her magic to sing so that her voice reaches everyone. She had red eyes and dark red hair in a ponytail.

Kahono uses magic to cast spells through her voice. She can sing a lullaby to heal others, as well as sing a destructive tone to attack. Kahono is a Priestess that works in the Seabed Temple.

12. Secre Swallowtail

Secre Swallowtail

Secre is a noblewoman who has been transformed into a bit for five centuries. However, when she met Asta, she decided to accompany him before joining the Black Bull Squad. Secre has short black hair that goes above her shoulders and red eyes.

Her skin can also be noticed to be pale. Although she has been a bird for 500 years, as a human, she is only 17 years old. Secre has sealing magic that allows her to seal other people’s spells. She can also turn others into statues.

13. Grey


Grey is a magic knight in the Black Bull Squad. She has light blue hair in a bob cut and silver eyes. She has the ability to use Transmutation Magic, meaning she can transform herself into objects and transform objects into other things that she desires.

Grey can also disguise herself by transforming into another being. In her original form, Grey can be seen to be timid and shy. However, she is more open when interacting with others in a different form.

14. Tetia


Tetia is a human who used to be the former wife of Licht, the leader of the Elf. She has the wind magic attribute. Tetia has green eyes and blonde hair. Tetia had a truthful goal of finding a way to make humans and elves live together in harmony.

This also meant that Tetia would not try to discriminate against others for their race or their status, making her a kind and cheerful person. Tetia possesses the ability to manipulate wind.

15. Finesse Calmreich

Finesse Calmreich

Finesse is a noblewoman from the Clover Kingdom. She has beautiful purple eyes and long black hair. Finesse is a caring and thoughtful person. Despite her high status, she remains humble in front of others.

Being from a noble family, it was natural for her to obtain an immense amount of magic. However, chronic disease has made her physically weak and unable to fight or participate in battles. Or even use magic at all as it will significantly affect her health.

16. Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa is a tall woman with long ping hair down to her upper back. She has purple eyes that match her carefree and relaxed attitude. Vannessa loves to do things at her own pace and loves getting herself some drinks.

Vanessa’s outfit is pretty revealing. Even inside her house, she stays in her undies. Vanessa can summon threads using her magic. With these threads that she can control, Vanessa can alter others’ clothes and use them to fight.

17. Lily Aquaria

Lily Aquaria

Lily is one of the first characters introduced in the show. She is a Nun that works in Hage. She is a good-natured, gentle, and loving woman. But she is also stern and scolding when it comes to others doing bad things.

Lily can manipulate water and uses water magic. Her appearance is mainly covered by her Nun outfit, but it is known that she has teal eyes and blue hair. She also has a beauty mark under her left eye.

18. Acier Silva

Acier Silva

Acier is a magic knight in the Silver Squad of the Clover Kingdom. She has beautiful silver hair and purple eyes. Acier is a strong, brave woman with a kind heart. She is also the mother of Noelle Silva.

Acier possesses steel magic, allowing her to create and manipulate steel, like covering herself with strong steel armor. Acier has been known as a strong lady that even Mereoleona can’t defeat.

19. Vanica Zogratis

Vanica Zogratis

Vanica has red eyes and short black hair. She covers her right eye with an eyepatch.  She can be seen wearing a brown vest followed by a short skirt. She also covers herself with a warm dark-blue coat. Vanica hates to be bored more than anything, and she enjoys the chaotic things that happen around her.

She would rather fight someone in their best condition than in a weak state. Vanica can manipulate blood to create beasts as well as curses. Those curses can be both harmful and useful to her allies or enemies.

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