15 Best Train Ticket Booking Apps (Android/IPhone) 2023

Best Train Ticket Booking Apps

Are you looking for the best train ticket booking app that can help you book your train with ease? Then you have come to the right place! This post will take you through some of the best train ticket booking apps.

If you plan to travel by train, you may feel lazy to join that long queue to book tickets for the train. Thanks to technology, many things in the 21st century are becoming easy to sit in the comfort of our rooms and transact business. Most people having smartphones and tablets or even Personal computers prefer going online to book. It saves them the cost of paying commissions to travel agents or standing in long queues at the railway station.

Here I will discuss the Best Train Ticket Booking apps for both Android and iPhone.

Because of the high demand for these apps, scammers are victimizing users to their advantage. They form scam apps that will extract users’ info for their fraud. Thus I have rigorously hand-picked many of the most influential and real apps to book your train tickets. These apps area unit trustworthy y IRCTC and that they offer associate degree amazing expertise.

Also confine in mind that, before booking train tickets online. You want to have a Registered IRCTC Account. It’s required by IRCTC to possess a full-of-life IRCTC Account before you can book tickets online. Create IRCTC Account.

1. IRCTC Rail Connect App

IRCTC Rail Connect App

This is the official app by IRCTC for booking train tickets online. It’s created out there for each humanoid and IOS. The app is straightforward to use. IRCTC app is one of the most effective apps to book train tickets due to its friendly to just about impaired folks with its Google speak feature. This implies that even just about impaired persons don’t seem to be disregarded in enjoying the convenience this technology provides. It additionally has an associate degree integrated IRCTC e-wallet for quicker and hassle-free transactions. The Services This app offers include:

  • IRCTC E-wallet
  • Aadhaar Linking with IRCTC
  • Check PNR standing, Booking standing, handiness, etc.
  • Vikalp chose to Book price tickets on Alternate Trains
  • IRCTC synchronize choice



Ixigo is an associate degree app in partnership with IRCTC for booking train tickets online and following the train. The app is obtainable for each humanoid and iPhone. It’s recorded that over five million users have downloaded this app through the Google Play Store. Some services this app provides include:

  • Booking Train Tickets Online
  • Checking PNR standing
  • Tracking Live Train
  • Train Route Search
  • Refund Calculator
  • Train plan
  • Seat handiness with Seat/Berth Map
  • NTES running standing

The app additionally provides services like Booking Flight Tickets, building Rooms, Bus and Cabs Services, etc. it’s a one-answer app for tourists and travelers traveling via Train, Bus, or perhaps by Flight.

3. MakeMyTrip


The application may be a well-known application for booking building Rooms, buses, Train, and Flight tickets. It’s one of the most effective apps for booking train tickets online. This application permits you to look for all the trains for specific dates and book each general and Tatkal online. MakeMyTrip app provides heaps of coupons and wonderful options to its users. Some services this app provides include:

  • Check PNR standing
  • IRCTC licensed Rail price ticket Booking
  • Train standing

4. Goibibo railroad ticket Booking App

Goibibo railroad ticket Booking App

One of the best apps you can use to book hotel, train, and bus tickets online. It’s the one answer app for someone because it offers all the services like sigh seeing, Travel packages, and a lot of through one app. Another smart of booking train tickets through Goibibo is to get numerous deals and offers on building a booking, automotive Rentals, etc.

Goibibo is additionally the official partner of IRCTC to Book Train Tickets Online. It additionally tells the most effective out there seat whereas booking the price ticket. You’ll be able to additionally check PNR standing and different train details through this app.

5. Yatra App

Yatra App

Yatra is another difference to MakeMyTrip and Goibibo etc., apps through that you’ll be able to Book railroad tickets online. You’ll be able to search & book, Check PNR standing, run standing, and do a lot with the Yatra app. It also options eCash payment through that you’ll get the best offers and cashback on train bookings and save cash. You’ll be able to additionally book E-Tickets for Monuments through this application that saves time and cash.

6. TrainPal


It is a straightforward and fast app to seek low-cost United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland rail tickets, and here during this app, you’re allowed to ascertain live train times. This app can ne’er elicit registration, and this app also will assist you in resolving your queries. Transfer this app currently and arrange your train journey.

7. UTS


This is a good app by the Centre for Railway system, and it’s the Indian railway’s official app to book unreserved residential district train tickets. UTS provides you with a feature to book tickets and fast booking, and it additionally offers you the feature to shop for platform tickets and season tickets. During this app, you’ll get a quality QR Booking, and here, you’ll be able to cancel tickets anytime.

8. My train


This is a superb application for Indian railway railroad ticket booking. With this app, you’ll get information about living train standing, PNR status, NTES train inquiry, and seat handiness. This app will also be helpful in a property you recognize concerning station standing, train timetable, and lots of a lot of.

9. Indian Railways

Indian Railways

During this application, you’ll be able to rummage around for all-out their trains, and it’s a one-stop purpose for railway price ticket booking. This app provides you a feature of IRCTC railway price ticket booking (Both general and tatkal) on all major routes gift in the Republic of India. Try the app now!

10. Cleartrip


This app may be a one-stop travel app for booking trains, flights, hotels, and activities. With this app, you’ll get information about living train standing, PNR status, NTES train inquiry, and seat handiness. This app will also be helpful in a property you recognize concerning station standing, train timetable, and lots of a lot of.

11. Locate My Train

Locate My Train

This is another best train app in the Republic of India for humanoid and iPhone users that has several options like PNR standing, live train standing, train between stations, and so on. With this app, you’ll be able to check live train standing and train timetables offline additionally.

The app additionally comes with further options like platform surveyor, coach position, and cleans my coach (my favorite feature). You’ll be able to additionally check the costs of the {train price ticket|railroad ticket|ticket} albeit you can’t use the find My Train app to book a railway ticket. Except for that, this app additionally provides info on seat handiness, canceled trains, and rescheduled trains.

12. ConfirmTkt


ConfirmTkt is another official IRCTC partner train app for the Indian Railways and comes with all the essential options. You’ll be able to rummage around for IRCTC train tickets & tatkal tickets. The app also has an associate degree choice to show Live Running train standing and train schedule offline.

And a bit like several different apps on this list, ConfirmTkt additionally contains a PNR Enquiry feature which will keep you up on concerning PNR standing changes through notifications. Aside from that, this app provides info on locals & metros, though it solely shows data on urban center Locals. Besides that, you’ll be able to use this app for booking flights and bus tickets too. Thus if you’re trying to find a reliable app to book train tickets, ConfirmTkt is the best free Indian Railway app.

13. Where is my train

Where is my train

The wherever is my train is one of the foremost fashionable Indian Railways apps out there. The app has an associate degree easy-to-use interface and comes with all the wonderful options you’d prefer to wear a railway app. With this app, you’ll be able to spot any train and see their live running standing that too while not net or GPS. The app uses cellular towers to discover the situation of the train. You’ll be able to check the Indian Railways timetable offline, making it one of the most effective train apps for the train timetable.

Besides that, it comes with basic options like checking PNR standing, seat handiness, and multiple language support. You will get info on the coach position and seat/berth layout with different nice options area units before you board the train. It additionally shows platform numbers for boarding and intermediate stations that were out there. It comes with a location alarm feature to warn you before reaching your destination to enhance your train trip.



NTES is the official Republic of Indian Railways app that has train running connected and period standing queries for all trains of India. The app is accessible in style, and every one of the options area unit on one screen, i.e., you don’t have to be compelled to switch to different tabs for various options to use.

You can use the NTES app to identify your train. You are checking train schedules, canceled trains, pleased trains, rescheduled trains, trains between stations, and live stations. If you’re low on storage, this app is the best train app since it has all the options too in low size.

15. Ngpay


This app has its wings flapping over many ticketing and banking domains and comes across as our next option to book rail tickets. Uncalled-for to mention, you wish to click on the IRCTC section for rail tickets among the assorted choices. This mobile app permits users to create payments via credit/debit cards, and once you book the price ticket, the e-ticket is shipped to your inbox.


1. What’s the most effective app for live train running status?

Find My Train, RailYatra, ConfirmTkt, and NTES area unit the most effective app for the live train running standing.

2. What is that the best app for train booking?

Ixigo Trains, IRCTC Rail Connect, RailYatra, and the ConfirmTkt area unit are the most effective train booking apps.

3. What is that the official IRCTC app?

IRCTC Rail Connect (available for each humanoid and iOS).

4. What is that the best app for checking PNR status?

“Where is my train” is that the best app for PNR inquiry.

5. Can I modify My Train Booking?

You can’t modification your train booking. All that you will do is cancel your current price ticket and book once more.


These are the lists of the best train ticket booking app that will work perfectly well for you. Why not give one a try?

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