15 BEST Email Apps for iPhone in 2023

BEST Email Apps for iPhone in 2021

Are you looking for the best email apps for iPhone to enahance your emailing experience? This post will take you through some of the best email apps for iPhone.

If you own an android or a laptop, you will be pleased with an online app like Gmail, and however, once you are emailing from your iPhone or iPad, you’ll want a frenzied app for the work. We’ve tested the foremost standard iOS email apps, and here we’ll gift the simplest within the breed.

Top Best Email Apps for iPhone

1. Mail by Apple

Mail by Apple  for apps store

Apple’s Mail app has had a touch of a foul name over the years—that’s why there is such a healthy scheme of other apps—, but that criticism is currently, for the most part, unwarranted. Yes, it is the simplest app on this list; however, that is an advantage: it is a straightforward and easy-to-use email consumer.

It handles your email—whether you utilize iCloud, AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, or the other POP or IMAP compatible service—without any fuss.

2. Outlook

Outlook for apps store

Microsoft’s Outlook email app, surprising virtually everyone,—hit the simplest balance between usability and has power. It supports all the main email services except POP3 accounts; therefore, you do not get to use an Outlook or Hotmail account to create use of it. The Outlook mobile app could be a far cry from the desktop app.

This is not a pompous, enterprise product. It is a well-designed, extremely useful personal email app that adds basic file management (with OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box) and a calendar; therefore, you’ll handle all the extras around email, like attaching files and programing events, in one place.

Outlook mechanically splits your inbox into a targeted Inbox for what it considers necessary mail and, therefore, the alternative Inbox for everything else. That, combined with powerful search and therefore the Contacts section that teams along with all the emails a selected person has sent you, build it simple for you to stay a handle on necessary messages.

If your work requires communication with lots of people and answering lots of emails you’d better use bulk email sender.

3. Gmail

Gmail for apps store

The Gmail iOS app brings the acquainted Gmail net app expertise to your iPhone or iPad. Whether or not this is often an honest factor or a foul factor depends on however you’re feeling regarding Gmail. While Gmail for iOS will support iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo, and IMAP, it’s at its best once used along with your Gmail account.

The iOS app nicely integrates with Google’s alternative services like Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. for instance, you’ll preview any file shared through Google Drive or one in all Google’s apps.

One faucet then either it to your own Google Drive, that you’ll access through the Attach choice once you are writing a replacement email or opens it within the Google Docs or Sheets app; therefore you’ll edit or update it.

You’ll conjointly answer Google Calendar invitations straight from the e-mail, simply by sound on the affirmative, No, or Maybe. With Zapier’s Gmail integrations, you’ll even connect Gmail with 1000+ alternative apps too.

4. Airmail

Airmail for apps store

Airmail is one of the best macOS email clients purchasers due to its powerful customization features—, and the iOS app brings constant nice expertise to your iPhone and iPad. Whereas it works well as a standalone iOS app, it’s very at its best once you are conjointly victimizing the macintosh app since you’ll adjust all of your preferences between each macintosh and iOS purchaser.

Airmail’s customization choices square measure a number of the simplest accessible. You have got total management over notifications and may set them up; therefore, you get alerted regarding emails from necessary contacts. You’ll customize the swipe gestures within the Settings menu to archive emails, delete them, move them.

Airmail conjointly integrates with plenty of standard iOS productivity apps like Dropbox, OmniFocus, Bear Notes, and dozens additional, therefore, and you’ll quickly push emails and attachments to the apps you utilize to urge stuff done. For instance, you’ll get a swipe gesture to send AN email to your OmniFocus inbox if you favor using that as your kerfuffle system.

5. Spark

Spark for apps store

Spark’s tagline is “love your email once more,” and therefore, the app goes out of its thanks to building email fast, pleasant, and easy. It is a nice app for anyone World Health Organization depends on email for any communication. Spark’s good Inbox combines and categorizes all of your emails from all of your accounts.

You’ll quickly scan your inbox for what you wish to handle currently, like emails from your shut friends or boss, and skip what will wait till later, like newsletters saying a two-week-long sale. Spark includes a fast reply feature; therefore, you’ll send an emoji response in 2 faucets.

6. Canary

Canary for apps store

If encrypted emails square measures your jam, then Canary is for you. It is the best iOS email app for mechanically encrypting your emails. It is the sole major app that wills this, and it uses your existing email service instead of requiring you to register for one thing new.

Of course, whoever you are emailing would like an email service or consumer that may rewrite PGP; otherwise, you’ll need to send them an unencrypted email if you would like them to be able to browse it.

What is nice regarding Canary—versus a secure email service—is that it works on the prime of your existing email account. You’ll begin victimizing encrypted emails while not having to line up a replacement email address: It works with all the main email suppliers and protocols except POP.

7. Unibox

Unibox for apps store

Unibox throws out the quality email inbox conventions. After you open the app, you will see all emails mechanically classified by the sender, then organized by date.

As shortly as you faucet on a reputation, you will see the foremost recent message and every one of your previous conversations thereupon person; you’ll even see all the files and photos they’ve sent you by sound on the clip within the bottom right corner. If you’re thinking that of email in terms of the World Health Organization you are communicating with, it’s good.

8. MailTime Email Messenger

MailTime Email Messenger for apps store

If you hate email and haven’t any selection, however, to use it, attempt MailTime Email traveler. It turns your email threads into conversations that look and act like iMessages—down to the colors: Your senders’/recipients’ messages seem like grey bubbles, and yours seem like blue bubbles.

It even works with cluster emails. One quirk: if the emails run too long, you’ll have to faucet read Full Message to envision the full text. It’s definitely worth the further faucet to stay the chats scannable.

9. Edison

Edison for apps store

Edison takes intelligent email sorting to future levels: subscriptions, purchase receipts, travel details, and package shipping details square measure mechanically known and sorted into the right teams you access from the sidebar.

You can then quickly look at your favorite newsletters, unsubscribe from ones you now not browse with one faucet on the unsubscribe button, see coming trip details like boarding gates and departure times, and track your parcels, all while not having to dig deep into your email archive.

An inventor can even use the knowledge to send you good notifications, holding you recognize once your flight’s gate has been modified or your package is out for delivery. In addition to the assistant, an inventor could be a full-on fashionable email client: It supports all the main email services and offers to undo send customizable swipe gestures, snooze, and good replies for once a brief response is all that is required. And my new favorite thanks to marking an email as read? Swipe the insufficient blue uninformed dot, and it vanishes.

10. Chuck Email

Chuck Email for apps store

Chuck is AN email app for iPhone that permits you to look at your emails by sender, subject, or period. This app analyzes your inbox and shows messages that you must take away. It allows you to browse messages simply with advanced filtering choices.

You can organize your inbox quicker by specializing in individual accounts. It helps you to get rid of unimportant messages quickly with advanced multiple-choice mode! It also helps you to filter messages by enabling/disabling specific email addresses.

11. Polymail

Polymail for apps store

Polymail comes in many evaluation tiers and with a bunch of traits meshed toward professionals. Notable options embrace email and attachment trailing to programming delivery and message templates.

No matter the account, Polymail helps you to put off emails for later reading. Sort of a few alternative often-used functions, you’ll access this feature from a swipe menu of customizable actions.

​12. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail for apps store

The Yahoo Mail app for iPhone incorporates a friendly, straightforward interface. While not confusing you with several choices and actions, Yahoo Mail helps you star mail spotlight it, file it in folders, search quickly, and filter your inbox by one or two helpful classes (including folks, social updates, and necessary travel emails).

For causing email, Yahoo Mail shines with spectacular image causing and attachment support also as its distinctive and colorful email letter paper. This app will need to pay for a few of the premium options.

13. Twobird

Twobird for apps store

It’s easy to envision wherever this app gets its name. Twobird will do over one factor at a time. Additionally, like an email app, it functions as a kerfuffle list with note-taking capabilities and a calendar. The mixing between notes and email within the app is especially polished.

As a comparatively new face during this crowd, Twobird incorporates a few things it must add within the future. It works solely with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook accounts, and it does not have inbuilt cloud storage. Once Twobird clears these hurdles, it’ll be a fair stronger competition among email apps for the iPhone.

14. eM Client

Emclient for apps store

EM Client is an email application that helps you manage email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. It may be used for Windows and macintosh. It supports PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) cryptography. You can take a backup of your Email. This product also supports the autoreply email.

It mechanically downloads contacts online. You can add tables and size any cell effortlessly. eM Client permits you to vary pictures size, rotate, and flip.

15. ProtonMail

ProtonMail for apps store

ProtonMail is an open-source and secure email service offered by MIT scientists and CERN. It’s protected by Swiss privacy law. This email app for iPhone provides simple to use secure email service, having a finish to finish cryptography. It doesn’t require personal data to form AN email account.

It can be accessed on any device while not putting in the code. Send and receive emails that are secured with end-to-end cryptography. ProtonMail is optimized to assist you with higher organized browse, yet as send an email.


1. What’s an Email app?

An email app allows you to tack together email addresses to receive, read, compose, and send emails from that email address(s). It conjointly offers a central interface for receiving, composing, and causing emails of a designed email address(s).

2. What are the simplest Email Apps for iPhone?

Polymail, eM Client, ProtonMail, Outlook, Spark, Blue Mail, Newton Mail, and Edison Mail are the simplest iPhone email apps.

3. What Email app comes pre-installed with the iPhone?

The native “Mail” app comes pre-installed with all iOS devices.

4. What way can I restore the mail app on the iPhone?

The mail app comes to neglect the iPhone. However, for a few of the opposite reasons you’ve got deleted this app, you’ll be able to restore it. Within the App Store, search the “Mail” app on iPhone. Once you found the Mail app within the App Store, you only got to faucet the Cloud button to its right. The Mail app can transfer and install on your iPhone.


The iOS email app universe is saturated with options, some wonderful, some…not. However, with all the alternatives, one is certain to work however you use—or plan to use—email. If you are not certain that one’s right for you, strive over one. They are all free or low-cost, and it may be fun to experiment with several different designs for managing email on your phone or pill.

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