How Social Media is Used in the Gaming Industry

How Social Media is Used in the Gaming Industry

Figure 1 All betting firms use social media

Online sports betting and casino gaming has really taken off in recent years. Legislation changes in the US and around the world have meant that millions more people have had the opportunity to find out about betting online. There have also been advances in technology.

Those developments have come at the same time as a popularity increase and have made it even easier for those new customers to find out about gambling. Users can find out about betting sites at MyTopSportsbooks and others. But there is a huge crossover between social media and betting – and the communication tends to go both ways.

Social Media Use

Social Media Use

Social media has changed the way people interact. Although some people will complain and moan that we are obsessed with our phones and should wrestle ourselves away from social media, there is no doubt that it plays a very important role in our lives.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are just three social media platforms that have infiltrated just about everything. Mainstream media sometimes seems to be dictated by what is happening on social media and that is where a lot of people actually get their information. That is just one reason why betting firms are so interested in it.

Social Betting

This increased use of social media – and technology as a whole – has made betting much easier and acceptable for many. It has also brought a new type of gambling in the form of social betting. The stereotype of a loser loner who gambles away his money in dimly lit bars is one very much of the past.

Now friends get together to play fantasy sports and put together their March Madness brackets. Betting firms have encouraged this kind of activity in the hope that they can make betting a much more wholesome affair – and it is fair to say that they are succeeding.

How Betting Firms Use Social Media

Gambling companies are never slow to exploit a new way of making more money and the use of social media has helped them immensely. They will communicate with their customers – and potential customers – through social media platforms and inform users of the latest news, markets and odds.

Once a customer has signed up for an account with an online sportsbook the vast amount of marketing is carried out through social media. Whether it is a tweet or a Facebook post, bettors are constantly informed of more ways to bet on the latest sports – and how much fun they could be having online.

How Betting Firms Use Social Media

Figure 2 Using phones and social media has become a part of everyday life for many

How Customers Use Social Media to Bet

Betting firms would not use social media if it weren’t a two-way street. Today’s customer is quite happy using their mobile phone to get information and to actually place bets. They use their mobile devices for so much that including betting as part of that is not seen as something strange.

Online sportsbooks have been pushing downloadable apps onto their customers – and have been very successful. The increase in users from the US has only continued that trend. Customers are quite happy to use the official social media platforms to claim bonuses and read content and that makes life even easier for the sportsbooks.

Communication is Key

As we have seen in just about every facet of daily life, the use of mobile devices and social media has increased. The lockdowns of the COVID pandemic made this even more prevalent and many younger people are not used to living their lives in any other way.

Social media is a great way for betting firms to communicate their message. It also gives customers the chance, or at least the feeling, that they are an equal contributor to the conversation. As long as social media continues to be a major part of everyone’s life, it will also continue to be a major tool for the gambling industry.

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