How to Make a Boat in Minecraft in 2023 [With Pictures]

How to Make a Boat in Minecraft

A boat is essential to ferry mobs across the huge water trenches in Minecraft. Taking to the water in Minecraft is an exciting endeavor, but the seas are not always calm and can be disastrous. Since swimming is not always the best option, you must learn how to make a boat in Minecraft and its various functions.

Do you want to travel far and wide across the waters in Minecraft? Whether it’s a modest roll boat or a showy ship to parade around the waterways, all boats in Minecraft allow you to travel securely and transfer mobs.

Note that the boat’s speed fluctuates depending on the block you are sailing on. Before I offer a step-by-step guide on how to build a boat, here are some boat usages in Minecraft:

  • To carry stuff and animals around.
  • To take the team on a boat ride across the water.
  • To transport items for exchange purposes, such as fuel items.
  • To carry out fishing activities.

Materials required to craft a boat in Minecraft

Boats being a staple in Minecraft, their crafting recipe isn’t that complicated. Here is all you need:

Materials required to craft a boat in Minecraft

  • One crafting table.
  • Five wooden planks.
  • One wooden shovel.

Note that you can only use one type of wood to craft a boot. However, you can make different boats of your choice from different wood planks. Some types of wood in Minecraft to craft boats include:

Types of wood in Minecraft to craft boats

  • Oak planks
  • Acadia planks
  • Birch planks
  • Spruce planks
  • Dark Oak planks
  • Jungle planks

How to craft a boat in Minecraft

craft a boat in Minecraft

Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial:

craft a boat in Minecraft tutorial

Step 1: Gather the material needed

  • Acquire wood blocks occasionally found in mineshafts or by chopping down trees in NPC villages.
  • From one block of wood, you will get four wood planks.
  • Note that you require a total of five wood planks.

you require a total of five wood planks

Step 2: On the crafting table, place your wood planks.

Crafting table- place your wood planks

  • Assemble three Wood Planks in the first three lower crafting grid spaces.
  • Set a Wooden Plank one slot above the bottom left plank.
  • Put the final wood plank one slot above the plank in the bottom right.
  • Leave all the other slots empty.

Step 3: Craft your desired boat.

Craft your desired boat

Drag your boat into one of the lower slots to add it to your inventory, or else hold Shift on the keyboard and then click on the boat.

How to place a boat in the water in Minecraft

place a boat in the water in Minecraft

To get your boat sailing; do this:

  • Locate a calm environment on the water.
  • Locate a calm environment on the water. On the inventory, select the boat.
  • Right-click on the water to position your boat.
  • Now that your boat is in position, you may set sail.

How to sail a boat in Minecraft

sail a boat in Minecraft

To successfully sail a boat in Minecraft, here are some vital controls you must learn:

  • To mount it on the boat, use the item key.
  • To move right, left, forward, or backward, use the direction keys to steer,
  • To exit the boat, use the sneak key.
  • To increase the field of vision, use the sprint key.

On the water, boats offer a high level of safety because they are impervious to collision damage. However, boats are impacted by the water movement and will either move with the flow of the water or in the direction you steer them.


Q. How can you demolish a boat in Minecraft?

You can break a boat with your hands or a tool, causing it to fall off by itself. However, natural factors such as fire will destroy your boat. However, when boats are dropped from heights, they shatter into sticks and wood planks upon impact with the earth.

Q. Can a collision while sailing in Minecraft sink your ship?

In the event of a collision while sailing, your vessel will not be destroyed or damaged.

Q. Can a boat be placed on land in Minecraft?

Yes, to dock a boat on dry land, right-click it. However, it’s so slow while maneuvering on dry land. Note that boats also sink into the earth; therefore, you must smash the block next to it when it sinks.


That’s it; now you own a boat in Minecraft. Through the article, you have learned how to a boat, its necessities, and its usefulness. For adventure or transport items across vast water masses in Minecraft, follow the simple procedure above to build yourself a boat.

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