Building the Ultimate Defensive Wall in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest defensive wall

In Sons of the Forest, having a strong defensive wall around your base is absolutely critical to survive the relentless attacks from cannibals and mutants. A good defensive wall acts as the first line of defense, buying you precious time when faced with raids.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to build the ultimate defensive wall in Sons of the Forest that will withstand even the most brutal sieges.

What You‘ll Need

To build a defensive wall, you only need two things:

  • Logs – Obviously, logs are the building blocks of the wall itself. You‘ll need a ton of them, easily over 100. The thicker and taller the wall, the more logs required. Collect them by chopping down trees.

  • Axe – An axe allows you to chop down trees to collect logs faster. The modern axe is the best as it‘s more efficient, but the plane axe or rusty axe also get the job done.

That‘s it! Now let‘s look at some defensive wall design considerations before starting the build.

Design Considerations

When designing and placing your defensive wall, keep these factors in mind:

Wall Thickness

  • Make your wall at least 2-3 logs thick, if not more. This prevents enemies from busting through it easily.

  • Vary the thickness in different sections if you‘d like. For example, make high traffic areas like the front gate thicker.


  • Taller is better! Aim for at least 5-6 logs high. This prevents cannibals from climbing over.

  • Adding custom platforms and structures on top of the wall provides an excellent vantage point.

Looped Enclosures

  • Enclose your entire base in the wall, no gaps. This funnels enemies through your front gate.

  • Close off any rocky cliffs, caves, or water openings flush with the wall. These could provide alternate access points.

Defensive Spikes

  • Line the outside AND top of your walls with outward facing defensive spikes. These damage enemies trying to attack your walls.

  • You can hang enemy corpses on the spikes too!

Now that we‘ve covered the design considerations, let‘s start the building process.

How to Build the Defensive Wall

Follow along with these steps to build an impenetrable defensive barrier:

1. Layout the Perimeter

  • Walk around your base perimeter and visualize the wall layout. Use colored flags to mark corners and gates.

  • Use natural barriers like cliffs wherever possible to reduce construction.

Placing colored flags

2. Prepare the Materials

  • Chop down every tree in sight! You‘ll easily need 150-200+ logs. Stockpile them near your base.

  • Equip your best axe for maximum efficiency. Repair as needed.

Chopping trees

3. Build the Wall Foundation

  • Start placing vertical logs around the perimeter using your layout flags as guides.

  • Build 2-3 logs thickness minimum. Vary thickness as desired.

  • Close up any gaps! Cannibals will find the weakest spot.

Building wall foundation

4. Build Layers Upward

  • Continue stacking horizontal logs layer-by-layer until you reach desired height.

  • Vary the height if you‘d like, keeping front gates taller.

  • Add defensive spikes now facing outward along the wall.

Building layers upwards

5. Fortify the Gate

  • Designate a front gate location, 5-6 logs wide.

  • Flank both sides with defensive walls and spikes.

  • Add traps directly outside the entrance!

Fortifying the gate

6. Continually Maintain and Upgrade

  • Inspect your walls regularly for damage. Repair weakened areas promptly.

  • Expand, elevate, or fortify more as your base grows over time.

And that‘s it! Follow those steps carefully and you‘ll have an extremely effective defensive barrier. Now it‘s time to add some optional extras.

Defensive Wall Enhancements

Here are some bonus tips for upgrading your wall:

Wall Platforms

Add wooden platforms on top of walls for archers and lookouts. Include log holders, water collectors, chests, etc. Elevate critical parts for better visibility.

Wall platforms

Traps & Alarms

Rig spike and log traps outside walls and around gates. Set up conspicuous effigies on pikes to intimidate cannibals. Build fire and loud horn alarms.

Traps and alarms

Reinforced Entry Gates

Front gates take the most abuse. Use extra defensive walls in a zig-zag pattern leading up to a heavily fortified gate area with multiple traps.

Reinforced entry gates

Defending Against Raids

When the cannibal raids inevitably arrive, employ these defensive tactics:

  • Rain down arrows, Molotov cocktails, and explosives from wall platforms
  • Funnel enemies into traps and kill zones inside your gates
  • Flank outside the walls and attack them from behind
  • Retreat safely inside your impenetrable walls when overwhelmed!

By incorporating all these wall-building and defensive strategies, you‘ll be well equipped to withstand the extreme hostility of the forest.

Stay tuned for more tips and guides on excelling at Sons of the Forest! Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments section.

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