How to Make Clay in Minecraft (Easy Minecraft Tutorial)

How to Make Clay in Minecraft

Clay is one of the less common materials in Minecraft. Therefore, locating it can be pretty challenging if you are new to Minecraft. A better alternative would be creating clay blocks from mud. This article guides you on how to do that.

Even though clay blocks aren’t used very often in Minecraft, you can accomplish a lot with them. As an illustration, clay blocks can be broken down into clay balls which are then smelted into bricks that you can use to construct buildings. The creation of terracotta blocks is another excellent example.

Terracotta blocks are blocks that come in 16 dye colors. Players can use the terracotta blocks to create more aesthetically pleasing items. If you find yourself needing clay, you can use methods such as mining. However, if you do not find such ways convenient, you can try making clay from mud. Read on to learn more.

How To Make Clay From Mud

Make Clay From Mud

To create clay on Minecraft, you will need mud. A recent update on Minecraft has made it easy for players to turn mud into clay quickly. All you will need is water bottles and a block of dirt. First, let’s look into how you can get water bottles. An easy way to do so is to toss a piece of glass into the v-shaped crafting table.

You can throw as many glasses as needed to get the desired water bottles. We recommend that you create at least nine water bottles. After getting the empty water bottles, you can fill them with water using a cauldron or an alternative water source.

v-shaped crafting table

Now that you have the water bottles, you will need to get some blocks of dirt. If you intend to use all nine water bottles, you will need nine blocks of dirt. While holding the bottle of water, right-click and click on “Use Item” while aiming at the block of dirt. Once you are done, the dirt will be converted into mud which you can mine using a shovel.

Aiming at the block of dirt

The following step is perhaps the most difficult. You will have to locate a dripstone caves biome. There is no conventional way or trick to help you quickly find one. We, however, recommend that you start searching inland since they tend to spawn away from water bodies.

Dripstone caves biome

Now, you have to utilize the stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Mine the blocks above the blocks that the dripstone is hanging from. Once you are done, replace the blocks with mud and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. The mud will be completely drained of its water and transformed into clay.

Stalactites hanging from the ceiling

Where Else Can You Get Clay

Else Can You Get Clay

If you do not want to go through the hustle of creating clay blocks from mud, you can quickly get clay blocks using the following methods.

Mining Clay

Mining Clay

You can mine clay blocks using any item. Using a shovel is, however, recommended as it is quicker. You must first locate a large water body, such as an ocean. Once you get one, you can look for clay inside or near the banks. A pro tip is to use a tool enchanted with Silk Touch. If you do so, the clay blocks drop themselves.

Finding Chests

Finding Chests

If you are lucky, you might find clay inside your chests. At times there is clay located inside a chest inventory. You can find chests in many locations, such as villages, caves, dungeons, and ravines. You are free to keep whatever you find inside a chest.


Creating clay from mud can be a rather complicated task if you are new to Minecraft. You will first need to make water bottles, fill them with water, and then use them with dirt blocks to create mud. Once you have created the mud blocks, you must locate a dripstone caves biome and utilize the stalactites hanging from the ceiling.

After that, you have to mine the blocks above the blocks that the dripstone is hanging from and replace them with mud. This creates clay blocks by draining water out of the mud. If this process seems daunting, you can try alternative methods, such as locating the clay in chests.

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