The Top 10 Best Melee Weapons in Fallout 76

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With over 300 hours of gameplay in Fallout 76 under my belt, I‘ve become an expert on tracking down the wasteland‘s most formidable melee weapons. Whether you prefer swift blades, crushing hammers, electrifying staffs, or deadly gloves, this guide covers them all.

From my extensive testing and combat experience across Appalachia, these are definitively the top 10 best melee weapons available in Fallout 76:

1. Deathclaw Gauntlet

Deathclaw Gauntlet

Base Damage: 45
Level Requirement: 30
Legendary Effects: Yes

Crafted from actual Deathclaw claws and affixed to a sturdy gauntlet, the Deathclaw Gauntlet allows you to harness the raw power of Appalachia‘s most fearsome creature.

Delivering 45 base damage at the entry level requirement of 30, the Deathclaw Gauntlet can dish out devastating blows, especially when combined with Strength boosting armor and perks. It can be further upgraded to level 50 for even greater damage.

As an unarmed melee weapon, the Deathclaw Gauntlet is compatible with perks like Iron Fist and Incisor to improve its armor penetration and impact force. When found with additional legendary modifiers, it becomes a virtually unstoppable force of wasteland destruction.

Where to Find It: Craftable at weapons workbenches with the correct materials and perk cards unlocked, or acquired as a random legendary drop

2. Super Sledge

Super Sledge

Base Damage: 65
Level Requirement: 30
Legendary Effects: Yes

Outfitted with a rocket booster at the end, the Super Sledge generates massive kinetic energy with each swing, pulverizing anything in its path. It offers the highest base damage of all heavy melee weapons.

While slow and cumbersome, properly timed and aimed strikes with the Super Sledge at 65 base damage can one-shot most enemies. Like the Deathclaw Gauntlet, it also gets bonuses from relevant perk cards to further amplify its destructive potential.

Legendary variants with bonuses like 40% faster swing speed and +50% damage on power attacks make the Super Sledge a prized possession.

Where to Find It: Lootable from high level Super Mutants, acquired from faction vendors, or crafted from plans

3. Power Fist

Power Fist

Base Damage: 48
Level Requirement: 30
Legendary Effects: Yes

Despite its antiquated design, the Power Fist packs a serious punch, backed by hydraulic pistons to deliver devastating blows with 48 base damage.

With a level 30 requirement, it‘s a great weapon for mid to high level brawlers specced into Strength and unarmed damage bonuses. The Power Fist also benefits from perks like Iron Fist and Incisor.

It can be found as a random world spawn, but I‘ve had the most luck acquiring it from the interior trading post at the top of Tanagra Town, where a static one always spawns.

Where to Find It: Guaranteed static spawn in Tanagra Town, or random world drops

4. Grognak‘s Axe

Grognak's Axe

Base Damage: 65
Level Requirement: 30
Legendary Effects: Yes

Grognak’s Axe is one of the most iconic melee weapons in the Fallout series, wielded by the hero Grognak the Barbarian in comics scattered across the wasteland.

In Fallout 76, Grognak‘s Axe replicates that incredible damage with the highest base damage of all one-handed melee weapons. It‘s also heavily modified from its comic book depiction, with motors and blades to cleave through enemies.

Grognak’s Axe starts at 65 base damage, and I once found a legendary one that dealt over 200 damage per hit. It can only be obtained as a random drop, but try server hopping during the Holiday Scorched event for increased chances.

Where to Find It: Random legendary enemy drops, especially during Holiday Scorched event

5. Sheepsquatch Club

Sheepsquatch Club

Base Damage: 20
Level Requirement: 10
Legendary Effects: Yes

Don’t let its low initial damage at level 10 fool you. When fully upgraded to level 50, the Sheepsquatch Club with its unique ram skull aesthetics deals 60 base damage, making it one of the top heavy hitters.

Despite its intimidating appearance suggesting otherwise, this two-handed monstrosity can be wielded singly when wearing Power Armor.

The main drawback is that plans for the Sheepsquatch Club can only be obtained by completing the “Free Range” event, which spawns a challenging Sheepsquatch. But the reward is worth the risk!

Where to Find It: Rewarded for completing Free Range event

6. Ski Sword

Ski Sword

Base Damage: 35
Level Requirement: 15
Legendary Effects: Yes

Here’s one melee weapon you can shred enemies with while pretending to shred some slopes! From its visual design alone, the Ski Sword is easily one of my favorites.

Despite being fashioned from an old ski and lacquered wood, it can dish out 35 base damage starting at only level 15 requirement. Combined with medium swing speed, it allows for rapid flurries of attacks.

Legendary variants can boost damage considerably. I once stumbled upon an Exterminator’s 40% faster swing speed Ski Sword that absolutely shredded bugs and Mirelurks. Highly underrated weapon!

Where to Find It: Guaranteed spawn southeast of Marigold Pavilion

7. War Glaive

War Glaive

Base Damage: 62
Level Requirement: 30
Legendary Effects: Yes

With its lengthy twin blade polearm design allowing for long reach and wide arc sweeps, the War Glaive excels at hitting multiple enemies at once.

Requiring level 30, it starts with high base damage of 62, exceptional for rapid crowd control. I‘ve found legendary ones with 40% faster swing speed that can wipe out packs of enemies in seconds during events.

The main drawback of the War Glaive is it can only be obtained from Daily Ops, so collecting its plans requires some grinding. But it’s worth the effort to wield this war machine!

Where to Find It: Reward for completing Daily Ops

8. All Rise

All Rise super sledge

Base Damage: 90
Level Requirement: 50
Legendary Effects: No

All Rise is a unique variant of the Super Sledge requiring max level 50, dishing out 90 base damage without any bonuses. That alone makes it hit with the force of a truck.

As part of the Mayor for a Day quest in Watoga, All Rise can be rewarded for completing public events and revitalizing the broken down city.

It can‘t spawn with legendary modifiers, but All Rise compensates by simply having some of the highest base damage for a melee weapon. Adding Slugger perk cards can push it well over 100 damage!

Where to Find: Completing Mayor for a Day quest

9. Blade of Bastet

Blade of Bastet

Base Damage: 46
Level Requirement: 35
Legendary Effects: No

The Blade of Bastet is a Shishkebab with blue energy arcs along the blade that delivers compound physical and energy damage with every slash.

Part of the Forging a Legend quest, it can only be obtained by completing tasks for the Mistress of Mystery at the Riverside Manor. But at 46 base damage, the Blade of Bastet is an effective reward.

It can‘t spawn legendary modifiers, yet remains one of the best one-handed melee weapons from a unique questline. Plus, it looks incredibly cool unsheathed!

Where to Find It: Completing Forging a Legend quest

10. Guitar Sword

Guitar Sword

Base Damage: 35
Level Requirement: 15
Legendary Effects: Yes

Last up is one purely to sate your musical mayhem tendencies. With six metal blades along the neck and body, the Guitar Sword perfectly blends rock and roll with ruthless combat.

Requiring only level 15, it dishes a respectable 35 base damage for a one-handed instrument of destruction. Overall it has balanced speed and reach, allowing for rapid musical beatdowns.

I once acquired a legendary Guitar Sword with 40% faster swing speed and +1 Strength that could shred enemies with a hardcore metal solo!

Rock on and lay waste to the wasteland with this Doom Metal concert of carnage!

Where to Find It: Guaranteed spawn at Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

While those rank among the definitive top tier, here are a few other solid melee weapons worth mentioning:

  • Pole Hook: High damage heavy hitter with extended reach
  • Baseball Bat: All-round balanced one-hander for beginners
  • Fire Axe: Slow but tremendously powerful two-handed chops
  • Death Tambo: Spiked tambourine that hits a deadly tune
  • Meat Hook: Gruesome unarmed option favoring bloodied builds
  • Boxing Glove: Rapid jabs effective against early enemies
  • Combat Knife: Quick lightweight last resort blade

Customizing and upgrading your melee weapons with mods can grant serious damage bonuses:

  • Heated Coil/Burning Barbed Mods: Deal fire damage over time
  • Electrified/Electric Signal Mods: Additional energy damage
  • Extra Flame Jets: Enhance existing fire damage weapons
  • Poisoned Mod: Chance to poison enemies
  • Additional/Extended Blades: Increases swing range and impact radius
  • Stun Gun/Stun Pack Mods: Chance to stun targets
  • Weighted/Heavy Mods: Increase damage at the cost of swing speed

Attach any weapons with serrated or electrified modifications to your Power Armor arms to increase base unarmed damage.

If focusing a build around melee combat, these are essential perks to max out damage:

Strength Tree:

  • Iron Fist: Increase unarmed damage
  • Gladiator: Up one-handed melee damage
  • Slugger: Boost two-handed melee weapons
  • Martial Artist: Faster swing speed
  • Incisor: Improved armor penetration

Luck Tree:

  • Bloody Mess: Flat damage bonus to all attacks

Wearing the right armor and gear can provide major buffs:

  • Unyielding Armor: Up to +3 Strength at low health
  • Bolstering Armor: More Strength the lower your health
  • Deathclaw Gauntlet Extra Claw: Adds third claw attack
  • Power Armor Arms: Attach mods to boost unarmed damage

So there you have it, the full scoop on acquiring the most potent melee weapons across the Appalachian wasteland! Whether you prefer fists, blades, sledges, axes or even guitars, this guide highlights ideal options to utterly demolish your foes in close quarters combat.

Stay tuned for more specialist Fallout 76 insights and let me know your favorite melee weaponry!

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