How to Get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft 1.19 (How to Use)

How to Get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft

Minecraft Amethyst Shards is one of the best Minecraft materials that was introduced in the first rendition of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update. You can use this crystalline material as a fancy decoration or craft a Spyglass and Tinted Glass. Being a new item, it can be confusing to get and use it.

Unfortunately, you cannot make Amethyst Shards with a crafting table or furnace like other materials in the game. Therefore, you’ll have to find and gather it within the game. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft and everything you’ll need to know about this precious item.

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How to Get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft

Amethyst Shards in Minecraft

If you’re looking for these purple crystal shards, you’ll first have to know where and how to find them. Here are the steps you can take to find Amethyst Shards.

1. Find a geode

Find a geode

Unlike other items in the game, you’ll not find Amethyst Shards lying around. You can only get Amethyst Shards by mining amethyst clusters found in geodes. Geodes are large spherical structures that are pretty easy to spot. They are found between the bedrock and Y-level-70. Since they form anywhere between these ranges, you should be on the lookout for smooth basalt. When partially exposed to the surface, you’ll see a faint glowing light from a distance. You can also find geodes inside caves and ravines. Alternatively, visit the ocean, and you’ll find them on beaches or underwater. You should have the right breathing tools to help you explore the ocean for amethysts.

2. Break through the geode layers

The geode has three layers, with the Amethyst Shards inside the inner layer. Therefore, after finding a geode, you’ll have to break through the first two layers to reach the inner layer. In the inner layer of the geode, you’ll see a small, medium, and large amethyst buds and amethyst clusters growing on Budding Amethyst blocks. These are the growth stages of the amethyst bud. You can recognize them by the cross-shape on their sides. You should only mine fully formed Amethyst Clusters because it’s the only stage that will drop Amethyst Shards when mined.

3. Break or mine the Amethyst Clusters

Break or mine the Amethyst Clusters

After finding the Amethyst Clusters, you can either mine or break them. You can mine amethyst clusters using a non-silk touch or a pickaxe. They will drop 4 amethyst shards. On the other hand, breaking the Amethyst Clusters with other tools, items or mechanisms will only give you two Amethyst Shards. You can increase the number of Shards dropped by using the Fortune enchantment.

It would help if you remembered that mining the Amethyst Cluster with tools enchanted with Silk Touch will drop it rather than the Amethyst Shards.

4. Pick up the Amethyst Shard

Pick up the Amethyst Shard

After the Amethyst Cluster drops the Amethyst Shards, you should remember to pick them up before they disappear. You should see them in your Hotbar. Since they are valuable items, you should keep them in your inventory when needed.

Uses of Amethyst Shards

You can use Amethyst Shards to craft various materials, including tinted glass, spy glasses, and amethyst blocks.

1. Block of Amethyst

Block of Amethyst

You can craft a lock of Amethyst for decorative purposes. To do this, you’ll have to place 4 Amethyst shards in the crafting grid.

2. Spyglass

Spyglass is a new item that was added to the latest Minecraft update. You’ll have to find two copper ingots to craft the Spyglass. After that, you can place one Amethyst Shard on top of two copper ingots. This will make Spyglass. You can use it to zoom in on specific locations.

3. Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

To create a tinted glass, you’ll need 4 Amethyst shards and one glass block. You can then put the 4 Amethyst shards and the glass into the crafting table to make tinted glass. The tinted glass allows you to see through but blocks out light. You can use it as a building material and reuse it when broken.

4. Allay duplication

Allay duplication

You can give an Amethyst shard to an allay dancing to an active jukebox. They will emit heat particles after consuming them and then duplicate into another allay.


When looking for Amethyst shards, you should first find a geode. You can explore your surroundings to ensure that you find a geode with many budding amethyst blocks. Even though Amethyst shards can only be found by mining Amethyst clusters, they are pretty easy to find. However, you’ll need special tools to mine these remarkable materials. We hope that this guide helped you understand everything about Amethyst Shards. You can then use them for the various purposes discussed above.

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