Top 5 Popular Essay Topics

Popular Essay Topics

Are you looking for the best topic for your essay to accomplish it with success? Here are the top five topics you can deal with to feel proud of your work.

Every student dreams about a perfectly written paper that would bring great results and emotional satisfaction that their mission is completely fulfilled. Choosing a suitable topic is a key factor to successful work, as an essay that incorporates issues relevant for you personally is twice as satisfying and interesting to implement.

However, many students face writer’s block that prevents them from creating valuable topics or having ideas for managing the task well. Thus, young learners tend to turn to special assistance for help and handle boring topics that might cause confusion and misunderstanding.

It’s highly recommended to pick out the issues that are of great importance for you to benefit from your work and use this experience in your life. Of course, if you find it hard to cope with complex topics or cannot find the necessary material to cover them, you can turn to a writing service for help.

Requesting, “Can I trust this edusson review?” will bring you the possibility to delegate your assignments with no stress and tension. However, if you want to deal with the tasks by yourself, take the topic you are familiar with, so you could spend less time researching the subject or seeking information that should be included in your work.

Here are the most popular essay topics and ideas to help you find the one that would fit your needs or interest you the most to inspire greater achievements.

1. Life Lessons You Have Learned during the Quarantine

Life Lessons You Have Learned during the Quarantine

There are a lot of topics devoted to COVID-19 and pandemic situations, and it’s hard to neglect this matter while preparing an essay. Many young students don’t miss a chance to raise this issue in their world and share their thoughts on how self-isolation influenced their lives.

Thus, by picking out this topic, you can describe your personal story and what lesson it taught you while undergoing such a strange and unusual time for all people. You can share your ideas on coping with panic or help those who experience emotional problems due to unexpected situations that nobody could ever predict.

Such a hot issue like pandemic will appeal to most readers, which may also affect your grade if you prepare it well and put all your effort and diligence into its fulfillment.

2. Are People Who Went to College More Successful?

This topic goes to the cause and effect category, which gives you a great chance to analyze the subject and give particular examples of people in similar situations. Covering such a topic is common among students at both school and college levels. “Reason and result” style implies explaining how gaining qualification and success are connected.

You can do your own research or refer to studies that prove that college graduates earn significantly more money throughout their lifetime than those who decided to stop learning after high school. You can also compare earnings with a Bachelor’s degree with a higher-level degree to present more evidence of how important education can be in your country.

3. Does Consumerism Pose a Big Issue for the World?

Choosing an argumentative topic is great for presenting arguments both for and against a certain matter. Whether you want to support one idea or present worthy statements for both sides of a problem, it’s up to you.

The option is yours. Thus, when you work with such subjects as consumerism and what problems it causes in people’s lives. First, you can present figures showing increased land use and pollutant emissions that lead to accelerated climate change.

Mentioning the demand for goods will also provide you with dozens of arguments that you can use in your essay. Thus, you will be able to target many issues at the same time that are significant to you and create a perfect work with worthy information presented.

4. A Person Who Inspires You

A Person Who Inspires You

Dealing with the narrative topic offers a great chance to imagine yourself as a real writer. So you can proudly share your personal stories or picture yourself in a hypothetical situation that would be significant to you and completely change your attitude or perception of life if it happens to you for real.

You can craft any story with any emotional tone in it, whether it’s funny or sad, when remembering the smallest details of how you met the person you get inspiration from or under what circumstances you got acquainted with them.

The details play the most important role in your writing, so make sure you describe every nuance and don’t miss anything that might draw the most interest from the reader.

5. Why We Procrastinate and How to Avoid It

It’s an example of an informative essay that is similar to a research type. However, your goal here is to present the facts and educate readers on a matter. Thus, try to explain why people tend to procrastinate when it comes to dealing with difficult and unpleasant tasks.

If the task feels especially overwhelming and provokes significant anxiety, people find it easier to avoid it. Suggest some solutions to the matter, explaining how to raise self-esteem and improve the situation. Many students prefer such topics to help them work out their problems.

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