Luxsocks Alternatives: 14 Best Socks5 Proxies like Luxsocks Proxy (2023)

Luxsocks Alternatives

Are you looking for the best alternatives to the Luxsocks proxy service? Then you are on the right page as the article below has been written to provide you with recommendations on some of the best options in the market.

Overview of Luxsocks Alternatives

  • Bright Data: 72+ Million IPs in Pool – <Starts from $15 for 1GB | $15 per GB> – Overall Best Luxsocks Alternative
  • Smartproxy: 40+ Million IPs in Pool – <Starts from $75 for 5GB | $15 per GB> – Fastest Residential Proxies
  • Soax: 5 Million IPs in Pool – <Starts from $99 for 8GB> – Clean Proxy Pool
  • Proxy-Seller: Undisclosed IP Pool – <Starts from $99 for 8GB>Cheap Socks5 Proxy Alternative for Luxsock
  • IPV4: Undisclosed IP Pool – <Starts fromCost: $0.45 for 3 days>Versatile proxy service
  • ProxyEmpire: 9.7+ Million IPs in Pool – <Starts from $2.14 per proxy> – Affordable Residential Proxies  
  • Rayobyte: 10+ million IPs in Pool – <Starts from $60 monthly for 4GB | $15 per GB> – Good Alternative to Luxsocks
  • Shifter: 31+ Million IPs in Pool – <Starts from $249.99 for 10 ports| $25 per port> – Unlimited Bandwidth Support
  • Stormproxies: 70K IPs in Pool – <Starts from $50 for 5 ports | $10 per port> – Cheap Unlimited Bandwidth Support
  • NetNut: 52 million IPs in pool – <Starts from $350 for 20GB | $17.5 per GB> – Great Luxsocks Alternative
  • Proxy-Sale: 65K+ IPs in Pool – <Starts from $0.70 per proxy> – Best SOCKS5 Private Proxies
  • Proxy-Cheap: 7+ million IPs in Pool – <Starts from $5 monthly for 1GB> – Cheap Residential proxies
  • Hydraproxy: 5+ million IPs in Pool – <Starts from $5 monthly for 1GB> – Support Proxy List Generation
  • ASocks: 70K IPs in Pool – <Starts from $39 for 20GB | $1.98 per GB> – Cheapest SOCKS5 Proxy Alternative to Luxsocks

The Best Luxsocks Alternatives in 2023

Luxsocks Offical URL:

What sense will it make to hold on to a proxy service which has become obsolete when you have better proxies to replace it? That is the case of Luxsocks proxy compared to the other proxies in the market. Luxury Socks Proxy, which is otherwise known as Luxsocks, is out of the market.

However, users who were using it had no idea of other proxies that they could use for the tasks they are using Luxsocks. It might interest you to know that there are many other providers in the market that provide you with SOCKS5 proxies and even their HTTPS counterparts not provided by the Luxsocks proxies.

With the number of proxies in the market, former users of Luxsocks are in a dilemma of what proxy to purchase. Our research had shown that even when Luxsocks was operative, the users seemed to dislike its service.

As such, they are in search of alternative proxies that have features that beat their former proxy service provider. If you also belong here, worry no more. We have listed the best alternative proxies that can perfectly substitute for Luxsocks in this article.

1. Bright Data — Overal Best Luxsocks Alternative

Bright Data Review

  • IP Pool Size: Over 72 million IPs
  • Locations: All countries and major cities around the world
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 1GB
  • Cost: Starts from $15 monthly for 1GB

Bright is by far the best proxy service when residential proxies is concerned. Its wide geographical range of 195 countries is not only the factor that places it at this rank but also its over 72 million IP addresses. This makes it easy to gather a vast amount of data from the public web without getting blcoked. It is therefore a wonderful alternative for Luxsocks. Its effective support for both SOCK and HTTPS protocols makes it a good substitute for Luxsocks. Bright data changes your IP address with a new request. However, it has the ability to maintain a single IP for up to 30 minutes if you wish so.

It has a very high speed for browsing and downloading. Though it is averagely expensive, the prices are based on the bandwidths of your choice. There is also a free trial and a live support team on standby.

2. Smartproxy — Fastest Luxsocks Alternative

Smartproxy For Residential use

  • IP Pool Size: Over 40 million IPs
  • Locations: 195 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 5GB
  • Cost: Starts from $75 monthly for 5GB

Smartproxy is also an excellent alternative for Luxsocks. It is one of the best residential proxies in the market. This proxy has over 40 million IP addresses in 195 countries of the world, with IPs in major cities. Unlike Luxsocks, the speed of SmartProxy is very high, less than 1.5 sec. A single subscription to Smartproxy allows you to have unlimited threads and connections. While Smartproxy is a rotating residential proxy, it does support up to 30 minutes of sticky sessions. An interesting feature of this proxy is its simple interface.

Furthermore, Smartproxy has a bot service for web scraping. However, to minimize risk, the service providers give a 3-day money-back package. They also have a live chat support feature on the website. A more interesting fact about the proxy is its affordable prices and compatibility with all devices.

3. Soax — Clean Proxy Pool with High Quality Proxies

Soax Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: Over 5 million IPs
  • Locations: Over 100 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 8GB
  • Cost: Starts from $99 monthly for 8GB

Soax is another affordable residential proxy as an alternative for Luxsocks in the market. It has a wide locational horizon with support for over 100 different countries around the world. Soax has got over 8.5 million IP addresses sourced from real desktops. They claim to have a well-cleansed IP pool as they often check for bad IPs for immediate removal. Soax allows you to have an unlimited connection simultaneously. This implies that you can make use of tens of thousands of IPs at a time.

It offers you not only a Socks proxy that can substitute Luxsocks but also HTTPS proxies. The bandwidth is price dependent. Interestingly, the price is affordable for large, medium, and small-scale enterprises. With as low as $99, you can have a monthly subscription with 8GB from them. They also have a technical support team stand-by.

4. Proxy-Seller —Cheap Socks5 Proxy Alternative for Luxsock

Proxy-Seller Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: Unknown
  • Locations: Over 50 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from $2.14 per proxy monthly

Just like Luxsocks company gives customers access to unlimited bandwidth and good location coverage, Proxy sellers add more features. The company offers IPV4 and advanced IPV6 proxies as a private package that covers a wide location with perfect geo-targeting features. They have specifically optimized social media proxies for marketing, SEO, and data scraping.

Unlike the Luxsocks company, the proxy seller also goes beyond selling mobile 4G and ISP-static residential proxies. A further option, proxy-seller, promises simple configuration with other software as they are compatible with the socks5, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols.

You can count on the Peroxy seller proxies for carrying out multiple tasks such as SEO, Unblocking geo-targeting content, online gaming, youtube streaming, and even checking out sneakers because the company promises high speed. Because of the flexible pricing and cheap proxies, Proxy Seller is a perfect Luxsocks alternative with advanced features and access to extra tools.

5. IPV4 — Versatile proxy service

Proxy-Ipv4 Home Page

  • IP Pool Size: Undisclosed
  • Locations: Over 20 Locations
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $0.45 for 3 days

Luxsocks is no longer available for several reasons, leaving its users searching for alternatives. In the search for alternatives, Proxy IPv4 shines as a trustworthy and flexible choice among proxy services. Proxy IPv4 is a versatile proxy service offering strong authentication options with support for username/password and IP whitelisting. Users can ensure secure access to proxies tailored to their needs with various authentication methods. The service provides various proxy protocols, including HTTP(S) and SOCKS5, enhancing flexibility in browsing and connectivity.

Proxy IPv4 boasts extensive location coverage across continents, ensuring widespread access and choice for users seeking proxies from various regions. Its proxies are known for their high-speed performance, ensuring consistent and reliable browsing experiences. Proxy IPv4 offers affordable and flexible packages catering to both individual users and businesses. However, the service lacks a free trial option and offers refunds under specific conditions.

6. ProxyEmpire —Affordable Residential Proxies  

ProxyEmpire Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: Over 9,7 million
  • Locations: 170 locations across the globe
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 3GB
  • Cost: Starts at $45 monthly for 3GB

Being a new player on the market, ProxyEmpire manages to impress us with its low entry fees, clean IPs, and the option to save your unused data. ProxyEmpire’s rotating residential proxies include sophisticated targeting, allowing the user to target countries, regions, cities, and ISPs.

ProxyEmpire’s proxies support both HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols and can be integrated into any software stack that supports user and password proxy authentication. Another interesting benefit is their rollover bandwidth, which allows the user to keep the data that is not used.

Their cheapest plan is $45 for 3GB, which is more than enough for a user to try out their services without having to spend a lot of money.

7. Rayobyte — Fast Residential Proxies

Rayobyte Overview

  • IP Pool Size: Over 10 million
  • Locations: Many countries supported
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 4GB
  • Cost: Starts from $60 monthly for 4GB

Rayobyte is a popular US-based proxy company. It was introduced to the market in 2015. It offers both residential and datacenter proxies. Rayobyte runs protocols like Socks, HTTP, and HTTPS. This, therefore, makes it a perfect alternative for Luxsock proxy. With Rayobyte, you can target any city in any country of the world with no additional charges, according to the information on the official website. This proxy pool is larges and filled with ethically derived IP addresses. As a test, you will be given a 1GB free trial to ascertain the efficiency of the proxy.

The bandwidth allocation is determined by the package you subscribe to. You also have no limits to the number of threads. Interestingly, each connection gets a new IP address. The packages are affordable, and the support team is always on the ground to attend to you any time of the day.

8. Shifter — Unlimited Bandwidth Support

Shifter Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: Over 31 million IPs
  • Locations: All countries supported
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from $249.99 monthly for 10 special ports

Shifter is one of the frontiers in the proxy industry. It surfaced in the market in 2012 as Microleave. However, it rebranded as This proxy has grown thus far to have over 31 million IP addresses across major countries across different continents. This proxy service support both HTTP and SOCKS protocols. Therefore, it is a perfect alternative for the Luxsocks proxy. Shifter has unlimited bandwidth. As such, it makes it a good choice for tasks that consumes much bandwidth. It has an unlimited session though you can only use one IP address for 5 minutes before it is changed.

In addition, there is an unlimited thread or connection with Shifter. It also has a super fast speed. Another good feature of this proxy is the simple and easy steps of configuration. The pricing of this proxy is based on the number of ports, unlike bandwidth as it is in other residential proxies. They have a live chat and a 3-day refund.

9. Stormproxies – Affordable Unlimited Bandwidth Proxies

Stormproxies Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: About 40K IPs
  • Locations: US and EU only
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from $50 monthly for 5 ports

Stormproxies are backconnect residential proxies that change your IP within 3 – 5 minutes. It does that with each new request of HTTP. So it is a perfect match for tasks that require various IP addresses like web scrapping and SEO, ticketing, and sneakers sites. More to that, these proxies have unlimited bandwidth. Yet, Stormproxies give you a refund within 24 hours if you are not pleased with the service. That means you have 24 hours to try the service out. This proxy provider has up to 70K IPs in their pool which make them one of the smaller residential services out there.

These proxies offer both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Therefore, it can substitute Luxsocks. The locations supported is only the US and EU. However, you can change from one member country to another. Prices of the storms are also based on the number of ports. The interface and setup are so easy that a newbie won’t have any difficulty. Notwithstanding, they have a 24/7 customer support team.

10. NetNut: – Great Luxsocks Alternative

NetNut residential proxies-min

  • IP Pool Size: 52M+ IPs
  • Location:All Countries Worldwide
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 20GB
  • Cost: Starts from $350 monthly for 20GB

If you’re in search of a great substitute for Luxsocks regarding static residential proxies, NetNut is the answer. An ever-growing proxy service, NetNut stands out with its remarkable features and extensive global coverage, ideal for businesses and teams of all sizes.

NetNut’s Static Residential Proxy service exceeds our expectations of a Luxsocks replacement. It offers robust support for both HTTP and SOCKS proxies, allowing you to select the proxy type that fits your needs. This flexibility improves compatibility with the existing systems and processes you already have in place.

NetNut allows users to boot up unrestricted concurrent connections, unlike other providers with connection limits. Software developers, IT specialists, and Team Managers can now multitask effortlessly, saving their precious time and energy.

One thing NetNut’s one-hop ISP setup gives you is high-speed proxy connections. Bottlenecks won’t hinder your activities. Additionally, relish their IP is available every second of the day, meaning uninterrupted online sessions and data gathering. Work whenever and wherever you wish.

NetNut allows you to select from a range of flexible bandwidth options, beginning at 20GB, tailored to your data needs. Whether you’re a small business or a data-hungry enterprise, NetNut has a cost-effective solution waiting for you.

11. Asocks – Cheapest SOCKS5 Proxy Alternative to Luxsocks

ASocks Residential Proxies Overview

  • IP Pool Size: Over 70K IPs
  • Locations: Over 120 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 20GB
  • Cost: Starts from $39 monthly for 20GB

Asocks is also a good alternative proxy to replace Luxsocks in every angle. This proxy, though not as big as those mentioned earlier, has more than 70k legitimate and whitelisted IP addresses. these IPs addresses are sourced from more than 140 countries of the world. Asocks proxies run on HTTP, HTTPS, SOCK4, and SOCK5 protocols. The response time has a very high speed of 0.4 sec.

They have monthly and annual plans that range from Minimal across Standard, Premium, and VIP. The prices are based on the bandwidth. As an implication of that, the bandwidth is not unlimited. Interesting, you have a 7-days free trial to test the service before you make a monetary commitment. Lastly, you can also pay with cryptocurrency.

12. Proxy-sale – Best SOCKS5 Private Proxies

Proxy-Sale overview

  • IP Pool Size: over 65K IPs
  • Locations: over 27 countries supported
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts from $0.7 per proxy monthly

Proxy sale is the only datacenter proxy on this list of best alternative proxies for Luxsocks. It has dedicated proxies for many countries of the world, especially the US, Canada, European countries, and Asian and South American countries. Proxy sale has IPv4 and IPv6 proxies that run on HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols. Hence, it is an excellent substitute for Luxsocks. The speed is as high so,  it will provide you with a stable and fast internet connection. The dedicated IPs will serve only you till the end of your subscription plan.

They have an in-house team of experts that work round the clock to ensure the stability of your connection and cleanse the pool of IPs regularly. This team will also attend to your question on setting up your proxy promptly. While you will pay an affordable price to enjoy a rented IP/proxy, the proxy sale also has free proxies for general use, which are fit for a simple task.

13. Proxy-cheap  – Affordable Residential Proxies

Proxy-Cheap Residential Proxies

  • IP Pool Size: Over 7 million IPs
  • Locations: Over 127 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 1GB
  • Cost: Starts from $4.99 monthly for 1GB

Proxy cheap is another good alternative to substitute Luxsocks. It was founded in 2018. It has more than 55k users despite its late emergency in the market. This proxy company has over 11 million IPs in its pool. Their services are not limited to residential proxies. They also have a datacenter and mobile IPs. However, their residential IP pool has 6.9 million real rotated IPs. Proxy cheap has got support for more than 127 countries across the Globe, including major cities in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada.  This proxy has up to 30 minutes of sticky sessions.

Furthermore, its IPv4 service is efficient in removing blockings and limitations. The most interesting feature of this proxy is the dashboard setting which is easy to use and set up. Upon purchase, you have an instantly working proxy at hand. Though the pricing is based on bandwidth, it is affordable.  No fixed monetary commitment like other proxies. You can even buy as low as 1GB for as cheap as $5.

14. HydraProxy – Generate Unlimited Proxy Credentials

Hydraproxy Homepage

  • IP Pool Size: Over 5 million IPs
  • Locations: Over 100 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts from 1GB
  • Cost: Starts from $5 monthly for 1GB

Another reliable and efficient proxy to replace the Luxsock proxy is Hydrasproxy. It has enough residential proxies. These proxies have about 5 million IP addresses in their pool. The proxies have support for over 120 countries which you can make your choice. The connections of these proxies are unlimited, and it has both auto-rotated and sticky session IPs. You can use this proxy to generate a proxy list that can be used in your customized tool.

It has both HTTP and SOCKS. Thus it is a perfect alternative for Luxsocks. Additionally, it has unlimited (multi-point) access. The prices are flexible, and no commitment fee is required. However, they are based on the bandwidth. You can get 1GB for as low as $5 – the same price with Proxy-Cheap. The proxy is easy to use. More importantly, the proxy can be used on all devices. It is worthy of note that their services are not exclusive to residential proxies but also include mobile proxies.


Q. Why Use a Luxsocks Alternative?

The Luxsocks proxy service is no longer in existence as it has shut down. This means that all its users will be without proxies except if they get a replacement for them. At first, the first replacement that its users rushed to was the service, which is even better than the Luxsocks proxies by far.

However, at the time of writing this article, the service has also shut down. There is now a trend of SOCKS5 Proxy services shutting down, and as such, that is why we recommend the proxies above to you as they have higher chances of being in the market for long compared to proxies that are the same with the Luxsocks.

Q. Is the Use of Proxies Illegal?

The use of proxies is not illegal, and in fact, there are many proxy services like many of the ones described above that are fully registered and compliant with the law. In fact, Bright Data even force all its users to go through a KYC method in other to make use of it.

What makes it illegal for you to use proxies is if you illegally gain access to someone’s computer and use it as a proxy or when you use the proxies for tasks that are illegal. But for legitimate reasons, you are within the legal zone. It is important you ask a competent legal practitioner in your region what are the legal usage scenario of proxies in your area for better clarification.


The exit of the Luxsock proxy in the market should not be an issue. It is not worth it! In fact, it is a blessing in disguise as you will get to know better proxies in the market. All the proxies listed in this list can perfectly execute most of the work of Luxsock. Moreover, Luxsocks is very expensive and of low quality when compared to these other proxies.

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