What Does SMT Mean on Instagram? Slang Words Explain

SMT mean on Instagram

Users on Social media platforms use abbreviations to allow easy conversation between a chat of two or more. On Instagram, we have several abbreviations commonly used and updated after some time. As a user of Instagram, you will need to be updated with the abbreviation to know its current meaning.

We’re sure you’ve noticed that there’s been an influx of abbreviations on social media lately. It isn’t just teenagers who use them anymore, as adults and influencers are now joining in too! What does smt mean on Instagram? If you want to communicate better with those around you or add some humor to your captions, stories, or comments – then knowing the meaning of this acronym is essential! Read below for explanations and examples of when it can be used effectively.

What does SMT mean on Instagram

On Instagram, SMT has more than one meaning depending on how they are used in different contexts, which will have different meanings. The primary meaning of SMT here on Instagram is ” sucking my teeth,” and other meanings are “smiling to myself” and “send me this/that,” which are used depending on the type of context used.

Meaning of various SMT representatives

Meaning of various SMT representatives

Let us see if the meaning mentioned above is relevant to their context.

1: ‘Suck my teeth’

The slang word “SMT” has a meaning which simulates the sound of sucking teeth used by someone feeling disapproved, offended, or frustrated by another person’s doings like posting or replying to your chat.

More so, the phrase “Suck my teeth” can respond to a context to show how disapproved someone can be. For example, when you see an Instagram post you are offended by, you can apply the “sucking my teeth” as a reply.

Here is a true picture of how ” SMT ” is used in a conversation between two people who are frustrated or disappointed with the other.

Peter: I Am surprised and disappointed in you for not inviting me to last night’s party.

Kelvin: I’m sorry, it is because you have not been hanging out with us recently.

Peter: Smt!. That’s a lame excuse.

2: Send Me This/That

As you go through your Instagram feed, you can see a video or an image posted by one of your friends, and you also strive to have it. To show your interest in wanting the image or video, you chat with the person by typing ” Smt,” which is the abbreviation of “Send me this,” instead of typing the full words “Send Me This/That.” The person receiving the ” Smt ” will automatically understand its meaning and send you the image or video.

3: Smiling to myself

“Smt” has another meaning which is not popular like the rest. Few users on Instagram do understand this third meaning. Therefore, when you want to use it to bring out the meaning in that context, you need to be sure that the person you are conversing with knows “Smiling to myself.”

Check on the below conversation, which mentions the meaning of “Smiling to myself.”

Zipporah: Hello, you seem happy today in the office.

John: Smt. I have been promoted today by the company’s board as a marketing manager.

What are the common slang words on Instagram?

To reach the top of Instagram, you must learn its community’s language. When you scroll down the feed, you will normally find unknown words. Here we have some common slang words used on Instagram and their meaning.

1. AMA -Ask Me Anything.

AMA -Ask Me Anything

You might come across AMA slang in the feed, which means asking me anything. For example, ” I have lived in Paris for two years, AMA.” From that post, anyone is free to ask questions about Paris, and the person will answer.

2. ELI5 – Explain like I’m 5

ELI5 is slang used to express extreme ignorance about a particular topic. When you use the word, you can engage followers to converse with them. For example.” What is machine learning as used in Data Science, ELI5!”. A person with knowledge of machine learning will know how to explain to you the meaning as a layman, not as a professional in that field.

3. FBF – Flashback Friday.

FBF is similar to #TBT. When you see a #FBF know it’s a day of posting old photos, but it should be done on Fridays. Using this abbreviation, you can hack to gain more likes and followers because of its trends,

4. FTFY- Fixed That For You.

FTFY is also commonly used when a person has made a correction or modified someone else text or statements in the chat, for example

Person 1: ” I went to the market to buy oranges and apples.”

Person 2: ” FTFY: you meant oranges, not oranges.”

5. GOAT – Greatest Of All Times.

GOAT – Greatest Of All Times

GOAT is a common slang word to praise someone or something for being the best. When you reply “ GOAT “ to someone you think is good at doing something, the person will reply back or like your comment to show you how thankful they are.

6. MIRL – Me In Real Life.

It is slang that pictures how you behave at that moment in real life. Let us say you love laughing; you can use a meme to describe you best and add MIRL. A sense of humor will emerge from the people following you and appreciating you. Apart from memes, you can still use your real photo without Photoshop, add MIRL, and post it. The authentication of the photo will show real life.

7. POTD – Picture Of The Day

POTD – Picture Of The Day

We have the trend of # POTD where Instagram users post a picture that is one of the best of that day and reflects their mood today. When you have the picture of the day ready for posting, add #POTD.


Q: Can SMT be used on other social platforms?

Yes, in most cases, many use it to mean ” suck my teeth,” which can fit into many frustrating conversations. But it can also have a different meaning if the social platform has a special definition.

Q: Is there any other meaning of SMT?

You may encounter several other meanings online, such as ” Stepper Motor” and ” Short Term Memory.” But these meaning is not commonly used by social media users.


As discussed above, the abbreviation “SMT” has different meanings depending on the context used at that particular moment on Instagram. Always check the context used by the acronym to know the full meaning as used in that context.

To avoid any confusion, always clarify its meaning to other users on the platform to get the point. As explained above, you can also learn other slang apart from “SMT,” as used on Instagram, and their meaning.

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