The 16 Best News Apps for iPhone of 2023

Best News Apps for iPhone

Are you looking for the best news apps for iPhone that can give you unlimited and smooth access to current happenings around the world? This post will take you through some of the best news apps for iPhones.

Gone are the days when people gave so much time and dedication to watching the news on television or waiting eagerly for the morning newspapers to be delivered by the vendor. The world keeps changing, and so many things come up to take our time.

We no longer have enough time for the things we love to do. Thus, in a bid to find a solution to this problem, news apps surfaced. News apps have many advantages. They give you current news from around the world. They fit into your phone, and you can access them from anywhere and at any time you want. These apps give you the most up-to-date news of the moment.

And the good thing about these apps is that you can install them on your mobile devices, take them wherever you want, and read at your own pace and convenience. These apps keep you current about happenings around the world and in different fields.

These news apps are quite numerous that it is not easy to make a choice. Thus, we have decided to pick a handful of the best news apps available to iPhone users to help you make an informed choice.

1. Google News

Google News for iphone

Google News ranks among the best news apps that are available for iPhone users. The news app’s fantastic contemporary design and dark mode feature are among some things that make it stand out.  Google News gives you varieties of current information that it believes you would be interested in.

The app’s headlines tab shows you a list of current news in different areas, including local, world, stock market, technology, sports, fashion, and entertainment. And if your interest is in a more specific area, Google News is up to the task as it will feed you mostly with information in that particular field.

With Google News, you have access to a wide variety of news topics and sources. The app also provides detailed and exclusive coverage of the pandemic with its separate feature tagged “COVID-19 News”. This feature will help you stay up to date about the pandemic and every issue concerning it. The app is available for free download from both Play Store and App Store.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard for iphone

One interesting thing about Flipboard is its vast array of topics and publishers. And you can get news based on geographical location. You can achieve this by selecting an edition based on the region you want to obtain news. Flipboard will automatically begin to feed you with current news based on your choice. You can also enhance this further by selecting the topics you are interested in and getting information.

The only downside to this news app is that ads may keep disrupting your reading experience. But you can minimize the effect of this by using the reader view, which can alter the page layout to make it more readable.  Flipboard is known as one of the best free news apps for iPhone and is available for free download from Play Store and App Store.

3. Microsoft News

Microsoft News for iphone

This awesome news app shares similarities with others such as Google News and Flipboard and is available for iPhone users. One thing that makes Microsoft News stand out is the variety of topics it has on offer. But the downside to this is that you don’t have the liberty to choose your areas of interest or favorite publishers. This limitation isn’t much of a problem as there are very engaging topics when you get to access them. With Microsoft News, you can also tailor your preferences based on regions. You can choose any country of interest, and they would feed you with current news from there.

Microsoft News design is on the simple side. They are user-friendly. You can change the app’s layout to suit your taste. Other features include dark mode and text size adjustment. There is also the option of watching video news content. Aside from a few sponsored content, the app isn’t littered with disturbing ads. You can download Microsoft News from Play Store, App Store, or Microsoft Store.

4. Feedly

Feedly for iphone

There are a couple of things that make Feedly rank among one of the best news apps out there. Some of these things include its near-perfect design, user-friendly interface, and speed of delivery. With Feedly, all you need to do is choose any topic of interest, and it will come up with a list of sources. When you add the sources you prefer to your feed; you are set for speedy news delivery based on your choices.

And one good thing about Feedly is that there are no ads to contend with. There are a couple of features that can enhance your reading experience. They include a dark mode, article sharing, text size, and font adjustment and read later. Feedly allows you to create boards where you can pin any news or magazine. This method will help you remain organized. Feedly is available for free download from Play Store and App Store.

5. Inshorts

Inshorts for iphone

Inshorts is a free news app that originated in India and is regarded as one of the top news apps in that region. The app design is simple but elegant. One interesting thing about this news app is that it summarizes news obtained from different global sources into very short reads.

This strategy is a good fit for those who don’t have the time or patience for lengthy news items. Still, you can access the source materials if you don’t mind reading lengthy articles and opinions. All you have to do to access original news material is swipe right. The original article will load for you to read.

With Inshorts, you may find interesting coronavirus, business, politics, technology, sports, fashion, and entertainment. The app also has important tabs such as My Feed, All News, Top Stories, Trending, etc.  The app comes equipped with a multiple languages feature, which allows you to read news in different languages such as English and Hindi. There are a few ads that won’t be much of a problem. Inshorts can be downloaded for free from Play Store and App Store.

6. BBC News

BBC News for iphone

BBC News is renowned for its professionalism, talented reporters, and efficient network. Their topics cover a large scope of interests such as technology, politics, science, entertainment, sports, fashion, life, etc. With BBC News, you are sure to stay current about the happenings around the globe. You have access to video content of news and the popular Live BBC World Service Radio channel. You can activate background synching, which will help you read news offline.

There is the My News feature that allows you to add your preferred topics to get news based on that. Other notable features include compact layout, text size, carousel display, and widgets. Turning off the “Share Statistics” feature helps to keep your privacy intact.BBC News is available for free download from both Play Store and App Store.

7. JioNews

JioNews for iphone

JioNews is another news app that is available for iPhone users. The app originated from India and is regarded as one of the best news apps in the region. There are so many things you can do with JioNews. These activities include reading magazines, getting the latest news from reputable publishers, watching video news, and watching live TV. The “Home” section of the app harbors features such as breaking news, coronavirus news, editor’s choice, top news, and so on. You have the freedom to change any news category which you don’t want anymore.

Since the app opens articles in web view, some ads may make the experience rough. But JioNews possess an Xpress tab, a reader view feature that helps to keep out ads. One unique thing about JioNews is that it allows you to download magazines and newspapers for offline reading. JioNews is available for free download from both Play Store and App Store.

8. News360

News360 for iphone

News360 is another free news app available for iPhone users and one you should try out. The news app has a wide-ranging topic to keep you glued. With frequent use, the app can recommend articles and news content for you based on your habit. News360 has a wonderful interface and is user-friendly. You can also remove ads here by changing to Reader View. News360 is equipped with a unique premium feature, “Audio Briefing.” This feature does the work of a reader as it will read newsfeed to your hearing.

With News360, you can like and dislike stories, save the news for offline reading, turn on dark mode, adjust font style and size to improve readability. News360 is available for free download from both Play Store and App Store.

9. Dailyhunt

Dailyhunt for iphone

Dailyhunt is another news app that originated in India. The app is available for iPhone users and is regarded as one of the best news apps around. Dailyhunt gets you news putting your location into consideration. The news app covers several topics, including coronavirus, entertainment, sports, politics, finance, fashion, and so much more.

On Dailyhunt, you can add topics to your Home tab, turn on night mode, create your post, and mute content from sources you don’t like. With this app, you can like and comment on videos and articles you have read and share them. Dailyhunt is available for free download from both Play Store and App Store.

10. AP News

AP News for iphone

If you are looking for a great news app that is simple and minimal both in content and overall feel, you should look no further than AP News. Despite the news app’s minimal approach, you still have a wide range of topics that may interest you. AP News offers you content from all over the globe. And you can read not just in English but in the Spanish language too. The ads are next to none, and the overall reading experience is great.

With AP News, you can save any news or article and read it later. The app is also equipped with a radio to listen to news broadcasts or watch through YouTube. AP News is available for free download from both Play Store and App Store.

11. The New York Times

The New York Times for iphone

The New York Times is another popular news app that you should consider having. The service is available for iPhone users. The app is said to be all-inclusive regarding the topic range and the vast areas it covers. With the New York Times app, you are sure to get news coverage on trending issues and many more. You have got the audio and video features to get your news, which is a good thing.

The New York Times’ “Augmented Reality” is a feature that gives you news related to fashion or sport by giving you a closer look at some of the respective field’s biggest stars. This unique feature comes with a paid subscription. The New York Times app is available for download both from App Store and Play Store.

12. CNN News

CNN News for iphone

CNN News is one news app that gives you quality news and related content all through the day. The news app is available to iPhone users. As the news breaks, the app brings it to you. And one good thing is that although the app offers a summarized version of the brand’s website, it still retains the same quality and outlook. The CNN News app gives you a wide selection of topics most suited to an American audience.

You enjoy many video content with the app, which is good if you don’t fancy reading so much. CNN News app is available for download both from App Store and Play Store.

13. DIGG

DIGG for iphone

Digg is another popular news app choice for many. The app gives you a current update on the news making the round both regionally and globally. The app works just like Reddit, as it uses certain methodologies to provide you with certain news items you are sure to love. Digg gives you a summary of the top news content on its page. You then click on any news item you want to read. There are different sections on the app that are dedicated to various fields and interests. These divisions allow you to get news from areas you have a genuine interest in.

You can also save articles or share any item with anyone. There is also video content that may interest you if you don’t want to read it. Digg is available for download both from App Store and Play Store.

14. Reuters

Reuters for iphone

Reuters News is a popular news service known for its quality and up-to-date news delivery. If you want a fresh approach to global news, think Reuters News app available to iPhone users. You have the opportunity to personalize the app to suit your news interests and needs. The news app gives access to articles and other news-related items undertaken by over 2,000 journalists in 180 countries worldwide.

The Reuters news app lets you save your favorite pieces for offline reading and get news content based on your geographical location. Reuters news app is available for download both from App Store and Play Store.

15. Pulse

Pulse for iphone

Pulse is a wonderful news app you would love to have. It has many close similarities with Flipboard. The news app gives you content from diverse fields and sources based on your preferred areas of interest. This app available for iPhone users allows you to come up with different preferences, which makes them serve you with better news content that aligns with your choices.

The Pulse news app has close ties with LinkedIn, and thus, you can find items that the brand influences. The news app is available for download both from App Store and Play Store.

16. SmartNews

SmartNews for iphone

Smart News is regarded as one of the best news apps for the iPhone. The app’s lovely interface is one of its strengths. With the Smart News app, you are opened to a world replete with vast news sources and topics to choose from. And the app ensures that you are fed with current, trending news items.

You can access news and other related content both offline and online. Thus, you can access any popular news item of interest whether you have an internet connection or not. The news app is available for download both from App Store and Play Store.


1. Which iPhone News App Should I Try?

All the news applications we have listed above are capable of working efficiently on iPhones. But some are more sophisticated than others and have certain features that you may not find elsewhere. Thus, you should know what your preferences are before choosing a news application.

2. Can iPhone news apps help me access current news from my region on my iPhone?

All of the news apps we have given above work well on iOS devices. Although most news apps give international coverage, you will still have to know which news app will provide you access to current news from your region.

3. How can I eliminate ads when using a free iPhone news app?

Some free news apps come with ads. But you can minimize the effect of these ads by using the reader view option. Most news apps come with this feature to enhance the reading experience.

4. Do iPhone news apps support offline news reading?

Yes, most of them do. You can download and save articles, videos, audio, and other news-related content for offline reading. But it is better to make still sure of this before choosing any news app.


Local radio and television used to be the trend back then, but that era is long gone, and the times have changed. Local news outlets have renovated and adapted to the demands of the new fast-paced world. And what we have now are news apps that we can access through our mobile gadgets. And because these news apps have become numerous, it isn’t easy to know which one to pick. That is why we came up with this list of the best new app for iPhone users. Thus, if you are an iPhone user, we hope you will find the news app that suits you best from the rich list above.

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