Best Tips And Tricks To Record, Edit & Share Gameplay Videos

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How do you record, edit and share your gameplay video to push the players’ gaming experience forward? No idea? Here’s a guide that can help you out.

Best Tips To Record, Edit & Share Your Gameplay Videos

This year’s global games market is all set to generate revenues worth $175.8 billion and is projected to exceed the $200 billion mark by the end of 2023. In 2020, video games brought in $77.2 billion as revenue, with an increase of 12% in players.

And this momentum shows no sign of slowing down.

Social distancing is the norm right now, and interest in video games has increased, with people who had no interest in gaming now taking it up as a hobby. The free time that people have at present has allowed them to take up this new opportunity of developing gameplay videos using the right techniques and skills.

Today, almost anyone can make a huge amount of money by uploading gameplay videos online.

But the gaming industry is extremely competitive and requires undivided dedication to creating successful games for a long time. You need the right technology and skills to make exclusive gameplay videos to attract huge audiences.

Let’s look at some useful tips regarding creating gameplay videos.

Choose A Game For Recording

Choose A Game For Recording

The first step is choosing the right game for recording.

Selecting some of your favorite games will work if you are making the gameplay video for fun and will be sharing it with only a few people. But if you want to make money from your gameplay video, you must think about the games that will draw the audience’s attention.

Also, if you are going for the games to record yourself playing, make sure they are visually appealing. Avoid repetitive games because they can bore the audience.

You also need to be extremely careful if you are going for the popular games because YouTube is wholly saturated with them, and you might have to face huge competition. Fresh takes on the more popular games are difficult to find, and people might already be bored of the old ones.

Choose The Right Video Capturing Device

More than anything else, you must choose the right gaming intro maker because it’s the introduction where your game needs to shine. The best video capturing device helps you record the video intro and output of the game and store the file on your system.

Certain gaming consoles have protection, making it difficult to record gameplay videos. So, it is necessary to review what your video recording device claims about the console you are using to ensure you have the proper hardware and software components for recording your video.

It is also important to go through a complete guide on the basics of recording gaming videos.

Choose The Right Video Capturing Device

Select The Right Microphone And Other Sound Accessories

You need a microphone for adding audio comments to your gameplay video. You can either use an internal microphone on your system or the mic you get on your gaming headset.

A USB microphone will be the best choice if you are looking for more professional and better-sounding audio. While it is true that any microphone records audio, you generally get improved quality with higher-end devices.

Experts recommend recording your voice separately from the video, offering greater options and control during the video editing procedure.

An optional accessory that you must include in your gameplay video recording arsenal is a pop filter, also known as a pop shield, pop screen, or pop guard. This is a simple filter you can attach to your mic to prevent popping sounds caused due to fast-moving air that hits the mic while speaking into it.

Going for a boom mic can also be beneficial. This is an adjustable arm attached to the microphone and positioned easily for recording voice.

Always go for pop filters and boom mics that work well with a microphone. This way, you will get everything you require for professional video recording while simultaneously saving considerable money.

Choose A Professional Quality Games Video Editor

Your games video editor should have all the essential features required for producing professional quality gameplay videos.

Choose a popular platform specifically designed for editing games. You can choose from a massive offering of commercial and free game video editing tools.

You can use the games video editor for light editing or even for editing the minutest details of your video. However, before choosing to proceed with a tool, make sure to learn the basic know-how of the platform.

Make it a point to go for a popular video editing tool that provides several options and features for making audio recordings and video editing easy.

Recording coherent and clear commentary while playing a game live is difficult and might take good practice. Make it a point to record the audio commentary of your video game after recording the video and then edit it all together. This way, you can avoid dead air or silences.

Have A Strong Computer

The main idea is to ensure that your system can handle the video editing job. This is important because editing a video on a system that is not specifically designed for video editing can be frustrating. It can result in sluggish video sound and slow-loading menus.

Choosing the right hardware is necessary for efficient and top-quality video editing. Getting away with any cheap hardware will not do. You must take the time to check the hardware requirements of your editing tool before making the final decision.

You do not require a high-quality gaming computer for doing video touch-ups. But your computer must have 4 to 8 GB of RAM for top-quality video processing.

If you are working on a high-resolution game, it might take a lot of storage space on your computer. So, arranging for an external hard drive is a great idea if the main drive has very little free space.

The Bottom Line

Making an engaging and attractive gameplay video might feel overwhelming initially. Still, as you take time and get into the process in detail, it will become a piece of cake for you. You can create amazing content following the tips discussed above, the right gameplay video editing tool, and an innovative mind.

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