How to Make Balloons in Minecraft (Nov 2023)

How to Make Balloons in Minecraft

Do you want to make some decorative blocks on Minecraft? Minecraft balloons are more for fun than functionality. To craft a balloon in Minecraft, you must access Minecraft Education or Bedrock Edition. Read on and learn all that is needed of you.

Do you want to explore, have fun and learn while gaming? The Education Edition in Minecraft was designed as a fun place where adults and kids can play and learn real-life scenarios. The Minecraft balloon-making feature is one of the most enticing features in the Education edition. If you are using the Bedrock Edition, you must enable the Education Edition option to access this feature. Note that Minecraft balloons are not available in creative commands or inventory whatsoever. Now that we know Balloons are specific non-mob entities, without further ado, let me show you how to craft them:

Materials are required to craft Balloons.

Below is a list of all things you need:

  • Six Latex
  • Helium
  • Lead
  • Any preferred dye to color your balloons

How do you make or acquire this material now that we have the list? Below is a description to follow:

Make materials required to make a balloon in Minecraft

The first step is to activate “Education Edition” in Bedrock. Here’s how to make the needed balloons’ ingredients:

Step 1: First, Carbon and Hydrogen must be obtained using an Element Constructor before making Latex.

Step 2: In Creative mode, search the creative inventory for an Element Constructor. or else obtaining the Constructor in Survival Mode requires in-game commands.

Step 3: Now, interact with an Element Constructor. here, you will discover “p+“, “e-“, and “n” icons. These Icons and sliders represent protons, electrons, and neutrons.

Step 4: Secondly, do not forget that the balloon recipe requires Helium.

Here is what you require to make Hydrogen, Carbon, and Helium:

  • Carbon: 6 Protons, 6 Electrons, 5 Neutrons.
  • Hydrogen: 1 Protons, 1 Electrons.
  • Helium: 2 Protons, 2 Electrons, 1 Neutron.

Now that we have all the intended materials, below is a step-by-step guide to making Balloons:

How to craft a balloon in Minecraft

Do this:

  • In the Compound Creator, placing 5 Carbon and 8 Hydrogen in a 3×3 grid will yield Latex. Ensure that you have 6 Latex.
  • Now that Helium and Latex are present interacts with the crafting table, resulting in a red balloon afterward.
  • You can change the red dye for different-colored balloons. For instance, replace the red dye with a light blue one for a light blue balloon. Use bone meal for a black balloon and ink sacs for a white balloon.

YouTube video


Q. What’s the behavior of Balloons in Minecraft?

Only fences and walls can support the balloon. On the fence, it glides upward. However, when the fence is removed, it floats into the air. Balloons only affect livestock, not pets and monsters. Note that Arrows and tridents can destroy your balloons. Melee weapons and tools in Minecraft won’t destroy them; they will merely hit them slightly.

Q. What is the usage of balloons in Minecraft?

Balloons are tied to a fence, mob, or wall. Balloons rise faster into the air than the player but stay still if connected to a fence. If attached to a mob, the balloon takes off with the mob, and they both disappear into thin air.


That is all you need to know about making Balloons in Minecraft. Regardless that balloons are specifically designed for fun, you can use them to learn about some real-life situations. Now that you know the materials required and how to obtain them, why don’t you go ahead and have some fun by making balloons in Minecraft?

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