16 Best Background Remover Apps for Android and iPhone

Top Background Remover Apps for Android & iPhone

Are you looking for the best free background remover apps for Android and iPhones that can give your background a sublime appearance? This post will take you through some of the best free background remover apps.

We may agree with you if you should say the world is getting crazier by the day. There is so much you can do with so little today that looked impossible some years back. Technology keeps making things happen. Thanks to it, you now have background removal applications that can help you eliminate the background from your image and replace it with a desired one. Now, you can make that photo of yours look so perfect by changing the setting.

These apps come in so handy when you take a picture in a public place. You may find passers-by or some other undesired feature caught in the background. With a background remover, you can eliminate and fix a perfect background for your photo. Therefore, let’s look at some free background remover apps available for iPhones and Android devices.

Top Best Free Background Remover Apps

1. Background Eraser

Background Eraser

Background Eraser is regarded as one of the best free background remover app you can find. The app works well on Android devices. The app has a couple of features that you can use in removing backgrounds. Chief among these features is the Auto Eraser tool. Generally, the app is easy to use. But sometimes, the Auto Eraser tool may not work efficiently, probably due to the different colors in the background of an image. When this occurs, you will have no choice but to carry out the erasing yourself manually.

The app is also equipped with a photo editor, with features such as changing background & layouts, adding filters and stickers. Background Eraser is available for free download from Play Store.

2. Apowersoft Bg Remover

Apowersoft Bg Remover

Apowersoft Bg Remover is a free background eraser app that originated in China. This app works efficiently in Androids and iPhones. Although the app leaves watermarks on your photo, it is still among the best background remover apps.

What makes this app stands out is that it removes backgrounds from images more cleanly than most other remover apps. You can still manually remove the background of an image if you are not satisfied with the outcome. Other features in this app include wallpapers, scenery, fashion which you can use as background.

Apowersoft Bg Remover has a premium plan which you can subscribe to if you want a better experience with the app. The premium plan will allow you to remove backgrounds from images more cleanly and easily, even if the background has complicated colors and designs. Watermarks are also eliminated.

Apowersoft Bg Remover is available for free download from Play Store and App Store.

3. Slick


Slick is a background eraser app that you will love to use. The app works o android devices and is an easy background eliminator tool.  The only problem is that you may need to manually remove the background from your image whenever the auto remover feature does not work efficiently.

And one nice thing is that the app is also equipped with a photo editing tool that users may find very handy. You also have the option of choosing whether to save your photo in  PNG or JPG format. The app is available for free download from Play Store.

4. PhotoLayers


PhotoLayers is a background remover app that works on both Android and iPhones.  It is known as one of the best background eliminator apps out there. The app is top-rated, which can be seen in the nearly 10 million downloads it has on the Play Store. The app is equipped with some editing features such as brightness, contrast, and saturation.

The app allows you to make a transparent image and its auto eraser is far more efficient than most other background eliminator apps. The app is available for free download from Play Store and App Store.

5. Auto Photo Cut Paste

Auto Photo Cut Paste

Auto Photo Cut Paste is another efficient free background remover app for Android. This app originated in India. This background remover shares some similarities with other apps such as Slick. With more than 5 million downloads, this background remover app is one of the best there is.

The app comes equipped with a photo editor containing different wallpapers that you can use as backgrounds. The auto-erase tool works well too. Auto Photo Cut Paste is available for free download from Play Store.

6. Background Eraser – Stickers

Background Eraser – Stickers

Background Eraser does what its name suggests. It is easy to use and comes with a simple design. The app’s dark theme gives it a cool look. Background Eraser removes backgrounds from images without much difficulty. You have to crop the target photo to the desired range or dimension, focusing on the subject.

After that, you can allow the auto-eraser tool to do the rest or manually eliminate the background yourself. Although this app works on both Android and iPhone, it seems to work more efficiently on iPhone. Background Eraser is available for free download from App Store.

7. Background Eraser – BG remover and photo editor

Background Eraser – BG remover and photo editor

Although this app shares the same name as another app discussed earlier in this article, they should not be confused with each other. This background remover and photo editor for Android originated in Bangladesh. The app, equipped with an attractive user interface and dark theme, works efficiently.

The auto mode helps to make your image’s background transparent and hence, eliminate it. The app may not completely wipe off the background of your image. If this is the case, the app has a zoom feature that you can manually employ to eliminate the wrinkles left behind.

It also grants you access to a lasso erase to cut out images. You can also save your images in either JPG or PNG format. Background Eraser is available for free download from Play Store.

8. Background Eraser

Background Eraser 25

Background Eraser has more than 50 million downloads in the Play Store. I guess we don’t need to say much about its efficiency or popularity because that figure says it all. The app takes a minimal approach both in design and number of features. It doesn’t possess a photo editor like most background eliminator apps we have seen thus far.

The auto eraser tool is very easy to use. The app is very light and won’t consume much space on your phone. At a mere 3.3 MB, it is the lightest background eraser app on our list. Yet, this lack of size does not hamper its efficiency. Background Eraser is available for free download from Play Store.

9. Background Eraser: Superimpose

Background Eraser Superimpose

Superimpose is another efficient background remover app that works well on iPhone devices. The app’s auto mode helps to eliminate image background with a single tap. It also comes with some editing features such as brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, and more.

This app also has some difficulty when removing backgrounds. The colors on the background may not allow the removal to be smooth. Thus, sing manual mode to clean it up will be the next available option. The app does not just eliminate backgrounds; it can replace them for you.

10. Remove.bg


If you are in search of an online background remover that works efficiently, then remove it. Bg has got you covered. It is the best free online background remover that helps to remove background from any image in no time.

Thus, if you are concerned about storage space and don’t want to download any of the other background eraser apps, we strongly advise you to try this since it is online and demands no downloading.

11. InPixio Remove Background

InPixio Remove Background

InPixio Remove Background is a unique, free Web-based background remover. As a beginner, this tool will be very easy for you since it is less sophisticated than many other background removers we have seen on this list. With this background remover, you can discard any part of your photo as you deem fit. And since it is online software, you don’t have to worry about space for downloading an app that may be too large.

To use InPixio Remove Background, you must first upload a picture to the site and select the parts you want to discard. The red brush feature allows you to select the unwanted areas of the image. The areas marked off will be automatically deleted.

12. GIMP


If you are looking for that top-quality background remover tool used by professionals and one that also comes free, you have to look no further than GIMP. This tool is not an outright background remover per se; it is a photo editor tool that comes equipped with a background eliminator feature. GIMP has an attractive interface that is easy to use and a couple of tools that you will find useful. Its advanced photo editing features mean you can do much more to your picture than remove the background.

GIMP’s free select feature allows you to select any item and work on it instantly. The intelligent scissors allow you to do a free-hand sketch, making a border around an object cropping. There are automatic focus lines that allow you to do this sketch with much accuracy. The foreground feature also allows you to select an image’s background and foreground with much ease. GIMP is an efficient tool for background elimination.

13. Inkscape


Inkscape is another free background remover app that you would find interesting to use. Although this app does not have some essential tools found in modern photo editing software, it still handles eliminating background from images quite impressively.

However, Inkscape boasts good tools like Clip, Intersection, Trace Bitmap, Node editing, and Difference. These tools are vital for editing a photo, irrespective of how sophisticated it may be. As for the background remover aspect, Inkscape makes this happen with a simple tool known as Clipping.

This feature does not outrightly eliminate any part of the target image. Instead, it makes the unwanted parts less noticeable. This tool comes in handy when the intended outcomes are shadows, reflections, and highlights.

14. PhotoMix


If you are in search of a more versatile application that won’t just help you eliminate the background from an image but do a whole lot more, then you should look no further than PhotoMix. This app is a free photo editor software that also helps you remove backgrounds from images.

It also allows you to replace the deleted background with another of your choice. And you can save your edited image in different file formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF. There are two tools here that can help you remove backgrounds from images with relative ease: the Eraser and Color Eraser.

However, the Color Eraser has proven to be more efficient for editing photos.

15. PhotoScissors


As a beginner, it is not advisable to start with a more sophisticated tool for editing your image. It is wiser to look for one that contains simple tools, steps, easy to navigate and use. Thus, one background eraser tool that fits such a description is PhotoScissors.

PhotoScissors is very efficient when it comes to removing background from images. This app is equipped with a background separation feature that allows you to edit an image instantly. To make this work, select an image by simply clicking on it and then go ahead to eliminate the background. The ease of background removal and the simple features are why PhotoScissors are suitable for beginners.

16. Desygner Background Remover

Desygner Background Remover

Desygner is the better approach to expel picture foundations. It makes programmed photo extraction as simple as a click of a button, so you’ll be able go from a cluttered foundation to the cleanest conceivable picture with fair one basic step. Desygner is available on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and IOS. Accomplishing excellent, removing background image has never been so basic.

Desygner’s progressive innovation evacuates picture foundations in fair one tap while protecting tall levels of picture quality. Our natural client interface permits you to spare valuable time when planning professional-looking photographs in seconds. Surf the internet in peace without losing hours of your life to Photoshop or costly plugins. Desygner is cheaper, quicker, more intelligent, and more effective than any other apparatus on the advertise.

Not only you can remove unwanted background image, Desygner also offer other tools to help you enhance your image and make it better than it is. Equipped with drag and drop feature and print to make it easier for you. Desygner is a free tool if you want to upgrade your plan Desygner has the best offer for you.


1. What are the benefits of background remover apps?

The benefits of using background remover apps are numerous. They help you eliminate the background from your image and replace it with a desired one. With these apps, you can make that photo of yours look so perfect by changing the setting.

2. Which iPhone background remover app should I try?

All the background remover applications we have listed above are capable of working efficiently on iPhones. However, some are more sophisticated than others and have certain features that you may not find elsewhere. Thus, you should know what your preferences are before choosing a background remover application.

3. Should I pay for a background remover app to get better results?

It depends on your purpose. If you are a photographer or work with pictures, you will certainly need the best background remover tool you can get. Aside from that, you have to decide if you truly want to pay. Although free background remover apps can do a decent job, they still have some limitations, most of which are eliminated when you upgrade to the premium versions of these apps. Thus, if you want top-quality background remover, taking a paid subscription will be the answer.

4. What features should I look for in background remover apps?

When you are thinking of using a background remover app, you should check how easy to use the app is. This particular quality is important as it would be less exciting if you opt for an app whose features and tools are too difficult to comprehend. You should also consider what kind of photos you want to deal with. It is way more difficult to remove backgrounds that have so many complex colors. Thus, look for an efficient app.


We have come to the end of this article. Background remover applications can help you eliminate the background from your image and replace it with a desired one. Now, you can make that photo of yours look so perfect by changing the setting. And not just that alone, some of these apps can also perform other editing tasks for your photos.

Some of these apps are why you see beautiful images of people scattered on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Some of these apps have similar features and modes of operation. Thus, we are sure you will find the one that best suits your photo editing needs.

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