10 Best Free Proxy Server List of 2023 (Free HTTP & Socks5 Proxy List)

Free Proxy Lists

Are you looking for free proxies to use for your Internet marketing tasks or just for entertainment online? Whichever is the case, there are thousands of them curated by proxy list websites. In the article below, we would be recommending some of the top proxy list websites where you can get free proxies.

How about you make use of proxies without paying for them? Sound cool right? Well, that is possible with the help of free proxy servers littered all over the Internet. Ideally, you should pay for the proxy servers you use considering the fact that no free meal truly exists on the Internet. Free proxies come with their baggage of unreliability, being terribly slow, and do pose security and privacy risk.

However, if you can’t afford to pay for proxies or you do not care about the security and privacy risks associated with free proxies then you can go ahead and make use of free proxies. There are websites on the Internet that curate and maintain a list of proxy servers you can use for free — with no authentication required at your end.

There are websites on the Internet that curate a list of proxies. For the most part, these sites do not own the proxies they display. They only scrape them from around the Internet and as such, do not have control over them. Often time, the speed details they provide are not reliable, you will need to test a couple of them to get one that works for you.

10 Best Proxy Server List To Hide Your IP Address for Anonymity

Fortunately, there are a good number of them for you to choose from. Below are some of the websites you can get free proxies to use for your Internet marketing operations and entertainment use cases.

1. Spys One

Spys One Overview

Spys One website is arguably the best free proxy list website on the Internet right now. This website does have the largest free proxy list in the market. While you can have an extensive list of all of the proxies, the website maintains proxy lists for specific countries, and currently, it does have over 168 countries supported for which you can get details of the available proxies.

The service also has a filter option that makes it easy for you to trip down the proxy list) down to a list of proxies that meet your criteria. For each of the proxies on the website, you get detailed information including location, speed, anonymity level, and protocol (Type). I will advise you to disregard the speed data as you will most likely not get the kind of speed mentioned on the site.

2. Free Proxy List

Free Proxy List Overview

The branding for this site is not just it as it is based on an exact match domain. That aside, it is one of the top websites you can get free proxies from. One thing you will come to like about the Free Proxy List website is that its website is quite clean and you do not get overloaded with as many details as you get from the Says One website.

Free Proxy List does offer an application installable on Windows through which you can download a list of the available proxies.

It also offers a free API you can use in your custom script to retrieve the list of free proxies. The service does have a premium list of proxies which is quite affordable and the Free Proxy List website is being used to push its sales.

3. Geonode

Geonode Overview

Geonode is one of the premium proxy providers out there. This residential proxy service is new but already making waves because of its low-cost unlimited bandwidth residential proxies and its developer-focused solution.

Aside from paid proxies, the provider maintains a list of free proxies which you can use for free. The list is actually an extensive list and contains over 2 thousand free proxies at the time of writing this article. Each of the proxies is accompanied by its details ranging from location, ISP, proxy protocol (HTTP, https, Socks4 & Socks5), anonymity level, speed, uptime, ASN, and even latency among others.

While the list of long, the service provides a filtering tool that makes it easy to select only a proxy that meets certain criteria. Also important is the fact that Geonode allows you to export the proxy list in JSON, CSV, or TXT.

4. ProxyScrape

ProxyScrape Overview

Another site where you can get a free proxy list is the ProxyScrape website. From the name, you can tell it does not own the proxies it displays on its website and no, it is not the only one. Most of the other sites described in this article are also like that. All they do is scrape proxies they see around the Internet. ProxyScrape even states so on its website.

The list of proxies on this site is distinguished based on protocol (HTTP & Socks). For each of the lists, you have filters such as timeout, country, anonymity level, and SSL. For this service, the free proxies are basically displayed mend for downloading.

One thing you will come to like about this service is that they are constantly monitoring the proxy list and testing them out. However, as with all free proxies, the test results can vary from reality too quickly.

5. Free Proxy CZ

Free Proxy CZ Overview

Free Proxy CZ is another website you can get a free proxy list for your website. According to the information on their website at the time of writing this article, there have got over 3K proxies in their database.

The Free Proxy CZ is not selling any premium proxies and as such, they make money through the ads platform and as such, you should be comfortable seeing ads on their platform.

The site does have a list of filters you can apply to the list to shrink it into a usable list. This is because as with most free proxy lists, there is more garbage than usable proxies and as such, you wouldn’t want to waste your time going through all of the slow proxies that will not help pie out in your project.

6. Proxyrack

Proxyrack Overview

Proxyrack is just like Geonode — it is a regular proxy provider. However, it does have a web page on its site where free proxies are listed. There are a good number of free proxies on the list as there are  1900 pages and a good number of proxies on each page. For each of the proxies in the list, you get information related to it such as location, speed, anonymity level, and much more.

While the list of proxies is sizeable enough, I do not like the fact that the service does not provide a filter as the other websites described above did. Because of this, you will have to manually go through the list to choose the proxies of interest to you.

There is also no way to download the proxy list. Well, it is understandable that since they are a paid proxy provider, they do not see reasons to make the page as competitive as possible.

7. New Net Time Proxies

New Net Time Proxies Overview

If I am to liken the New Net Time Proxies to any of the sites described above, I will liken it to the Spys One site. This is because it has got a long list of free proxies and it even offers you a list of proxies based on countries and there are a good number of countries supported.

The New Net Times website is one of the top free proxy list websites on the Internet right now. The proxies are not just presented, they are first tested before making it to the list and the site regularly updates the list.

However, this is still not a reason to believe the proxies on the site are high-quality free proxies as you cannot get high-quality proxies from a free proxy list. The list is just quite better compared to some of its kind.

8. Proxynova

Proxynova Overview

Another website you can get a free proxy list is the Proxynova website. This website is one of the oldest proxy list aggregators I have known that is still in existence. My major problem with this site is the fact that its list of proxies has been consistently short compared to many others that have a good number of pages.

However, while the number of proxies in its list is not big, many of the proxies on its list are quite useable if you know what you are doing Andean use free proxies. The site presents two filters only — country and anonymity level. With the anonymity level, you can select only proxies that are elite proxies. The country filter tool is just to get only proxies from certain countries.

9. FreeProxyLists

FreeProxyLists Overview

FreeProxyLists is also another website that keeps a database of free proxies. A visit to the website will reveal to you that the list of proxies is quite small. Yes, this site does not have hundreds of proxies in its list. The number is usually less than 30 or so. So basically, you cannot depend on this site if you need a huge list of free proxies to make use of.

However, if all you need is a website that will provide you with a few free proxies to use, then you can check out this site. Even though the list of proxies is quite small, the site does have support for a filter tool that helps you filter the list by country. For this site, you should be ready to be annoyed by ads even though the list of proxies is small.

10. HideMyName

HideMyName Overview

HideMyName is one of the free proxy list databases available online that you can possibly see the free proxies you want. This is because it list is a comprehensive and extensive one, with thousands of free proxies on the list for you to choose from. The site does have a good number of filtering options available to help you get to the proxies that meet your requirement quickly.

Aside from their free proxies, the service does have support for paid proxy lists and the qualities are quite better compared to their free proxies. HideMyName does have support for exporting the proxies in their list either as an excel file or txt. The service is actually one of the best when it comes to aggregating and providing free proxy lists.

11. IPRoyal


IPRoyal is among the best premium proxy providers in the market currently. Apart from its massive pool of paid proxies, it offers reliable free proxies. The platform has an easy-to-use interface with proxies that are updated every 10 minutes. IPRoyal has approximately 6,800 free proxies to pick from, so you'll definitely find something useful here.

You will see details for every proxy in the list, such as IP address, port, city, country, and protocol (HTTPS, HTTP, SOCKS5). The free proxies work as a testing ground to help you gauge the quality of services that this provider offers. IPRoyal's support team constantly receives high accolades for its quick response.

Unfortunately, the website doesn't have a filter. So you have to go through the list manually to choose an IP that interests you. Apart from that hiccup, IPRoyal is one of the best when it comes to free proxy lists.


Q. What are Free Proxy Lists?

Free proxy lists are a list of individual proxy lists made available for free. Usually, proxies cost money. However, there are some websites on the Internet like the ones described above that offer free proxies for free.

For these proxies, authentication is not required as they are open proxies. All you need to make use of them is their individual proxy port and address. For the most part, the websites that list them do not own them as they are scraped from the Internet.

Q. Are Free Proxies Good?

The answer is simple. Free proxies are not good. In fact, if you are looking for good advice, I will advise you to run away from free proxies as far as you can. It is in your best interest to pay for the proxies you use. This is because free proxies are usually a product of hacks on the Internet.

They're not reliable, they are terribly slow, and can be used to compromise our accounts. Also important is the fact that some of them are easily identifiable online as they have been used for spam and are now blocked on some popular websites.

Read more,

Q. What are the Best Proxies to Use?

To be frank with you, except if you have experience using free proxies, I wouldn’t advise you to make use of them. Instead, there are cheap proxies you can use for your tasks that work just fine. If you need private proxies, you can get really cheap private proxies from Proxy-Seller or Webshare. For residential proxies, I recommend Proxy-Cheap or Hydraproxy.


When it comes to free proxy lists, there are always websites ready to provide you that and then how you ads or try to upsell their paid proxy server to you. While free proxies are free, they do come with the issues that will make you not want to make use of them. I will advise you only go-ahead to use free proxies if you are not concerned about the privacy and security risks they pose.

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