Web Scraping and Residential Proxies

Web Scraping and Residential Proxies

Explore how web scraping benefits your business and why you should buy residential proxies when data mining. We explore the advantages and more right here.

Everyone wants their business to succeed, with creating a detailed business plan being part of that. However, to create a business plan, you need information, and lots of it. This information can range from competitor offers to consumer feedback.

In this article, we’ll look at how web scraping can help you gather this data, how proxies enhance your scraper, and why it’s best to buy residential proxies.

Business 101: Web Scraping

Business 101

Web scraping forms the core of your business, as every company needs to complete a market information analysis to create a successful strategy. A web scraper is a tool that collects public data from online sources. It can access thousands of websites on your behalf and consolidates all the relevant information into a single format.

You don’t need to be tech smart to use it, as there are various types of scrapers with excellent features and uses. When you add keywords to target specific information, the web scraper collects the data in raw HTML format. Some then have a built-in data parser that converts the results into readable text and compiles the information in a usable format such as an Excel spreadsheet. Others sometimes need a separate data parser to convert the raw HTML into text.

Public Data

Public data refers to any information freely available on the internet. If you go and search for something in your browser, then the result will be public data that anyone can access.

In theory, an actual person could gather it during their research, but this is ineffective. Manually collecting this amount of data will take too long and introduces human error and bias into the research. A scraper is much faster than a manual process and offers various benefits.

The Benefits

Using web scrapers gives you many benefits and can help you enhance any business plan you’re working on. Below, we look at the most prevalent advantages of web scraping.

Quality Data

Web scrapers automatically filter out unnecessary data, ensuring you receive only high-quality public information at the end of the process. It also gathers results from multiple websites, so the data doesn’t skew toward a specific conclusion.

Fast Process

Web scraping can be done in a day, whereas a person will take days, if not weeks, to gather the same information. It’s perfect for receiving instant results, and you don’t need to factor in human error because you rushed to collect the data.

Current Information

Since web scraping takes the information currently on the internet and consolidates it within 24 hours, you can rest assured that all data is current and relevant to the market. So if you’re looking at competitor deals or consumer wants, you can get the latest information within hours.

Informed Decisions

It’s no use creating a business plan without the relevant information. Using a data miner, you never need to be in that situation. You can see what consumers want, how the market is moving, and what your competitors are up to at any time.

Why You Need Proxy Servers

Why You Need Proxy Servers

While web scraping delivers all the information you need, you can enhance it using a proxy server. Proxy servers act as intermediaries between you and the website while also concealing your IP address. More benefits are also available, which we explore below after looking at the best type of proxy server.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are some of the most secure ones. These servers link to home devices across the country and world, and your connection looks more realistic to websites. There are various advantages when you buy residential proxies, with the most vital ones explored below.

More Secure

Since your proxy links to an actual device with a real IP address, it’s more secure than data center proxies. This server is ideal for web scraping, as you don’t want any website or hacker accessing your network using your web scraper. Using a proxy server means you can also enjoy a faster connection, with no server slowing due to high traffic.

Avoid Geo-Blocking

Many sites restrict their website to users in a specific location, but that can be a problem if you need information. You can use a proxy to adjust the IP address to any place and bypass geo-blocking. It also means you don’t need to worry about rate limits, which block a connection if it shows suspicious activity. If you’re preparing to enter a new market, you can also do market-specific research using a proxy.

Create a Successful Business Plan

Businesses can use web scrapers to stay on top of the competition, create informed business and marketing strategies, and obtain high-quality data about their consumer base. Residential proxies are a way to enhance that process and ensure you protect your servers and software. If you’re looking for the best proxy servers, you should buy residential proxies to boost your web scraper’s productivity.

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