What Is LMB On The Keyboard? [Uses, Tips & Benefits]

What Is LMB On The Keyboard?

LMB on the keyboard means the Left Mouse Button. It can be used to drag, select, navigate, or even click something. Not all keyboard models have it, but it can be beneficial to have one with it.

When using the computer, we always opt to use shortcuts that will make our work much easier. Therefore, you will want to learn all the shortcuts you can use on the keyboard or mouse clicks for certain functions.

Certain keyboards allow the LMB function while others don’t. All the same, it depends on whether you are coding, playing games, typing, or just performing other tasks on the computer. Most laptops have a touchpad with buttons that can be used as a mouse.

In this article, we will discuss what it means and what it is used for.

What Does LMB Mean?

What Does LMB Mean

LMB stands for the Left Mouse Button on the keyboard. This is a shortcut term that instructs you to press the left mouse button to perform a certain function. It can be used to click & drag items on the screen, highlight text, and open files. On the laptop, it is just below the touchpad. Therefore, you can click it the same way you click the normal external mouse.

There is also the MMB and RMB. MMB stands for middle mouse button while RMB stands for Right mouse button. Whenever you come across such a term, don’t be puzzled and instead press the specific button to perform the function.

Does the Keyboard Allow Mouse Functions?

Yes, the keyboard allows mouse functions. There are even certain keys that you can use to perform the same function as the mouse. In the past, keyboards were just for typing, however, nowadays, modern keyboards have additional keys that can be used for other functions.

i. Keyboard key – The key located on the right side of the laptop keyboard between the ALT key and CTRL key can be used to function as the right mouse button. When you click it, it will provide a menubar like the one that would be displayed if one clicks the right mouse button. Alternatively, if using an external keyboard, it is located between the Windows key and the CTRL Key.

Keyboard key

ii. Track Point – The round button (track point) at the middle of your laptop keyboard can also act as a mouse to navigate around if your mouse isn’t working properly.

Track Point

iii. The Numpad – It can also be used as a mouse after you enable it based on your Windows version. Therefore, even without an external mouse, you can still perform the same functions without any hesitation.

Function Of The LMB Key On The Keyboard

The Left mouse button allows you to do a left-click action without using a mouse. In most cases, the LMB key comes in handy if you have a keyboard with a built-in touchpad or trackball.

  1. To click something – The LMB can be used to click something as it works the same as the normal mouse. You just need to click it continuously and release it when you reach the point you want. For example when highlighting text.
  2. Drag items – The LMB on the keyboard can also be used to drag items from one place to the other. Therefore, you can select an item, press the item, and drag it where you want to place it.
  3. To select something – You can use the LMB to select different items on the screen. You can also use it to navigate or scroll through various items on the screen. However, in some cases, you might need to use the combination of some keys.

Which Types Of Keyboards Come With The LMB

Which Types Of Keyboards Come With The LMB

The Left Mouse button is often located on the left side of the keyboard and often resembles a fingerprint. However, not all keyboard brands tend to have the LMB, so you need to research before making a purchase.

  1. Keyboards with touchpads – Most LMBs are found in keyboards with touchpads for full mouse capability on the keyboard. It is often located below the touchpad or clickable portion of the touchpad.
  2. Keyboards with a trackball – The LMB button is often located beside the trackball itself.
  3. Keyboards with track points – The LMB button is normally located at the bottom of the keyboard.

What Are The Benefits Of Having An LMB Key On Your Keyboard?

If you often use your computer, having the LMB would be beneficial:

1. To reduce hardware

If you don’t have too much space on your workspace to accommodate your computer you might find it hard to also have a mouse. However, if your keyboard has all the mouse functions, you won’t even need to have the mouse around.

2. Flexibility

You might want to work from anywhere and having to carry around your mouse would be troublesome. However, if you have mouse functionality on your computer you won’t have any problems. Also, when you forget your mouse somewhere, you won’t feel troubled, if there is some work that you need to finish up fast.

3. Damaged mouse

Your mouse can get damaged when you least expect it. What will you do? That’s why having an LMB on your keyboard will come in handy. It is much easier to use, and you won’t have to struggle to press keys here and there unlike if you were using the Numpad which requires a lot of input.

Benefits from the LMB on your keyboard

The LMB on your keyboard can be beneficial. Unfortunately, it is not available in all keyboard/computer brands, but, you shouldn’t feel bad if it doesn’t. Unfortunately, there are also some risks involved if your touchpad sensor stops working.

In as much as it provides all the flexibility that you need without necessarily having the mouse, you still need one for the unanticipated days.  Therefore, when purchasing your next keyboard, you can check whether it has the LMB support. It is mostly found in keyboards with numeric keypads and gaming keyboards.

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