How Much Is A Rose On TikTok? [1 Coin/1.4 US Cents]

How Much Is A Rose On TikTok?

On TikTok, you can gift your favorite content creator with a rose or another virtual gift that they can redeem for money. One of the most popular gift is a rose which translates to 1.4 US cents.

A rose is among the virtual gifts that people can send to their favorite content creators on TikTok. They can then redeem the coins for real money. Many people are continually using TikTok to share and view content from their favorite content creators.

People can either comment on the live stream to donate a virtual gift or go through the videos and donate on any of the other recorded videos. The virtual gifts are purchased through the app. Therefore, if you use TikTok often, it would be great if you put a smile on your favorite content creator’s face with a rose or your preferred gift. There is no limitation.

Here is all you need to know about getting roses on TikTok and other gifts. Don’t be left out.

How Much Is a TikTok Rose Worth?

Can I Get Roses Without Paying

A TikTok rose is worth 1 coin, which translates to 1.4 US cents. It is among the cheapest virtual gifts on TikTok. That’s why it has gained a lot of popularity on the platform.

However, to give someone a rose, you will first need to purchase TikTok coins and then give them to your favorite content creator. The virtual gifts can either be AR effects or stickers which are bought with in-app coins using real money.

Can I Get Roses Without Paying?

How Much Is a TikTok Rose Worth

No, you have to pay an amount to get roses. Luckily, there are various ways in which you can get roses on TikTok without paying.

1. Live Stream

If you are a content creator you can livestream and receive roses from your viewers. The more viewers you have, the higher the chances of getting more roses. The more roses you get, the more money you earn. Therefore, you need to live stream as often as possible, plus promote the content.

2. Create High-Quality Videos

With the vast number of content creators on TikTok, you need to stand out and create high-quality engaging content. The videos will consequently get many views, likes, comments, and shares. If it becomes popular, the possibility of getting rose gifts from fans also increases. You also need to provide content that your viewers can easily relate to.

3. Participate In TikTok Challenges

You need to look for ways to boost your visibility. Therefore, you can also consider participating in TikTok challenges, sets, and current trends. This will help you gain more exposure and followers.

The more followers you have, the more likely you are to receive rose gifts. Therefore, you need to always be up-to-date with what is trending so that you can create a video of the same and boost your visibility. The more work you put into your TikTok account, the more rewards you get.

4. Use Promotions and shout outs

You can create rapport with other content creators and request promotions or shout-outs from them. They can either be providing content in the same niche or a different niche. If you attract more followers, the more likely you are to get more TikTok roses. Also, through collaborations you can promote each other’s content and reach larger audiences.

5. Create a TikTok account as a creator fund recipient

Another way is to create a TikTok account as a creator fund recipient. Therefore, you can earn money from advertisements placed in your videos. You can then use the money to purchase roses which are worth 1.4 US cents.

All in all, it is better to purchase roses to support your favorite creators, and you will also be rewarded for your engaging content. Even though the roses have a monetary value on TikTok, using shortcuts around paying for gifts may get your account suspended. Therefore, to prevent that, it is better to produce content and keep your audience engaged.

What Is The Most Expensive Gift On TikTok?

The most expensive gift on TikTok is TikTok Universe which is worth 44,999 coins which translates to $562.48. The other most popular gift is the Galaxy which is worth $13.30.

How To Buy TikTok Coins

YouTube video

TikTok’s purchases are made on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It is simple to buy coins from your TikTok account.

Step 1: At the bottom of your screen, tap on Profile.

Step 2: Select “Settings and privacy”.

Step 3: Proceed to choose “Balance” and then “Recharge”.

Step 4: Select your most preferred coins package and follow the on-screen instructions to make the purchase.

As easy as that.

Alternatively, if you are watching a live stream or a TikTok video you can buy directly.

Step 1: Tap the comments button.

Step 2: Click “Gifts” in the comment bar.

Step 3: Select “Recharge” and choose a coin package.

Step 4: Make the payment based on the chosen coins package.

In case the “Gifts” option doesn’t appear, it means the TikTok creator can’t receive gifts at the moment. Also, the user needs to be 18 years and older to send the gifts.

TikTok Gift Prices

TikTok Gift Prices

If you are wondering what gift to get your favorite content creator, here are some of the gifts you can get them:

Tennis: 1 ($0.01)Mirror Flower: 1000 ($13.30)
Flame Heart: 1 ($0.01)Gerry the Giraffe: 1000 ($13.30)
Love letter: 1 ($0.01)Watermelon love: 1000 ($13.30)
Football: 1 ($0.01)The magic lamp: 1000 ($13.30)
GG: 1 ($0.01)Disco ball: 1000 ($13.30)
Hi July – 1 ($0.01)Fireworks: 1088 ($14.46)
Mini speaker: 1 ($0.01)Diamond tree: 1088 ($14.46)
Lightning bolt: 1 ($0.01)Take a drive: 1200 ($15.96)
Coffee: 1 ($0.01)Gaming Chair: 1200 ($15.96)
Ice cream cone: 1 ($0.01)Counting sheep: 1200 ($15.96)
Weights: 1 ($0.01)Bombom car: 1288 ($17.12)
Rose: 1 ($0.01)Streamers set-up: 1400 ($18.62)
TikTok logo: 1 ($0.01)Flower Arrangement: 1500 ($19.95)
Alien peace sign: 1 ($0.01)Champion: 1500 ($19.95)
Garden gnome: 1 ($0.01)Chasing the dream: 1500 ($19.95)
Squirrel: 1 ($0.01)Diamond ring: 1500 ($19.95)
Daisies: 1 ($0.01)Garland: 1500 ($19.95)
Pink shoes – 5 ($0.07)Drinking time: 1777 ($23.63)
Duckling – 5 ($0.07)Tree House: 1799 ($23.91)
Chic – 5 ($0.07)Fast Boat: 1888 ($25.09)
Pandas: 5 ($0.07)Magic album: 1999 ($26.58)
Finger heart: 5 ($0.07)Airship: 1999 ($26.58)
Mic: 5 ($0.07)Makeup Box: 1999 ($26.58)
Hi: 5 ($0.07)Autumn Candle: 1999 ($26.58)
Cotton’s shell: 5 ($0.07)Mystery firework: 1999 ($26.58)
Tiny dino: 10 ($0.13)Cooper flies home: 1999 ($26.58)
Stars snap: 10 ($0.13)Star Adventures: 1999 ($26.58)
Crocodile: 10 ($0.13)South Korea: 2020 ($26.88)
Rosa: 10 ($0.13)Whale diving: 2150 ($28.58)
Maxwell: 10 ($0.13)Jetski: 2199 ($29.23)
Raccoon: 15 ($0.20)Music Box: 2399 ($31.89)
Perfume: 20 ($0.27)Travel: 2888 ($38.39)
Baby fox: 20 ($0.27)Motorcycle: 2988 ($39.74)
Capybara: 30 ($0.40)Mermaid: 2988 ($39.74)
Donuts: 30 ($0.40)Old Famous Car: 2999 ($39.88)
I love you: 49 ($0.65)Superstars: 2999 ($39.88)
Ruby red: 88 ($1.17)Ringworm: 3000 ($39.89)
Origami: 99 ($1.31)Dancing bears: 3000 ($39.89)
Hat and mustache: 99 ($1.31)Meteor shower: 3000 ($39.89)
Cap: 99 ($1.31)Car drifting: 3000 ($39.89)
Paper crane: 99 ($1.31)Ferris wheel: 3000 ($39.89)
My favorite: 99 ($1.31)Spilled flowers: 4000 ($53.18)
Little crown: 99 ($1.31)Flower overflow: 4000 ($53.18)
Hand heart: 100 ($1.33)TikTok volcano: 4000 ($53.18)
Confetti: 100 ($1.33)Mike: 4000 ($53.18)
Bear love: 100 ($1.33)Tractor: 4099 ($54.51)
Butterfly: 169 ($2.24)Leon the kitten: 4888 ($65.01)
Musical Notes: 169 ($2.24)Pirate ship: 4888 ($65.01)
Witch’s Hat: 177 ($2.35)Private jet: 4888 ($65.01)
Hearts: 199 ($2.64)Pool party: 4999 ($66.47)
Sunglasses: 199 ($2.64)Beach hut: 5000 ($66.48)
Ski Goggles: 199 ($2.64)Ellie the Elephant: 5000 ($66.48)
Padlock and key: 199 ($2.64)Wolf: 5000 ($66.48)
Sending positivity: 199 ($2.64)Draco: 5000 ($66.48)
Travel trolley: 199 ($2.64)Dancing Adam: 5000 ($66.48)
Goggles: 199 ($2.64)Silver sports car: 5000 ($66.48)
Love you: 199 ($2.64)Flying jets: 5000 ($66.48)
Garland headpiece: 199 ($2.64)Bird whisperer: 5000 ($66.48)
Puppy love: 199 ($2.64)Submarine: 5199 ($69.12)
The passion rose: 199 ($2.64)Cooper’s home: 5999 ($79.77)
Roman Empire: 199 ($2.64)Airplane: 6000 ($79.78)
Pug: 199 ($2.64)Starfish bay: 6000 ($79.78)
Indoor fan: 199 ($2.64)Double-decker: 6000 ($79.78)
Rock n’ roll: 299 ($3.97)Sports car: 7000 ($93.07)
Superpower: 299 ($3.97)Monster truck: 7999 ($106.35)
Bridal Veil: 299 ($3.97)Match trophy: 7999 ($106.35)
Boxing Gloves: 299 ($3.97)Leon and Lili: 9699 ($125.11)
Corgi: 299 ($3.97)Yachts: 9888 ($131.53)
Duck: 299 ($3.97)Aquarius: 9999 ($132.94)
Dash: 299 ($3.97)Interstellar: 10,000 ($133.00)
Elephant trunk: 299 ($3.97)Sunset speedway: 10,000 ($133.00)
Balloon Joget: 300 ($3.99)Octopus: 10,000 ($133.00)
Tumpeng Rice: 300 ($3.99)Falcon: 10,999 ($146.29)
Campfire: 388 ($5.16)Mountains: 12,000 ($159.60)
Singing frogs: 398 ($5.29)Convertible car: 12,000 ($159.60)
Sweet Dreams: 399 ($5.30)Frog prince: 12,000 ($159.60)
Forever Rosa (399) ($5.30)Bungee jump: 12,000 ($159.60)
Swing: 399 ($5.30)Spaceship: 13,999 ($186.19)
Cotton the Seal: 399 ($5.30)Planet: 15,000 ($199.50)
Gamer cyber mask: 399 ($5.30)Leopard: 15,000 ($199.50)
Flower flight: 399 ($5.30)Peacock: 15,000 ($199.50)
Necklace: 400 ($5.32)Rosa Nebula: 15,000 ($199.50)
Marine trap: 400 ($5.32)Castle skyline: 15,000 ($199.50)
Across the board: 450 ($5.98)Maggie: 15,000 ($199.50)
Coral: 499 ($6.63)Pirate’s ship: 15,000 ($199.50)
Magic potion: 499 ($6.63)Pyramids: 15,000 ($199.50)
Gardening: 500 ($6.65)Diamond flight: 18,000 ($239.40)
Money Rain: 500 ($6.65)Party boat: 19,999 ($265.94)
Spaghetti kiss: 500 ($6.65)TikTok shuttle: 20,000 ($266.00)
Window basket: 500 ($6.65)Castle fantasy: 20,000 ($266.00)
Ice Machine: 538 ($7.15)Phoenix: 25,999 ($345.62)
Record Player: 600 ($7.98)Adam’s dream: 25,999 ($345.62)
Love Balloon: 699 ($9.29)Griffin: 25,999 ($345.62)
Goose: 699 ($9.29)Dragon flame: 26,999 ($359.29)
Swan: 699 ($9.29)Lion: 29,999 ($398.95)
TikTok trophy: 699 ($9.29)Golden sports car: 29,999 ($398.95)
Shoes: 700 ($9.31)Sam the whale: 30,000 ($399.00)
Pearl: 800 ($10.64)Gorilla: 30,000 ($399.00)
Train: 899 ($11.94)Leon and Lion: 34,000 ($452.10)
Travel with you: 999 ($13.28)Zeus: 34,000 ($452.10)
Badminton: 999 ($13.28)Seal and whale: 34,500 ($458.78)
Galaxy: 1000 ($13.30)TikTok stars: 39,999 ($532.06)
Gold mine: 1000 ($13.30)TikTok Universe: 44,999 ($562.48)

Reward Your favorite Content Creators on TikTok

If you often use TikTok, it is great courtesy to reward your favorite content creators with a rose or any other virtual gift of your choice. It all depends on the number of coins that you want to purchase.

This will determine the kind of gift you can reward your favorite content creator. Also, if you feel a live stream is interesting or an already recorded video, you can decide to leave a gift there too. Therefore, reward generously to motivate the creator to produce more engaging content.

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