Top 7 Hottest Genshin Dendro Characters [Ranked]

Genshin Dendro Characters

Genshin Impact has introduced players to a diverse array of characters, each with their unique abilities and elements. Among these characters are the elusive Dendro characters, who harness the power of nature and greenery. With their mysterious yet powerful abilities, Dendro characters have quickly become fan favorites in the game.

As the game continues to expand, players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of more Dendro characters to add to their roster. With the potential for new and exciting gameplay mechanics, these characters are sure to shake up the Meta and provide players with fresh challenges.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the current roster of Dendro characters in Genshin Impact. From their unique abilities to their role in combat, these characters offer a refreshing and nature-based approach to gameplay. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting in the game, exploring the world of Genshin Dendro characters is sure to add a new dimension to your gaming experience.

1. Nahida


  • Weapon – Catalyst
  • Region – Sumeru

Nahida stands out as the top Dendro character in Genshin Impact. While not strictly a primary DPS, Nahida excels in dealing significant damage while fulfilling roles as a support and off-field sub-DPS. Her Elemental Skill boasts impressive Dendro spread capabilities, and her Elemental Mastery-focused build is not only easily attainable but also enhances the damage output of triggered reactions.

Functioning as a substantial source of secondary damage, Nahida nearly matches the damage output of a primary DPS character. Additionally, she fulfills a supportive role by sharing Elemental Mastery buffs with the team through her Elemental Burst, particularly beneficial within the Shrine of Maya. Given her versatility and strength across a wide range of scenarios, Nahida emerges as a must-have character for all players in Genshin Impact.


  • Strong secondary damage dealer.
  • Effective support character, providing Elemental Mastery buffs.
  • Versatile in triggering Elemental Reactions.
  • Easily attainable as a 5-star character.


  • Relies heavily on Elemental Mastery for optimal damage.
  • Not designed to be the primary DPS character.

2. Alhaitham


  • Weapon – Sword
  • Region – Sumeru

Alhaitham emerges as the foremost damage-dealing Dendro character in Genshin Impact thus far. While Tighnari poses strong competition, Alhaitham surpasses him with added firepower, establishing himself as the superior DPS option. His ability to swiftly apply Dendro allows him to capitalize on elemental reactions triggered by preceding characters in his team rotation, such as Hyperbloom.

Although Alhaitham’s scaling may present challenges for a DPS role, as he relies heavily on Elemental Mastery to reach peak effectiveness, the substantial damage he delivers justifies the investment in acquiring him. In contrast to Baizhu, Alhaitham lives up to his 5-star rating and stands as a desirable pull whenever his banner reruns in the game.


  • High damage output as a Dendro character.
  • Swift application of Dendro for elemental reactions.
  • 5-star status justifies investment.
  • Potential for versatile gameplay.


  • Reliant on Elemental Mastery for maximum effectiveness.
  • May not excel as the primary DPS character.

3. Tighnari


  • Weapon – Bow
  • Region – Sumeru

Debuting alongside Collei in Version 3.0, Tighnari enters as a reliable Dendro DPS character in Genshin Impact. While his competition within the Dendro category may be limited, Tighnari exhibits notable strength, comparable even to DPS characters of other elemental types. This archer relies heavily on Elemental Damage to maintain consistency as a Dendro character, facilitated by a straightforward and accessible build.

In Genshin Impact, Tighnari’s primary role revolves around triggering Elemental Reactions and inflicting pure Dendro Damage through Charged Attacks, drawing parallels to the functionality of characters like Ganyu. He serves as a prime example of effective Dendro utilization in combat scenarios, emphasizing the importance of incorporating additional Dendro characters into his team composition to activate resonance and enhance his damage potential.


  • Solid Dendro DPS with consistent damage output.
  • Effective at triggering elemental reactions, particularly with his Charged Attacks.
  • Accessible as a 4-star character, making him easier to obtain and level up.
  • Can provide decent crowd control with his Dendro abilities.
  • Fits well in teams that focus on elemental synergy.


  • Limited synergy with other characters due to lack of specialized abilities.
  • Relatively straightforward playstyle compared to more complex characters.
  • Requires investment to maximize damage potential.
  • Vulnerable to interruptions during Charged Attacks.

4. Dendro Traveler

Dendro Traveler

  • Weapon – Sword
  • Region – Unknown

Controversially, the Dendro Traveler in Genshin Impact stands out as one of the most effective Dendro characters to date. Initially, the protagonist of the RPG garnered a poor reputation for their abilities and was considered unplayable until the release of Sumeru. While they may not take on the role of the primary DPS character within a team composition, the Dendro Traveler excels as a formidable sub-DPS option and a catalyst for Dendro reactions.

Assuming the role of the team’s secondary damage dealer and the initiator of Dendro reactions, the Traveler can assert a significant presence on the battlefield. As a Dendro character in Genshin Impact, their primary function is to support the main DPS character. The added benefit of being entirely free and easily accessible only enhances the appeal and effectiveness of the Dendro Traveler.


  • A versatile character capable of switching between different elemental abilities.
  • Free and easily obtainable, making her accessible to all players.
  • Can spread Dendro effects effectively across enemies.
  • Provides flexibility in team compositions due to her adaptability.
  • Scales well with Elemental Mastery for increased effectiveness.


  • Limited specialization compared to dedicated DPS or support characters.
  • Lower base stats compared to some 5-star characters.
  • Requires investment to unlock the full potential.
  • May not excel in either DPS or support roles compared to specialized characters.
  • Limited elemental variety compared to other characters.

5. Yaoyao


  • Weapon – Polearm
  • Region – Liyue

Yaoyao exemplifies yet another versatile Dendro character in Genshin Impact, capable of fulfilling multiple roles effectively. Hailing from Liyue, this diminutive hero can function as a healer, although there are more potent healing options available in the game. Nonetheless, Yaoyao possesses the ability to spread Dendro while attending to healing duties. However, the optimal strategy involves utilizing Yaoyao primarily as a Dendro enabler, with her healing capabilities serving as a supplementary benefit.

By prioritizing the maintenance of the team’s HP through the use of a dedicated shielder or primary healer, players can leverage Yaoyao’s capacity to disperse Dendro effects across a wide area in Genshin Impact. Employing this approach, Yaoyao proves even more adept than Collei at disseminating Dendro effects, facilitating the triggering of Elemental Reactions by the rest of the team, and asserting control over the battlefield.


  • Functions as a healer and Dendro enabler, providing dual utility.
  • Can spread Dendro effects while supporting the team with healing.
  • Provides consistent healing over time with her abilities.
  • Easily obtainable through the game’s event or wish system.
  • Offers flexibility in team compositions as both a healer and Dendro character.


  • Not as potent a healer as some other characters like Qiqi or Jean.
  • Requires investment to unlock her full healing potential.
  • Limited offensive capabilities compared to dedicated DPS characters.

6. Kirara


  • Weapon – Sword
  • Region – Sumeru

Kirara stands as a notable example of a dependable Dendro character within Genshin Impact. This 4-star yokai from Inazuma assumes the role of a supporting character, excelling in both of her designated functions. Particularly impressive is her proficiency as a shielder. Kirara’s Skill boasts a brief cooldown period, and enhancing the shield’s durability is a straightforward endeavor. Should players require additional team protection and lack characters such as Zhongli, Kirara presents an excellent alternative.

In her capacity as a Dendro character, Kirara demonstrates adeptness at spreading Dendro effects throughout Genshin Impact. While not matching the efficacy of characters like Collei, she adeptly applies Dendro to adversaries with efficiency and speed, all while safeguarding the team with her shielding capabilities. The recommended approach is to prioritize Kirara’s shielding prowess, with Dendro spreading occurring naturally as a secondary benefit and alternative strategy.


  • Effective shielder and Dendro spreader, providing defensive and offensive utility.
  • A short cooldown on the shield ability allows for frequent use in combat.
  • Protects the team while spreading Dendro effects for elemental reactions.
  • Can be obtained through the game’s gacha system or events.
  • Fits well in teams that require both defense and offense.


  • Limited damage output compared to dedicated DPS characters.
  • Requires investment to maximize effectiveness as both a shielder and Dendro spreader.
  • The shield may be insufficient against high-damage attacks from enemies.
  • Limited utility beyond shielding and Dendro spreading.

7. Collei


  • Weapon – Bow
  • Region – Sumeru

Fortunately, the current lineup of Dendro characters in Genshin Impact is well-crafted, with only Kaveh and Baizhu standing out as less effective choices. Among them, Collei, one of the initial Dendro characters introduced, remains a solid option for players seeking to construct a team centered around this elemental affinity. While not renowned for her damage-dealing capabilities, Collei excels as a proficient Dendro spreader, particularly notable for a 4-star character.

Assuming a secondary support role within a team composition, Collei plays a pivotal role in setting the stage for potent Dendro reactions. Although she isn’t consistently present on the battlefield, her strategic entry into combat situations is crucial for the team’s overall effectiveness. In Genshin Impact, Collei significantly enhances a DPS character’s damage output and provides valuable team protection, leveraging her ability to strike foes from a secure distance.


  • Good choice for spreading Dendro effects across enemies, facilitating elemental reactions.
  • Protects the team with her shield ability.
  • Accessible as a 4-star character, making her easier to obtain and level up.
  • Fits well in teams that focus on elemental synergy and reactions.
  • Can be obtained through the game’s gacha system or events.


  • Not a strong damage dealer compared to other characters.
  • Limited utility beyond Dendro spreading and shielding.
  • The shield may be insufficient against high-damage attacks from enemies.
  • Requires investment to maximize effectiveness in combat.
  • May struggle in situations where sustained healing or crowd control is needed.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the ranking of Dendro characters in Genshin Impact offers insight into the diversity of playstyles and strategic options available to players. While each character brings their strengths and abilities to the table, the anticipation surrounding upcoming releases hints at even greater depth and complexity in gameplay. As the world of Teyvat continues to expand and evolve, the inclusion of Dendro characters adds a layer of intrigue and excitement, inviting players to explore new team compositions and master innovative combat strategies. Whether healing allies, controlling the battlefield, or unleashing devastating elemental attacks, Dendro characters offer a dynamic and captivating gameplay experience that contributes to the enduring appeal of Genshin Impact.

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